Tuskegee Study of the U.S. Government, HIV and Blacks

Tuskegee Study of the U.S. Government, HIV and Blacks

A recent study by Rand Corporation and Oregon State University revealed that a significant number of African Americans believe that HIV was created and spread by the U.S. government as a form of genocide against blacks. These fears are rooted in historical reality--a person's past experiences influences that person's level of trust. Negative experiences result in a lower level of trust. A patient who has experienced racism or discrimination from individuals and institutions would be less willing to be vulnerable and place trust in a system of unknowns such as medical care. Consequently, when a terrifying new plague swept the land in the 1980s and 1990s, the Tuskegee study predisposed many Black Americans to distrust health authorities. However, Tuskegee is not the only justification for this mistrust of the medical community. It can also be attributed to a long history of exploitation in the name of research that dates back to slavery as well as the ongoing disparities in access to health care.

A Critical Assessment of the Claim that We Live in a Postmodern Society

Critically Assess the Claim that We Live in a Postmodern Society

There is no doubt that society has become more ‘modern’ in an extremely short space of time. Even within the current generation of young people, within their living memory, technology has advanced at an unfathomed rate since their childhood, from the first family PC, to the iPad. The relationship between technology and modernity in society are unarguably linked. Some sociologists argue that society has developed so much that we are now in an era of post modernism where communities and people are totally disjointed. In this essay I will argue that we do live in a post modern society, but not to the extent that we are totally fragmented atoms. Theorists such as Giddens and Bauman recognise the recent changes to society, but argue that we are still in modernity, just a later phase; ‘high modernity’ (Giddens, 1991) or ‘liquid modernity’ (Bauman, 1989). On the other side of the argument are people such as Baudrillard and Lyotard who believe that the fragmentation of modernity has led to moral uncertainty, ambiguity and post modernity.

Essay on The Cone Gatherers by Robin Jenkins

The Cone Gatherers Essay

In Robin Jenkins novel “The Cone Gatherers” we follow the malevolent character of Duror who goes through an internal struggle to try and control his hatred for deformities. Duror’s mental decline is driven by the presence of Calum, a hunchback who is collecting cones in Duror’s forest, which ultimately leads to the dramatic ending of the novel. The novel is centred on the theme of good versus evil and how they co-exist to balance each other; one cannot live without the other. Jenkins uses interesting detail and description to clearly convey the development of Duror’s evil character which also helps us to fully understand the theme of the novel.

Scottish Independence Essay

Scottish Independence

Since the SNP came to power four years ago there has been a wave of nationalistic fever sweeping the country. Independence is on their agenda. Sooner or later there will be a referendum. But why exactly should we be independent? Would our tiny, economically challenged country really be able to stand on its own two feet against the big players in the global market? For over 300 years we have been part of Great Britain’s success but now in a time of economic hardship, people have a growing desire for independence! Increasingly people see autonomy as a panacea for all our difficulties. This is something I do not understand or agree with.

Common Stereotypes and Misconceptions of Wicca

Wicca, a modern pagan religion has in past times been known as witchcraft, and some still refer to it as such. However, it has come to be known as Wicca to avoid the common stereotypes and misconceptions that many people have about the religion.

A Personal Reflective Essay on Confidence

A Personal Reflective Essay on Confidence

Fund Performance Expectations, Recommendations and Results Paper

Fund performance – Initial Expectations, Future Recommendations, Final Performance, Reporting on Delegation


The fundamental strategic objective of our fund was to reduce risk through a diversified portfolio. From this we analysed a variety of investment strategies and techniques to discover the most appropriate approach to match our risk appetite. From the evidence presented below we concluded that this could be achieved by creating a fund replicating the FTSE 100, usually referred to as an index fund. We found that active investment techniques had unclear benefits, and any abnormal profits made were offset by high transaction costs. In another effort to reduce transaction costs we preferred to invest only in the UK to avoid exchange rate spreads, whilst still gaining the benefits of the FTSE 100’s global exposure for our diversification needs. Although we found that several security analysis techniques have some merit, the evidence provided was not convincing enough to base an investment strategy on.

The Internet - Capturing the Ideas of Superstudio and Utopia

By definition utopia is an ideal place or state; any visionary system of political or social perfection.

