Sacred Geometry the Earth and the Mayan Calendar - End Date of 2012

Sacred Geometry The Earth and The Mayan Calendar - End-Date of 2012

Introduction: The Meaning of the Mayan Calendar

Over the years, there have been a number of articles written by various scholars upon the subject of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. In the course of their work, researchers have tried to determine how the Mayan calendar maps onto our own more familiar calendar system of months and years, so that Mayan calendar dates or unit time intervals can be translated into dates based upon the Gregorian system. As a result of this, different scholars have developed a number of competing theories as to how the Gregorian calendar is related to the Mayan system of time keeping. Some of these theories differ from each other by several decades if not longer, whilst others differ by only a year or so.

The Use of English in Aviation Communication Worldwide

The Use of English in Aviation Communications

An Analysis of Aviation Communications, Air Traffic Phraseology,and English Proficiency for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

Today's radio telephony communications in aviation can only occur one-way and one at a time. This system has pros and cons. On the positive side the "party line," as it is often referred to, allows pilots to listen in and have an awareness of other aircraft in the vicinity. On the negative side, if more than one person attempts to talk at the same time (referred to as stepping on someone's transmission), communications will be unintelligible with high pitched feedback interference. When a frequency is busy it may be difficult for pilots or controllers to communicate important information in a timely manner (Morrow, 1998).

The Ayalon Cave and it's Impact on the Cave Ecosystem

The Ayalon Cave and its Impact on the Cave Ecosystem

In 2006, the Ayalon Cave was discovered in the Ramle, Israel. An area, located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The cave was first discovered and explored by Prof. Amos Frumkin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem geography department and his coworkers, behind a small opening made by a bulldozer during quarrying by the local cement factory. The cave system behind the opening consists of chambers and tunnels reaching a total length of about 2.5 km, and includes a room 30 m high with a diameter of 40 to 50 m, with an underground lake. The cave system dates back millions of years, and extends to a depth of 100 m beneath the surface of the quarry. The cave's surface is situated under a layer of chalk that is impenetrable to water. The underground lake is part of the Yarkon-Taninim aquifer, one of Israel's two aquifers, yet it is different in temperature and chemical composition from the main waters of the aquifer. The lake's temperature and salinity indicates that its source is deep underground. Sulfide is present in the lower layers of the water.

Accounting Terms - Vocabulary and Notes

Accounting Terms, Vocabulary, and Notes

Accounting - A tool that lets interested parties get the information they need from the
mountain of raw data.
A system for developing and communicating information needed for economic decision-making

Assets – Things of value
Probable future economic benefits obtained as a result of past transactions or events
Expected to benefit an entity in the future
Examples: cash, land, inventory, patents, buildings, equipment

Liabilities – Debts owed
Probable future sacrifices of economic benefits arising from present obligations of an entity to transfer assets or provide services to other entities
Debts owed in either money or other assets or via services
Examples: wages payable, mortgage notes payable, warranties payable

Information which has been verified is considered more reliable, and therefore more valuable than unverified information. Accounting information is a basic social need. Accounting tools are developed to fill those human information needs and accounting

Measuring Business Income - Why Financial Statements are Prepared at the End of the Regular Accounting Season

Measuring Business Income - Why financial statements are prepared at the end of the regular accounting period.

Major Financial Statements:
The balance sheet provides a "snapshot" of the firm's financial condition.
The income statement reports on the "performance" of the firm.
The statement of cash flows reports the cash receipts and cash outflows classified according to operating, investment and financing activities.
The statement of stockholder's equity reports the amounts and sources of changes in equity from transactions with owners.
The footnotes of the financial statements allow uses to improve assessment of the amount, timing and uncertainty of the estimates reported in the financial statements.

The most accurate way to measure the results of enterprise activity would be to measure them at the time of the enterprise's eventual liquidation. Business, government, investors, and various other user groups, however, cannot wait indefinitely for such information. If accountants did not provide financial information periodically, someone else would.

Better Health, Better Grades

Better Health, Better Grades

Is wisdom to the soul just as important as health is to the body? To me, it is more than important, it is crucial. I have not always been the healthiest person or the brightest at times, but to see where I have come from as a person makes me want to grow more as a student. Learning about health in my foods and nutrition class has completely changed my outlook on what food really is. Yes, it is something that satisfies your body. However, is it satisfying your soul? It amazes me how one simple change in my diet could effect my actions and choices in and out of school.

On average, I would drink nine to ten cans of Pepsi a week and I would eat out at fast food at least three. I have never in my life drunk a whole bottle of water until I sat in my health class. When I started drinking only strictly water and eliminating fast food, I noticed a difference almost immediately. I paid more attention in school, my attitude was better at home, and I started to feel confident that I could reach my goals. I use to have a C average, but now I am on honor roll.

