Is Humanity is Moving Towards a World Without Borders?

Is Humanity is Moving Towards a World Without Borders?

Humanity is not moving towards a world without borders of every kind. Even when getting rid of some borders helps people grow, some borders are necessary to maintain order in the world. It is true that civilization has fought the differences made to individuals when it comes to gender, culture finds itself in the middle, and geographical and political borders are just necessary to keep harmony in the world as a whole.

On an individual basis equality when it comes to gender has been beneficiary for countries who imply it. Gender equality has been proven to the growth of countries in every way. Women are now able to acquire higher education increasing the possibilities that their children either male or female will get an education as well making the country more competitive in a professional way as well as in other aspects. As mentioned in the article “Women Unfit for Combat? Au Contraire” by Timothy C. Brown,

“Some two thousand women served as volunteer front-line contra fighters, while another two thousand served as correos, and more than one thousand died in combat. Nicaragua’s contra women served as equals. They received the same combat training as men –unlike the U.S. Marines, the contra army made no “special adjustments”- and then joined the respect of their contra commandos admitted to having had initial doubts about their female participation in combat.”,

This demonstrates that if given the same opportunity and training women can be as helpful as a man in a combat situation. The difference between Nicaragua’s contra and the United States armed forces are the special adjustments in women’s training that instead of being an advantage it might result in the loss of lives.

Culture finds itself in the middle when talking about borders. It is true that there are cultural borders some people are victims of, but it is also true that in some cases culture does not isolate or exclude people. Living in a border city and being exposed to cultural change when I moved from Mexico to the United States, culture played an important role in adjusting. When arriving to a new place and making new friends, the first thing you look for in people are common interests. Since interests are cultivated at home, culture is the base for it. I found myself unable to relate to some people because the conversations we had did not relate in any way. In my case, talking to people who had Mexican-American culture was easy than changing my life as a whole, and I just had to do adjustments to the new country. Even when my friend had lived in the United States all her life, she had Mexican parents who had gone through the process of adjustment I was going through at the moment, so we shared interests and she basically taught me just enough to adapt to the American culture. Since then, every time I had a conversation with my friend I did not have to explain to her what “loteria” was, the purpose of “piñatas” at birthdays or “serenatas” on Mother’s Day. I am a strong believer that culture does not separate you in any way; on the contrary, it helps you gain a sense of individualism. Even between people of the same culture, there are differences in ideas, showing there is not a stereotype when it comes to culture.

Geographical and political borders are necessary to maintain order in the world as a whole. Geographical borders help us rule smaller groups of people at a time. If we had no borders it would be harder to have people obey the laws. People often see geographical borders as a sign of division, but sometimes division is indispensable. We have divisions everywhere; we divide children since they start their education in Pre-Kinder in different groups. We divide them by elementary, middle and high school. Even when attending college you are divided into classes depending on your career, but it is all for organization purposes, and it makes the process of life easier. Countries themselves divide themselves into states to make government and law enforcement easier. Political frames help people with the same ideas to come together as a whole. If political borders were non-existent we would find ourselves with a whole lot of individuals wanting to impose their ideas, therefore it is easier to have these people share ideas and come as a group. This makes debates and disagreements made between two or three groups instead of the over 300 million people that live in the United States.
Gender borders are at a slow but steady pace disappearing. Culture is part of everyone’s life, and it does not separate people. Geographical and political boundaries are essential for the success of the world as a whole.