The Chemistry Side of Forging a Sword

The Chemistry Side of Forging a Sword

The forging of a sword is deeply centered in chemistry. Swords have been an important part of our history as humans, playing a huge role especially during Medieval and Renaissance times in Europe. The strength of a sword was a deciding factor to a Medieval army's success; a brittle sword would be a man's death sentence. The sword is also a way of showing the owner's wealth by the adornment it carried. However, a good sword begins with the proper materials.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR) Essay

Expected Schoolwide Learing Results (ESLR) Essay

During the last two and a half years of high school, I've been using the ESLRs a lot. I've learned how to become a responsible citizen and use my abilities to maintain good mental and physical health. I am a collaborative worker and I respect the feelings, opinions, and ideas of others. I've become a complex thinker by using a variety of strategies to resolve complex problems, and by demonstrating a creative and innovative approach to learning. I am an effective communicator conveying significant messages to others in speaking, writing, through numeracy, and the arts. These ESLRs will help me out a lot during my life and during my senior year. During my senior year hopefully these ESLRs come in handy while doing my senior project. In this essay I will be telling you how I achieved these ESLRs in my classes.

The Five Basic Steps Included in the Writing Process

There are five basic steps that are included in the writing process.

These steps are generating ideas, planning, drafting, revising and editing.

Generating ideas helps you find purpose in your writing and makes the writer ask themselves who the writing it meant for and what they need to know. Planning helps to arrange your thoughts are start an outline. Drafting helps write a rough draft that includes a title an introduction and a conclusion to the paper. Revising is a way the main story has been written to go over and change ideas that don’t fit in the paper or look for ways to fine tune and add more supporting detail. Finally correcting is a way to look for grammatical errors or any other errors including punctuation and proper capitalization.

The two most helpful suggestions I got from the writing process was firstly creating ideas by brainstorming and clustering new thoughts together to start to formulate my ideas. The other idea I found most successful was by writing out an outline of the thoughts. This helps to keep my ideas in order and makes it easier to write a final paper.

Soundtrack to My Life - Songs I Can Relate To

Soundtrack to My Life

Katy Perry
“One of the Boys”
One of the first songs I will be talking is One of the Boys by Katy Perry. Katy Perry is a new break through artist of 2010. She’s written other songs like California girls, and teenage dream. In this song she says, “I saw a spider I didn't scream, cuz I can belch the alphabet just double dog dare me.” In these lyrics she is saying that she can be just like any of the other guys. She's also saying that the guys see her as one of them when she sings, “you look at me kinda like a sister, cuz I'm just one of the boys.”This song has a strong meaning to me because through most of my life I've gotten along better with guys. I was never really much of a girly girl, more like a tomboy. Even till this day my best friend is a guy. I just think guys are way cooler. Most guys think it’s weird to be hanging out with girls all the time, but girls can be just like any other guy.

Taylor Swift
“Sparks Fly”

Teaching Dancing for the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) Program

Teaching Dancing for the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) Program

This semester I have been involved in one main CAS project which my friend and I have initiated, planned and organized. The project took part in the primary after-school activities and was simply a mixed dance class for the younger kids.

Analysis of Blackberry Picking Poem by Seamus Heaney

Blackberry Picking – A Seemingly Unimportant Event

In Seamus Heaney’s poem “Blackberry Picking” he vividly recreates a seemingly unimportant event in which he goes blackberry picking. However by the end of the poem this experience acquires increased significance. Throughout Heaney’s description of this event we are made aware of the theme, Heaney’s childish hopes and dreams in contrast to the harsh realities of life. This theme is effectively conveyed through the mood of excitement and anticipation in the first stanza while picking the berries which transforms into an atmosphere of disappointment and regret in the second stanza as the children’s berries have rotted. Heaney is able to develop this supposed insignificant event using techniques such as word-choice, sentence structure, imagery, contrast and tone.

A Physiotherapist Approach to Clinical Guidelines

A Physiotherapist Approach to Clinical Guidelines

“Guidelines do have a role, but they should remain what they were supposed to be: handrails, not handcuffs.” (Canino and Baglioni, 2008) With reference to the physiotherapy profession, this paper discusses the issues and dilemmas raised within this quote.

Analysis of A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily Analysis

Have you ever wanted something so bad you would do anything to get it? No matter how crazy it sounded to everyone else you were going get what you wanted. Miss Emily did this very thing, she wanted happiness and she was going to get it no matter what. There are many themes to this story, I'm going to tell you three themes and what three different things make it. How social status and make you or break you and setting effects this, every rose has it thorns and homer effects this, and sometimes you have to let go because if you don't things might not go well and her dad effects this.

Sarah Orne Jewett's A White Heron - A Story of True Love

A White Heron - A Story of True Love

Sarah Orne Jewett’s short story A White Heron tells the tale of a young girl named Sylvia who lives a modest life with her grandmother. Sylvia expresses a deep love for nature, but not till her love in challenged by a strange young man does Sylvia truly in the story through Jewett’s detailed depiction of Sylvia’s profound connection with the woods around her. Through Jewett’s use of imagery she bonds readers to the tail of a girl’s selfless sacrifice to save the love of her life.

