Summary of an Empirical Journal Article

A Summary of an Empirical Journal Article


There have been many studies that have attempted to correlate the relationship between maternal employment in the early years of a child’s life or a child’s time in day care to child development. Some studies have shown that children in an extensive amount of daycare have negative developmental effects while others have shown the opposite (Barglow, Contera, Kavesh & Vaughn, 1998). To further develop theory and determine whether the amount of hours of maternal employment during the child’s first year has an influence on this subject matter Barglow et al. (1998) conducted a follow-up study on 92 6-7 year old children that were earlier studied at age one, who spent time in high quality daycare at their home. Barlgow et al. focused their study on evaluating peer competence and problem behaviour measured through laboratory play and child psychological tests. Additionally Barlgow et al. attempted to see if child’s attachment classification at an early age relates to peer competence and if this is affected by maternal employment.

Should it Be Mandatory for Everyone to Donate Organs when they Die?

Should it Be Mandatory for Everyone to Donate Organs when they Die?

Organ donation is important for saving life as a result this process should be mandatory, that is definitely to increase the organ supply and the good way to stop organ black market. On another hand, it can be argue that process is unlikely with human right and some culture objection.

Legislation organ donation is increasing the organ supply. Now number of people who need organ has grows up faster than supply obtainable. This is definitely the best way save life and also cut down the long waiting list for organ. Every patient has opportunity for received organ not only rich patients. These are obviously benefits people will get from mandatory organ donation.

How to Write a Good Introduction for Your Papers

How to Write a Good Introduction

What is an introduction?

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia defines the definition as “the act of introducing or fact of being introduced” . Thanks to this definition, we understand that introducing a law essay might mean exposing the subject to the reader.

The introduction is the first part of your essay. The introduction aims at introducing your research. It is an important part in the essay because it is the first impression about your work for the reader. It is the first and the most important impression. In a kind of way, this part can be considered as the most important one: the reader refers constantly to the idea or the theory exposed in the introduction insofar as it is the key to understand the body.

Paper for Discussion at the Joint Meeting of the Working Party on Forestry and the Working Party on International Environmental Issues

Paper for discussion at the Joint meeting of the Working Party on Forestry and the Working Party on International Environmental Issues (Biodiversity and Climate Change/LULUCF) on 16 April 2008

Identifying Synergies and Co-benefits between UNFCCC, CBD and UNFF Policies

1. Introduction

The need for building synergies and co-benefits between the environment related conventions and processes has been increasingly stressed. In current developments a particular need has been expressed in building synergies between the climate, biodiversity and forest policies at all levels. Recognising the severity of the problem, the Spring European Council of March 2008 stressed the necessity “to achieve greater synergies between climate change and biodiversity policies as a way of securing co-benefits, in particular by strengthening mutually supportive activities and measures with regard to climate change mitigation and adaptation and to the production, consumption of and trade in biofuels. The European Council encourages Member States and the Commission to strengthen efforts aimed at halting biodiversity loss by 2010 and beyond…”(§23, Spring European Council Conclusions, March 2008).

Year Round Education: Examining the Argument for Nationwide Implementation

Year-Round Education: Examining the Argument for Nationwide Implementation

Academic Performance

Academic performance is an important measure of the validity of any school model simply because it is considered by many to be a primary function of schools. Thus it is a highly important factor to consider when comparing year-round schools to traditional schools. We surveyed the websites of proponents of the year-round school calendar, such as the National Association for Year-Round Schools (NAYRE), and these groups generally point out three ways they see year-round schools having an academic advantage over traditional schools. They argue that year-round schools will increase academic performance by reducing crowding, reducing summer learning loss, and providing more support for low socio-economic status (SES) students.

Representation of Women in François Truffaut's Films: Can We Consider the Man Who Loved Women as a Tribute to Women or a Misogynist Film?

Representation of Women in François Truffaut's Films

Can we Consider The Man Who Loved Women as a Tribute to Women or Merely as a Misogynist Film?