The Influence of Social Networking Around the World

In recent years, social networking has become arguably the mostly discussed topic around the world. For example, the experiences of how Mark Zuckerberg had eventually created Facebook have been adopted into the recent movie “The Social Network.” With such a great influence to the world, there is a huge potential that social networking will become an effective tool in marketing in the near future. An analysis of the growing emphasis on social networking as a platform for marketing campaigns that aim at teenagers reveals several reasons behind this phenomenon: an increasing popularity of social networking among young people as a channel of interaction, and huge commercial benefits resulted from advertising via social networking.

An Essay on Different Theories of Language Acquisition

This essay is going to discuss what language is defined as and critically discuss different theories of language acquisition, which are the behaviourist approach, the biological approach and the Interactionalist approach. It will also discuss what criteria is needed for something to be considered a language for the evaluation purposes of animals studies, which attempt to teach animals language to determine whether or not language is a unique human ability.

According to Psycholinguist Roger Brown (1965) language can be defined as a set of arbitrary symbols. Which, taken together make it possible for a creature of limited powers of discrimination and a limited memory to transmit and understand an infinite variety of messages and to do this in spite of noise and distraction. (Brown, 1965 cited in Gross, 2009: 320)

Factors that Caused the Decline of Cities in the Eastern Empire in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries

What Factors Caused the Decline of Cities in the Eastern Empire in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries?

Before beginning a deep search of the different causes that caused the damage of Byzantine urban life, it is necessary to clarify some points for a better understanding of same topic. First of all, this essay seeks to annotate the following objectives: what were the causes of the decline of the cities in the Eastern Empire in the sixth and seventh centuries? To what degree were they an influence? How did they do it? When we are going to considered the different possible causes, it is difficult to give priority to some facts or developments over others, in order to reach an assured conclusions; but also to estimate what apparent consequences could come to be in new terms or supports for the weakening of the life of the cities. It is said that the rise of the icons was one of the results of the crisis of the late Roman city, but after, these same icons would play a new role in the strengthening of this crisis.

Use of Dramatic Light and Sound in A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire

To What Dramatic Effect Does the Playwright Make Use of Light and Sound?

A Streetcar Named Desire is a play written by Tennessee Williams in 1947. Like in many other modern plays, here the playwright makes an extensive use of stage effects: the ideas are expressed not only through words, but also by sound, music and light. They are used to set the context and the mood of the scene – or of the play in general; to implicitly suggest an idea, an action; to show the feelings of a character, and to let the audience into his/her mind. None of these effects are eye-candy-like props, but real dramatic devices that are indispensable for the spectator to fully appreciate all the dimensions of the play.

Essay on Ultrasounds and X-Rays and the Physics Involved

Essay on Ultrasounds and X-rays and the Physics Involved

In this essay I will explain about ultrasound and x-rays and talk about how they are put to use in the medical profession. I will not only talk about the physics involved when putting these technologies to work but also the dangers they may impose if not used correctly.


An ultrasound is a medical imaging technique that basically uses sound waves (which are of a high frequency) and records its echoes. Just like what submarines use to located other ships or submarines (sonar) as well as what bats use to see in the dark. Ultrasound works in the medical profession by the ultrasound machine transmitting high frequency sound pulse though the body using a probe. The frequency of the sound is about (1 to 5 megahertz). The sound then travels though the body until it hits a tissue boundary for example between fluid and a soft tissue.

Essay on Education and Science

Education and Science in the Next Century

Education will be the challenge for the next century. It will need resources and imagination. It will have to explore new ways. Within that scheme science education is a central problem. Just because we may expect that science and technology will shape the future world or at least be strongly intergrowth with the life of people, their health, their jobs.

Science and technology are a special problem in pedagogy: they constantly move ahead. They produce new things which are directly used and need to be quickly understood and mastered to cope, for instance, with the needs of the job's market. But also science is expanding indefinitely: there is no limit, knowledge is always growing. It cannot be mastered by any encyclopaedic process. This situation is a clear burden on schools’ curricula. It creates a demand for continuous education, a process going on for life.

Book Review on A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange, written by Anthony Burgess, describes a fifteen year old boy named Alex who only knows how to enact violence to his immediate surroundings. The readers are informed by Burgees in the introduction of the book to be our own judge as to whether the twenty-first chapter is the artistically appropriate ending for the novel in which our narrator, Alex, transforms into a human being conscious of the good in the world and chooses to be good. I am, however, arguing that the artistic appropriate ending for this novel is III 6, due to evidences in the text that suggest the narrator’s relation with his younger self that contradicts with the transformation in III 7.

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