Argumentative Synthesis on Poverty

An Argumentative Synthesis on Poverty

The Strange Addiction of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Strange Addiction of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The thing or someone that people think about all the time, talk about all the time, and can even dream about all the time is called addiction. Addiction is what people do think about that makes their life not boring. It gives them motivation to do something, but can lead to trade-offs in their life. They will start spending more time doing that addiction than doing the things they liked to do, having withdrawals, and a higher amount of usage in that addiction according to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) . In Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll makes a potion that releases his bad side and he feels much more free and alive as Mr. Hyde. With this experiment, Dr. Jekyll experiences these signs of addiction.

Understanding of A Christmas Carol and Dickens' Descriptions

Understanding of A Christmas Carol show and how Dickens describes Scrooge’s change in character from stave 1 to 5.

Charles Dickens is one of the most famous novelists of the 19th Century. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is, in particular, one of his most well-known novels. The main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, learns from his error of his ways after being warned by his past sole executor Marley, who appears in ghost form to persuade Scrooge to change his ways. In addition Scrooge is visited by three spirits - past, present and future - in stave 1. Also in stave one you see the transformation of Scrooge’s character, from an old sinner who did not care about anybody but himself but later to a born-again happy, Christmas-loving, generous man who cares for the poor and hungry. In the novel, Dickens’ explores the ideas of charity, generosity, the past and social justice.

An Essay on Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett - The Godot Land

Mr. Beckett never fails to keep an appointment with us on the Godot Land, where two tramps are still waiting, on a country road, beneath a tree of crucifixion. Or, nothing happens there. It would be a conventional land, were it not for the fact that it has a cyclical shape of ambiguity and paradox, in all dimensions, spiritual and existential, which renders its landscapes limitless, transcending the specificity imposed by time and space. Where is the Godot Land? Time never tells. Nothing is certain except that it’s Beckett’s legacy to us.

Useful Sentences for TOEFL Essay Writing

Useful Sentences for TOEFL Essay Writing

Here are some useful sentences that help you to make your essay coherent and achieve a higher score for your writing. These sentences can be used at the beginning or middle of paragraphs. They can also be used in any essay.

I do strongly support the idea that...
I do completely agree with the statement...
There are a lot of reasons for the choice and I would like to put them in the following way...
Although "XYZ" has its advantages, in my point of view...
There reasons are as follows...
As far as I am concerned, I prefer the latter for the following argument...

To begin with...
The third advantage of "XYZ" is also the most important reason...
One important aspect of "XYZ" is...
Another equally important thing about "XYZ" is...
One reason for supporting "XYZ" is...
Last but not least...
In an "EFD" perspective...
Above all advantages there is only one disadvantage. It is that … But it does not matter for me.

In conclusion...
From all those reasons above...

The Ocean and Our Lives - An Essay on Pollution

What is an ocean? According to the dictionary, it is “the mass of salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface.” Most people may say the exacr same line when they were asked this question. Furthermore, they might understand that the polluting of the ocean is something bad, but they do not understand what really happens even if the news reported the pollution of the ocean. The human beings made the problem. One magazine said, “In an average year, mankind dumps some 34 million gallons (130 million L) of oil into the oceans of the world” (Awake!). In another magazine, “Worldwide, an estimated $56 billion is needed annually to address this enormous wastewater problem” (Halweii). In the same article, he wrote, “The U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) estimates that 46,000 pieces of plastic litter — including bits of packaging, cigarette lighters, plastic bags, and diapers — are floating on every square mile of the oceans, a figure that has increased threefold since the 1960s” (Halweii). There are many lots of reports that show human beings polluting the ocean every day, and the amount of pollution is enormous.

Socrates' Eros Essay

Socrates’ Eros

What is Eros? It is the ancient Greek word for love. Rephrasing the question, we see the classic question put forward by philosophers, artists and heartbroken couples, what love is. From ancient to modern time, love as an important part of humanity attracts humans to explore its essence. Long marching through discovering continuously renews people’s cognition of love. Is love beautiful? Is love ugly? Moreover, is love somewhere between them, and is “just average-looking”? Unlike soul’s immortality, love is spirit which is immortal and mortal. Socrates introduced a paramount concept of being “in-between” in logic to describe love. What will this “in-between” concept bring to the ancient Greek philosophy? And what is the soundness in the existence of being mortal and immortal? It all dates back to the time in the Symposium.

