What Makes VDM Website Popular?

What makes VDM Website Popular?

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The newest trend: VDM, the website that gives a boost in mind’s emancipation within youth generation. In cars, buses, in a doctor cabinet, at home or even in class, VDM website comes as a “shoulder to cry on” when you are bored to death. In fact, we should not neglect to bear in mind that the inexorable number of VDM “friendly visitors” is principally due to the availability of Internet on mobile phones. Real or fake?

VDM is a user-generated content that relates the day-to-day anxieties of people who attribute a pathetical view to silly events that took place in their life. No one would like to be in the shoes of a VDM user who declared that “one day while she was crying, a little kid dared to ask her: hey there, are you crying because you’re ugly?” or “a nineteen year old girl broke up with her boyfriend once she sent a message to 13456 to know whether he is faithful (1) or not (2), and the answer was (2). What a funny website that makes people express amusement whenever they have access to it! A professor admitted how comical it was to catch a student gossiping on people stories on VDM instead of paying attention during one of the class sessions. “It was such amusing that I had tears…” declared the mathematics professor.

Asking young adults about their gradual addiction to VDM website was precious in the sense that it enriched the analysis dealing with the reasons behind the popularity of VDM. In other words, what prompts young adults to consult regularly VDM when “the emptiness is set up”? Some interviews with both teens and adults show that among the reasons that justify the daily access to VDM website is the identification to people concerns: “Sometimes I would feel that some VDM users stories are a mirror of my own story” claimed Sarah, a twenty year old student in Al Akhawayn University. Because some young adults in relationship face from time to time problems with their partners, they consider VDM website as a refuge to make their relationship situation or whatever fit with VDM context. Another category of people that carries the label of “no problem at all” reveals that it consults VDM for one single purpose: make fun of people stories.

“Honestly, VDM website is my inseparable friend during class. The good mood that I gain from reading people’s hilarious stories on VDM definitely makes me enjoy the class afterwards”, affirmed Mehdi, a twenty three year old senior student of AUI. There is no doubt: VDM is among the top ten websites visited by AUI students on a daily basis…Fairly soon by our dear professors! Remember, this is a new way to have fun and young adults want to convey to the audience the following message: “I like, I share”…Thus, enjoy life, enjoy VDM!