Comparing and Contrasting the Poems Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town Written By E. E. Cummings and Romeo and Juliet Written By William Shakespeare

Comparing and Contrasting the Poems Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town Written By E. E. Cummings and Romeo and Juliet Written By William Shakespeare

Throughout time love has conquered all, in these two stories love is the cause of death and despair, but in the end love is the reason for two couples to prove that without love there is no life. “Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town” is a poem about two lovers that have been made outcast by their town from unacceptable social joining in their union. On the other hand, “Romeo and Juliet” are of the same category but it is not only the town but their families are repulsed by the thought of their affair. Two tales of forbidden love, one rejected by family the other ignored by the town’s people, both brought together by tragedy only to remain side by side in their deaths.

Both love stories have the same main conflict, being that no one in either story wants the couples to stay together. In “Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town” the union of the two is ignored but the couple is not banished for their sacred union just put aside as outcast. Anyone and No one can be interpreted into many different things I for see them as upper and lower class. As their love grew and the seasons passed the towns people decided to just forget them completely rather than comply with their choice of life style. The town is attempting to block them out and pretend they do not exist. When the man dies no one cares but the women is heart broken and alone, but she is still in love. In act V of “Romeo and Juliet” love is proving that no matter what others think regardless if they are family or not love shall conquer all. Romeo proves his love for Juliet by risking his life in returning to her family’s home and fighting her betrothed husband Paris and slaying him and then finally ending his own life in his state of rage. After this event Juliet then awakens and finds out that Romeo is dead and in finding this out she then stabs herself to end the painful realization that her love has killed himself and another man for love.

Both couples choose to stay in the shadows of their peers. Although anyone and no one are not banished for their love they are just forgotten. The town that they live in decides to instead of make a huge deal of it and cause more drama throughout the town then ignoring them and pretending as though they do not exist is a better idea. Even through death the town ignores the two. Anyone and No one do not hide there love but the town tries to hide it for them. Since the couple will not hide it from everyone the town finds it to be there job to keep it quiet. However, in “Romeo and Juliet” the couple has to hide the fact that they are madly in love due to the fact that there families hate each other. The couple must not only hide it, but they must also run away to try and preserve it. Although their love is strong for one another, they know their families would never allow them to show there affection. Without the families feuding, the two could have lived and loved together without having to deceive there family and hide their true feelings of one another.

Furthermore, the couples in both stories died together next to their true love. In the end, both couples die next to the love of there lives. Anyone and No one from “Anyone lived in a pretty how town” ended up together and being laid to rest next to each other in passing. The couple died with nobody but themselves, but that is all they needed to make them happy. They did what they wanted there entire lives and died next to each other as in love as the day they met. “Romeo and Juliet” died next to each other in a much more dramatic fashion. In their sad tale Romeo is given misleading information that Juliet has died. As he rushes to her side he is encountered by Paris her betrothed and he then fight him till the death. Romeo lays Paris next to Juliet then takes the poison to end his own life, once Juliet awakens and asked for Romeo and discovers that he is dead she then takes a knife and stabs it through her heart to end the suffering. In the end both couples die together and are placed in graves next to one another so they will remain together forever.

One love banished, one love ignored, two tales of forbidden love that ended in death and with graves side by side their love will remain forever. Although both love stories are so alike, their differences are what makes you stop and appreciate what the authors are trying to explain true love and what it takes to maintain it.