Sexuality Gender and Power in the American Society

Sexuality, Gender and Power in the America Society

Gender inequality is an intimate inequality. Both class and race inequality are sustained with intense segregation, but gender inequality involves intense integration (for heterosexuals, at least). Gender, sexuality, and power interact.

The fact of their interconnectedness in our minds is revealed by two ideas:

First, that gender and sexual orientation are somehow related. In American society, doing gender involves doing heterosexuality. Masculinity means, in part, a sexual relationship with women. Femininity means, in part, a sexual relationship with men. In fact, gender and sexual orientation are not the same thing.

Second, that reveals the intersection of gender, sexuality, and power is the fact that we tend to think that sexual liberation for women IS women’s liberation. The relationship between sexual liberation and gender equality is our concern for today.

Our primary questions are:
How has gender inequality shaped the following?
Our very definition of sex?
How we understand our sexual bodies?
Our idea of sexual liberation?
How we think of ourselves sexually?
Our sexual interactions?

Problems with the Conditions of My High School

Problems with the Conditions of My High School

My high school was in pitiful condition the year of my graduation. My class was the last to leave, and our graduation year was awful. The actual physical aspect of the school was plagued with a foul over glow. No one wanted to go there, but there was not a choice. It was either drive a couple of minutes, or pay big bucks and go to Tullahoma. The few students who had the money went, so did some of the teachers.

The classrooms in the school were very overcrowded. The classrooms were like sardine boxes that were bulging at all sides. One of my largest classes had thirty-four kids in it, but there were only supposed to be twenty-four or twenty-five. It was common to share a desk. It was just as bad in the hallways. The feeling of the crowded hallways is like feeling of the chickens in a Tyson chicken truck. It is packed tight, slow moving, and smells like crap.

Outline for Writing a Research Paper

Outline for Writing a Research Paper


Within the first paragraph, the reader needs to know what your paper is about.
What is the problem addressed by this study?
What is the question?
Why is it important?
Does it have important policy implications?
Will it tell us something about the usefulness of a theory?
What are some possible answers to the question that you will investigate (general statement of the hypotheses)?
By the end of the first or second paragraph, the reader should know what you are going to do in your study.

Literature Review:

The purpose of the literature is to justify your study. The literature review can be organized several different ways. One good way is chronologically, since later studies generally improve over earlier studies, and the progression in knowledge can be shown. However, it can also be organized around topics or areas of the subject matter, or methodological problems. Organize the literature review in such a way that it gives you the strongest possible justification for your study. Regardless of the organization, it should address the following questions.
What else has been done on the subject?

Henry Vaughan - The Retreat

Henry Vaughan - The Retreat

This poem dramatizes the conflict between the growing age and the hope to return back.

In this poem, Henry Vaughan presents a speaker, who uses metaphysical. Vaughan wants to retreat back to his childhood, which can be read as an escape of the corrupt adult world. While, on the other hand, Vaughan celebrates his perfect soul, before it "sinned." In lines 3-4, he says, "Before I understood this place / Appointed for my second race." This could not only mean a childhood state of innocence and ignorance, but his pre-conceived soul--a kind of Garden of Eden pre-fall state of grace.

It would seem in Christian theology that the best way for a grown man to attain heavenly perfection is to die and ascend to heaven, moving forward in age. But, Vaughan wants to go backward, to negate all his past sin and be washed clean from the start. Some men a forward motion love, But I by backward steps would move and when this dust falls to the urn, In that state I came, return.

Overall, Vaughan refutes the temporal and carnal. He champions his soul above the mind.

Essay on Martin Heidegger's The Origin of the Work of Art

Essay on Martin Heidegger's The Origin of the Work of Art

Three pages from the writing of 20th-century German philosopher Martin Heidegger—can you take it? They’re really good pages. The prose is some of the most poetic, direct, and intimate in Western philosophy. Eat it slowly and it will bless you with stronger bones and teeth, metaphorically speaking.

The central obsession of much of Heidegger’s philosophy is Being—not “a being”, nor “being this-or-that”, but something grander, more radical. For Heidegger, Western philosophy took a wrong turn with the Greeks (!), especially their conception of Being as an object—a thing which stays put, remains solid, persists and endures despite time. Heidegger’s revision, to be simplistic, is this: Being is not an object but a happening. Being is the moving through time of things and people. Or, literally, Being is a verb—but a verb caught constantly in a “state” of verb, a “verbing,” a gerunding of people-places-things, not-quite-nouns. Hence the title of Heidegger’s most famous work, 1927’s Being and Time.

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