Pop Culture in the Media - Is Facebook Becoming an Addiction?

Pop Culture in the Media - Is Facebook Becoming an Addiction?

Facebook has a considerable influence in the lives of all people, whether you are a sixteen year old high school student, a twenty-one year old college student, or a forty year old parent. Personal and professional relationships are influenced daily by the use of computers and the internet, because there is a big difference between the digital technology knowledge of a high school student compared to their forty year old parents or their thirty-five year old boss. Although social networking sites offer secure privacy settings, there are internet sites which provide personal or professional information after paying a fee. You have to be careful what you say and do online, because you never know who might be watching. Facebook and computer technology has made a significant impact in the personal and professional relationships of most people especially teenagers and college students through personal and social networking sites found on the internet.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, offer high school and college students the opportunity to interact with their friends and family outside of school and without the use of a phone. These online social atmospheres allow these students to keep in touch with long distance family members and old friends from their past, which these students do not get to see in person on a daily basis. Some people believe in having a double life, because you act differently online through Facebook and Myspace, than you do in real life. Since I use Facebook for personal and professional reasons, I have multiple Facebook pages to separate my family, friends, and coworkers. Most businesses and public attractions such as restaurants, museums, zoos, and festivals have a fan or friend page on the site. The site offers people to know about daily specials or special events happening at those popular places. Facebook is an important part of my daily life, in addition to my family, my college education, and my community job.

Facebook is used by most people from middle school students to senior citizens, but is an obsessive lifestyle for teenagers and young adults ranging from age 13 to 35. Most teenagers and young adults spend about 50 hours a week on the internet, which the majority is accessing Facebook for ages 16 to 25. The social networking site can be accessed from a home computer, laptop, cell phone, or IPad. Family relationships are greatly affected by sites like Facebook, because some teenagers and college students do not want any of their family members and relatives to know every detail of their personal lives. Depending on your privacy settings, someone other than a friend or a family member might see your personal information, photos, and status updates on Facebook. Social networking sites are a large distraction from accomplishing other tasks such as doing homework and paying attention at school or at work. Facebook also affects people when they should be spending time with family and friends.

During the last twenty years, the internet has drastically changed the way a person acts, lives, and talks in comparison to a face to face conversation. In today’s society, more people communicate through internet options like Facebook and email, or through texting on a cell phone. Personal and professional relationships will always be affected by the digital technology of our society. Most people use the computer and the internet in many ways, and spend about five to eight hours daily on the internet. 48% of people get their news from Facebook. Facebook and the internet are useful to keep in touch with family and friends, and to obtain information for personal, professional, or educational reasons.

However, life as we know it will never be the same, due to the significant impact by the invention of the internet and social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.