Comparing the Writing Styles of Poets Anne Sexton and Slyvia Plath - Focusing on Their Works Regarding Death and Suicide

Comparing the Writing Styles of Poets Anne Sexton and Slyvia Plath - Focusing on Their Works Regarding Death and Suicide

This paper will attempt to compare the writing styles of poets Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath, focusing on their works regarding death and suicide. The biographical history of both will be examined to provide insight to each writers style and where they derived their inspiration from, delving into particularly their struggles leading up to the taking of their own lives. After comparing an argument will be made as to which poet brings more meaning and substance to the topic of death and and suicide, and why.

Other than the fine details, the historical background of both Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath and strikingly similar, mirroring each other in many ways. Both were female writers who wrote most of their works in the mid to late 20th century. Their most known works being poetry. Both were raised in New England. And lastly, both took their own lives.

Tone - The Soundtrack of Literature - Using the Short Stories Barn Burning and Justice of the Peace as Examples

Tone: The Soundtrack of Literature

Everyone is a film buff these days, everyone loves their favorite film or series. And its easy to see why, its such a relaxing and mind-numbing experience. To let our brains go into autopilot and just be taken away on whatever journey some director has in mind. But what do all good films have in common? Their soundtrack, of course. The magical music that tells us 'This is it! Something awesome is going to happen right now!”. It tells us when to be sad because some important character has died, or to feel a sense of justice when the bad guys are finally defeated. Likewise, literature has its own soundtrack of emotion, telling us how to feel as we progress through a story. Not with music, but with tone. Tone is the choice of words an author uses and the way the words are spoken to convey emotions to the reader.

How the Ghost of Hamlet's Father Makes the Tragedy Possible

A Kings Will

The tragedy that is Hamlet is filled with so many unique characters, each with their own quirks that individualize themselves. But one of the least developed, or undeveloped, of all the characters is the one whom makes the entire plot of Hamlet possible. That is the Ghost of Hamlet's father.

This character is very depersonalized, almost to the point of making him a non-character. At the very beginning of the play, Hamlets father is already deceased, leaving the audience to know very little about him as a person. The 'Ghost' as he is referred to in the script, is seen in the first act when he appears before some guards and Horatio, a good friend of Hamlet. Later on, the Ghost comes to Hamlet alone and speaks to him, telling him of how he was secretly murdered by his brother Claudius. He then proceeds to tell Hamlet to exact revenge for him. “Pity me not, but lend thy serious hearing to what I shall unfold”, Hamlets father asks of him before telling him of his death.

Paper on Islam and Democracy

Islam and Democracy


Morocco is a conservative country which religion is Islam; however, its political system is based on democracy due to its influence by Europe. Hassan II said: "Morocco is a tree, the roots of which are planted firmly in Africa but which has its branches in Europe."(Hassan II, 1976).
In fact, Morocco is a country which is open to modernity; it is what Moataz Abdel Fattah names a “modernist Islamist society” and defines as being a society that deduces its principles from the holy book and perceives democracy as a modern extension of the great Islam rules. (Moataz, 10) So what is the real meaning of democracy? According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” (Lincoln, A. qtd in democracy-building).

In another source, it is defined as the following:

South African Breweries - Achieving Growth in the Global Beer Market

South African Breweries
Achieving Growth in the Global Beer Market

Group Research

Market – Global Beer Industry

The opportunity for South African Breweries (SAB) is to leverage their expertise and expand into new international markets.

SAB held a 98% share of beer in 1999 in South Africa
4th largest brewer in the world by volume
50% in the African continent
Their biggest share is in Europe
Beer is local

SAB had long been the dominate player in Africa and growing rapidly in emerging markets
At one time they had a negative brand image in the United States
The company’s vision was to be rated one of the top 5 brewing companies in the world
Beer was forecasted to increase from 18 billion to 28 billion by 2010

Core Competencies
SAB strength drives from its abnormal skill at cooping with the demands of a highly abnormal market
Geared towards emerging market economies:
Understanding developing world conditions
Understanding how to utilize assets
Cost Management
Delivery of a product that was both high quality and low cost.

