Understanding Time Travel - A Physics Essay

Understanding Time Travel - A Physics Essay

Time travel is a unique option that allows people of the universe to be able to travel forward in time and be capable of experiencing something they wouldn’t have even known that would have happened without time travel. Some people and physicists are pondering the concept of if you can’t move backward in time, even a little bit, does this mean people can move forward in time? The answer is not as clear as one would think. Some physicists say you can only move backward in time not forward. Others say you can move backward in time but also forward as well, with the possibility of entering a parallel universe. This means if you go too far backward in to this parallel universe, essentially you can mess up the regular world and the birth of certain people in your life.

For us to travel through time differently than we are now, we would need to reach the speed of light. That is nearly impossible because it just can’t happen; the speed of light is such a significant high number that it just is impracticable. But let’s just imagine if we did have technology that would allow us to reach the speed of light, then that would permit us to be able to go so fast that actually it makes time slow down instead of speeding up, causing you to travel through time, forwards and backwards. Or we could also create a worm hole and then we would be able to. In today’s science community they do not have that kind of technology because the speed of light is 186,000 mi/second. So as of right now in the scientific community, you can only go forward but not backward.

With this interesting concept come some limitations on the idea of time travel. For example, when you hear the words time travel you would assume that means you can travel both forward and backward in time, but unfortunately, this is only half true. You can only travel forward in time. This is because it is impossible to reach the speed of light. Although, when something like this comes about everyone has their own opinion, but it is impossible to travel backward.

There are various and several challenges when it comes to time travel but the main challenges with time travel is not being able to reach the speed of light to go backward in time. Another one of the hypothetical numerous challenges with time travel is if we could in fact construct a worm hole and then be able to use it to travel back in time. There is still a conflict with that because even if we could invent a wormhole, the truth of the matter is that physicists would have to aim right for a little bit next to the worm hole so that we don’t get sucked into the wormhole which is essentially a black hole.

As previously mentioned, we can only go forward in time. The reason for this is because regardless of everything we can not reach or excel the speed of light, if we were able to do so then we would be able to travel backwards, but because we can’t reach the speed of light. Another explanation of why we can only move forward in time is that time only moves forward.

Personally I believe that this type of research is helpful to humanity because it gives people other than physicists a different perspective of what is really going on in the world here today. With all this research that has been previously done and continues to be done, maybe someday we will be able to in fact time travel, especially with the technology world combined with the research. I think it would be pretty fun if we were able to travel back into time and maybe be able to meet our great grandparents or something. I also believe that we won’t be able to travel back in time, due to the fact of how much money, technology, and time it may consume.

Space time is anytime when space and time are combined whole, in a mathematical way. Space time comprises of different directions including east –west, south- north and past –future.