Essay to Compare and Contrast the Physical and Settlement Geography Between United States and Canada by Using Google Earth

Essay to Compare and Contrast the Physical and Settlement Geography Between United States and Canada by Using Google Earth

By using Google Earth to learn Geography, it helps me to get more accurate data to analysis that geographical information about each specific location on the world. According to it, this essay is going to compare and contract the physical and settlement geography between United States and Canada.

In geographical perspective, both United States and Canada have their unique difference. United States can be divided into eight regions, “Laurentian Upland which is part of the Canadian Shield that extends into the northern United States Great Lakes area; Atlantic which is the coastal regions of the eastern and southern parts includes the continental shelf, the Atlantic Coast and the Coast; Appalachian that is lying on the eastern side of the United States, it includes the Appalachian Mountains, the Watching Mountains, the Adirondacks and New England province originally containing the Great Eastern Forest; The Interior Plains is part of the interior contentintal United States, it includes much of what is called the Great Plains; The Interior Highlands is also part of the interior contentintal United States, this division includes the Ozark Plateau; The Rocky Mountain System which is one branch of the Cordilleran system lying far inland in the western states;Intermontane Plateaus is also divided into the Columbia Plateau, the Colorado Plateau and the Basin and Range Province, it is a system of plateaus, basins, ranges and gorges between the Rocky and Pacific Mountain Systems. It is the setting for the Grand Canyon, the Great Basin and Valley; And the Pacific Mountain System which is the coastal mountain ranges and features in the west coast of the United States.”(Wikipedia, Geography of United States)Also, United States has a broad range of climates; from Hawaii and South Florida to Alaska are the humid subtropical climate of south eastern United States and the humid continental climate of north eastern United States. Forests can be found in these regions. In the South Western, there are the deserts with the hottest and dries locations in the United States. The Northwest is one of the wettest parts of the United States.

The United States is one of the world's largest countries based on both population and area. It is made up of 50 individual states and Washington, D.C. is its national capital. Each of these states also has their own capital city and major’s cities. Like, Albany is the capital city of New York State, but New York City is a large, important major city in the state.

Canada is the second largest country in the world. Only Russia has more land than it has. It is sharing the land borders with the United States from the south of Alaska to the northwest. Canada has its unique location which Atlantic Ocean is located at its eastside and Pacific Ocean is on the Westside. Arctic Ocean lies on its north. Compare with two countries, Canada tend to has more territory which the United States has more land. Because of the climate and geography conditions, much of Canada’s land is not suitable for people to live which this has resulted that most Canadian live along the US border.

The major economy system of Canada is depended on it’s a great many natural resource. Most significant is both Canada and United States shared the Great lakes which the large water supplies contributed the fishes industry, forestry, agriculture, petroleum products and mining become its major industries based. Particularly, Forestry has been become one of the major industry in Canada. British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec City have the largest forestry industries in Canada. Also the fisheries industry has become another strongest industry in Canada. Because Canada has many rivers which these are extensive natural water resources to help transform into electrical energy...

There are some major cities in Canada. One is Toronto, which is the capital city of Ontario. It has the largest population in Canada. And because of its economic system, it ranks one of the top financial cities in the world. There are some major attractions of Toronto like the Casa Loma, the Royal Ontario Museum and CN Tower, etc. CN Tower is the most prominent landmark in the city while I travelled Canada a few years before. The second major city is Montreal which is located in the province of Quebec. Montreal is a unique city which has French culture combined with British culture. Tourism is its major financial base. Also Vancouver is one of the top industrial centers in Canada. It is located on west coast of Canada. It’s the third largest population city in Canada which it has largest group of Asian Immigrants in the city.

In conclusion, the geography of United States and Canada are unique but contractible. To understand more, Google Earth did a good job for me to explore them more into details.