Comparing and Contrasting the Seminal work of both Mckibben and Friedman - Starting Where Each Author Came from Preceding the Book

To begin a compare and contrast what could be called the seminal (or at least bestselling) works of both Mckibben and Friedman one would have to start with where each author came from preceding the book.

Friedman got into the writing game focusing on Middle Eastern politics and has since wound up the New York Time’s de facto “wise man” on international affairs. Only a few years before “Hot, Flat and Crowded” came “The World Is Flat,” a breakdown of globalization into three phases, Globalization 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Globalization 1.0 encompassed the European colonization and development of the Americas up until about the year 1800. According to Friedman, the driving force behind these four centuries was nationalism, religion, and how those two forces led to the race to and through industrialization.

Short Essay on Scientist John Dalton

Short Essay on Scientist John Dalton

John Dalton was the father of the atomic theory of chemistry.Thanks to him we can know the law of multiple combining proportions of the elements. Moreover in the article entitled “ extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colours “ Dalton gives more informations about colorblindness .His studies allowed the discovery of new fields of chemistry.

Discovery : The atomic theory

The atomic theory is the teory of the matter’s nature;it argues that matter is composed of small unites called atoms.The word “atom” , from the ancient Greek adjective “atomos” indivisible, was applied to the basic particle that constituted a chemical element , because the chemists of the era belived that these were the fundamental particles of the matter.

The theory is based to four postulates:
the first states that each element is costituted by atoms
the second states that all the atoms of an element are identical
the third argues that the properties don’t vary by chemical reactions
the last argues that compounds are formed by atoms of different elements.

Qualitative Research Critical Analysis Paper: The Lived Experience of Healthy Behaviors in People with Debilitating Illness

Qualitative Research Critical Analysis Paper:The Lived Experience of Healthy Behaviors in People with Debilitating Illness

The purpose of this paper is to summarize the study “The lived experience of health behaviors in people with debilitating illness” (Haynes & Watt, 2008). Within this summary it will critique and describe the qualitative methodology used in the study, the appropriateness and relevance of the design for the study purpose, the study purpose, the target population, the study participants, and the setting the study participants are in. This paper will critique and describe ethical issues mentioned in the study and ethical issues not mentioned in the study, but are of importance to the study population. It will also critique and describe the data quality methods used, the research findings, the limitations as they relate to the study purpose, the implications for nursing practice, and conclude with a brief summary.

Worm War of 2003

Worm War of 2003

Most common computer users were surprised to find that a new virus had hit the internet last week. Although most computer security experts are always on guard for a new virus this one was hard to detect. This virus is named MS Blaster or RPC DCOM Worm and like its name it is special. The vulnerability code allowing it to disable computers was released several weeks before the actual virus was released stumping security experts worldwide. (Pchelp)

An Introduction to Tort Law

Introduction to Tort Law

In order to compare and contrast different areas of the law we must first get a clear definition of tort law, constitutional law, business law, and criminal law. According to Buckley & Okrent (2004) a tort is defined simply as a wrongful doing or injury to and individual or their property. Tort law is comes from both areas of common law and statutory law. Though tort law covers a broad area of the law there are three main categories that it covers: negligence, intentional torts, and strict or absolute liability. Even though all categories of tort law differ they must contain at these elements: duty, breach of duty, causation or damages (p. 2-4).

The next area of law we need to look at is constitutional law. According to Law preview (2011) constitutional law mainly focus on two categories: Supreme Court decisions and individual right according to the Constitution (p.1). Constitutional law looks at the government structure and the people's rights within it. Each case that the Supreme Court decides affects the rights of all U.S. citizens. Constitutional law keeps our government and citizens in order.

Information on the Importance of a Loan Officer

Information on the Importance of a Loan Officer

In the day and age we live in a large majority of our financial transactions occur electronically. Almost everywhere that we shop today we can use a debit or credit card to purchase goods and services. Another change in the past ten to fifteen years has been the business sectors move to paying their employees with direct deposit transactions. Companies find it more efficient and cheaper to simply set up a wire transfer of funds into an employee’s account, rather than writing and mailing a check every pay period. These changes have driven more and more consumers into the electronic banking sector and for some into the banking sector for the first time. Almost every American conducts business with a bank or other similar financial company. One of the most vital positions within a bank is a loan officer.

Should the Olympics Have a Permanent Home?

Should the Olympics Have a Permanent Home?

Pierre de Coubertin, founder of modern Olympic Games said “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”This sentence shows in which point Olympics Games are more than a sporting event. So when we speak about determining a permanent place for Olympic Games we also raise another debate: setting a permanent home for Olympics does really correspond to authentic spirit of Olympic? In a first part we will see how economic advantages could favor determining of a permanent place before seeing in a second time how established it is contrary to original Olympic values. According to me this is this second point that must be considered.

Paper on If a Child Does a Crime Should the Parents Do the Time

If a Child Does a Crime Should the Parents Do the Time?

This question was asked to several adults and asked too even more children between the ages 7-18 years old. The answers varied between the polling groups. However my opinion seem to be a little different from each one of the polling groups.

The adults felt that children over the age of 12 years old should pay or suffer the consequences for their own criminal behaviors. On the other hand the adults felt children under the age of 12 years old should be in control by their parents. Therefore causing the parent to be responsible for the children actions. Children under the age of 12 years old seem to be protected by the adults for their criminal activities. Because the adults mostly believe in the religious belief that you become accountable for knowing right from wrong by age of 12. Adults also blamed younger parents raising children without morals and principles as the problem for juvenile delinquent behaviors.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - Energetic Perspectives on Practice

Energetic Perspectives on Practice


In this essay; the author would like to discuss Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the philosophies, beliefs, religions and values of the Chinese culture that have influenced the health care system in China. The author would also like to include a comparison between the Chinese and Western approaches to diagnosis and treatments of illness and disease and how the integration of the five element theory (5E) could contribute to the holistic care of an individual combined with aromatherapy. Also included will be the regulation, training and research requirements of both China and the U.K.

Tradional Chinese Medicine

The Intent of Powershift

I took an excruciatingly long bus ride to a conference in Washington DC, to Powershiftm 2011. While there in DC I got hustled in China town, learned my way around the Metro, managed to both impress and annoy/scare a representative from the National Wildlife Federation, compulsively grabbed a folder full of promotional pamphlets, took audio recordings of some famous people, reaffirmed my distaste for Macalester College alumni with the help of a jerk working with Friends of the Earth, bought some good beer at a Walgreens and learned a bit about the institutional youth climate movement. To my knowledge, this bi-annual event is the biggest of its kind in the US. Down one or two adaptive cylces/scales are the two Neighborhood Sustainability Conferences I attended in the last six months. Like Powershift, these micro-conferences had speakers, info sessions and time to share cards.
Since both of these events are part of the same social movement, Meadows and systems thinking immediately come to mind and will be the central focus on the analysis, supplemented by comments on the relation on notions of the Commons, resilience and transition.

Essay on Asperger's Syndrome

Essay on Asperger’s Syndrome

Imagine this: It’s time for math, but your students sit at tables covered with watermelons and napkins. Today is a hands-on day, and they get to estimate the number of seeds in each piece of melon before counting them. Then you hear it: Caleb has thrown himself on the floor in a full-blown tantrum. He’s crying, he’s shaking, and you’re not sure what to do (Scholastic Inc. 2009).

Let’s face it, when you have 30 kids in a classroom, keeping your cool when one of them has lost his can be hard. But Caleb has Asperger’s syndrome, a developmental disorder similar to but milder than autism. His tantrum may seem inexplicable, but the trick, especially when dealing with a child who has Asperger’s, is to dig a little deeper. Remember the best defense is a good offense. Start by thinking outside the box. Understanding the syndrome will be your best preparation in the classroom (Scholastic Inc. 2009).

Short Essay on George Orwell's Novel Animal Farm

In George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, he uses animals instead of humans to show the way in which power corrupts. The animals go from being ruled by humans, to overruling the humans and gaining power over the farm. “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” is shown through the pigs rise to power once, Old Major gives a speech about a dream he had. This dream was then followed and there was a change to absolute control and power.
For the animals, Mr Jones had the power over “Manor farm”. He was the one who looked after the animals and fed them “if he were gone, we would starve to death”. The Animals believed that man was bad, and that they should never to turn out to be like them. Old Major, who was a well-respected pig “he was so highly regarded on the farm that everyone was quite ready to lose an hour’s sleep to listen to what he had to say” died, leaving the animals with the idea of rebellion from a dream he had. The animals immediately took control and decided what needed to be done.

Why you Selected Pharmacy as a Career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Relates to You

Address why you selected pharmacy as a career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals. Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals. The personal essay is an important part of your application for admission and provides you with an opportunity for you to clearly and effectively express your ideas. -

Essay on Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has had a difficult history and this continues to this day. From the fall of the Roman and Russian Empires to the Cold War and all the way to present day Eastern Europe has been land of conflict, poverty, and little human rights; much of this is due to its proximity to the Middle East, but dome of the blame can come from some of the wars throughout the centuries that have affected Eastern Europe the most. Only until most recently has Eastern Europe started to rise out of its problem, but they are still influenced by major economic, political, and humanitarian issues. Eastern Europe has struggled through its past, present, and will continue to do so even more in the future, but Eastern Europe can raise to the glory its neighboring region, Western Europe.

Administrative Paper

Administrative Paper

Q1. Good time management is essential to ensure targets are met. Priorities lists and action plans can be used to organise tasks to ensure deadlines and targets are met as employees can keep track of complete tasks and tasks which still need to be finished. A reminder system (electronic or post-it notes) could also be used to allows employees to know which tasks still need to be worked on this ensures employees are working towards achieving their targets. Also by avoiding interruptions employees are more focused on their work and are more likely to achieve their targets. Employees may also use a system to complete tasks e.g. more important tasks completed first and one task should be finished before starting another ensures deadlines are met and targets are achieved. Work areas should also be kept tidy (cleaned at the end of each day) by tidying files away after they have been used employees are more focused on the next task making them more likely to reach their targets and goals.

Briefing Of Review Auditors

Briefing of Review Auditors

This is a Lecture on Briefing of Review Auditors:

The whole situation boils down to this, is there are three data which I have not been able to teach orgs or Tech or anybody else. There are three data. They don’t know these data as key data. These data don’t have any either/or’s or qualifications or „there are other cases,“ do you see? There are three data that are just smashers as far as cases, and so forth, are concerned. Our concern is with one of these, which is the second one. But what I’m going to—giving you your briefing—that I’ll tell you what these three data are that we just can’t really seem to get across—that I don’t have any luck getting across at all.

So the reason why I’m talking to you is, in Review then, you will run into these three data all the time. Because they won’t have gotten across in Tech. The Tech Division won’t have gotten it across or the rest of the org or Supervisors won’t have gotten them, don’t you see? Or Ethics doesn’t get them, don’t you see? And they don’t get these three data! See?

Contemporary Theories of Social Justice - How Can Justice be said to Give Priority to the Protection of Liberties?

Contemporary Theories of Social Justice

How Can Justice be said to Give Priority to the Protection of Liberties?

Reasons the Soviet Union Collapsed

Below is a Paper on The Reasons the Soviet Union Collapsed

Even though, there are multiple reasons why people believe the Soviet Union collapsed, the most logical ideas come from the political, economic, and nationality problems in the country. Although, the Soviet economy had achievements in rapid industrialization and victory during World War II, the incomplete principles of communism damaged the Soviet economic system and proved majorly insufficient to meet new requirements for population growth and social changes in Soviet lifestyles.

Many changes were made in the dictatorial leadership after Stalin’s death. Even though, Stalin saw local nationalisms as a potential threat and preferred to rely on a Sovietized Russian elite for controlling the country. The new leaders also saw the Russian elites as a possible threat, therefore deciding to limit the controlling decisions made by the elites. (Strayer 73) The government continued to attack actions of the people regarded as “dangerous expressions of national feeling.” (Strayer 74) People objected to the deportation of certain nationality groups.

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