The Causes of the Economic Crises

The Causes of The Economic Crisis

The economic crisis has been a fundamental issue argued by many states all over the world. It started from the US in 2007 and affected gradually the European countries. Politicians and historians assimilate this economic crisis to the one that occurred in 1929. In fact, it had a negative impact on the economy of many countries in the world. The truth is that recently, the world experienced the same scenario of the year 1929. The recent economic crisis was a matter of fear. Indeed, it terrorized the entire world because of its deep impact on people’s life. Then, it would be interesting to study the causes of the economic crisis, so as to find out its mechanisms.

What Makes VDM Website Popular?

What makes VDM Website Popular?

Reaction Paper

The newest trend: VDM, the website that gives a boost in mind’s emancipation within youth generation. In cars, buses, in a doctor cabinet, at home or even in class, VDM website comes as a “shoulder to cry on” when you are bored to death. In fact, we should not neglect to bear in mind that the inexorable number of VDM “friendly visitors” is principally due to the availability of Internet on mobile phones. Real or fake?

Reaction Paper on the Effects of Smoking and Health

Reaction Paper on Smoking

The lecture held on the 27th October 2010 about smoking. This lecture was divided into 4 sub lectures that highlight the effects of smoking on the health.

Starting by the first one, the lecturer stressed on three main components of smoking: Attitude, habitude and dependence. Initially, we can identify a pre-smoker through his attitude, seeing as a beginning of smoking. In other words, the pre-smoker tempts to adopt the “adults’ model”. Knowing that a great many of adults tend to smoke, teenagers feel tempted to incorporate their “fancy” attitude, as they may believe. Then, the first cigarette tasted stimulates the desire to smoke other ones. Consequently, smoking turns into a habit and therefore it becomes very difficult to quit! This is what leads ultimately to what is known as a kind of “slavery” or addiction. In other words, the smoker becomes gradually addicted to cigarette until he reaches the higher stage of addiction, when it is too late to go backwards. We may wonder what arouses this addiction.

Discussing Egg Donation - Is it Supporting the Trade of Organs?

Discussing Egg Donation - Is it Supporting the Trade of Organs?

The Imaginary Enemy - An Explaining Essay on the Urban Legend Monsieur Bouloulou

The Imaginary Enemy - An Explaining Essay on the Urban Legend Monsieur Bouloulou

The majority of people believe certain concepts that are transmitted and few of them are right. I will never forget when my parents made me accept as true the fact that “Monsieur Bouloulou” existed. As the text “ Urban Legends” emphasizes, the story of Mr Bouloulou “ was alleged to be true and it worked the same way whether the legendary plot concerns a dragon in a cave or a mouse in a Coke bottle”. It was a tactic for them to make me give up to mischief, but it was also an approach used to scare me when I abused their kind-heartedness. “Monsieur Bouloulou” was for me the worst thing that I could hear from my parents; it scared me to death, I shouted, cried, and I wanted it to disappear. I thought that this latter was a devil, a beast who ate children who disobeyed their parents.

Interpersonal Meaning of Texts - Comparing Similarities and Differences of the Berghaus Boots and Ford Territory SR Advertisements

This essay will explore a comparative text analysis of two text types, focusing on the experiential and interpersonal meanings. Firstly this essay will discuss the experiential similarities and differences between Berghaus Boots, an advertisement published in UK The Daily Telegraph (2010) and The Ford Territory SR, another advertisement published in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend magazine (2006). Secondly this essay will look at the interpersonal meaning of both texts and compare the similarities and differences.

The advertisement Berghaus Boots consists of 21 clause complexes and 1 embedded clause. Of these clauses 16 are material processes, 4 relational attributive and 1 relational identify. The Ford Territory SR advertisement consists of 14 clause complexes and 4 embedded classes of which 6 are material processes, 5 relational attributive, 2 relational identifying, 2 mental processes and 1 existential process.

Relation of the Concept of Religion to the Point of View of Bernard Lewis

Relation of the Concept of Religion to the Point of View of Bernard Lewis

Defining a Universal Measure of Progress

Defining a Universal Measure of Progress

Progress is an interesting process, suggesting beneficial advancement of something with respect to a point in time. To define a universal measure of progress with respect to mankind, one would have to first look at what are basic necessities for all human beings. To define what the basic human needs are, one must examine what is needed for human survival. All human beings need food, clean water, and the ability to cope, maintain their existence, with their environment. Survival also implies that people reproduce and carry on generation to generation. Now that the basic human needs, a universal definition of progress can be ascertained. A universal measure of progress for mankind is the beneficial advancement of society’s abilities to meet the basic human needs for their individual societies. Now that a definition for a universal measure of progress has been established, one must find out how to evaluate progress in any given society.

Xbox 360 Versus the Wii

The Xbox 360 versus the Wii

Thesis Statement: While both the Xbox 360 and the Wii play great games, differences in media centers, video resolution and online service make the Xbox 360 a better choice for college students.

Even though both consoles can connect to a computer, the Xbox has more features and uses. The Wii has limited features when connected to a computer for peer to peer sharing. In order to transfer files, he or she has to use a SD card (secure digital) to transfer files between the console and a computer. For complete control of the peer to peer network the Wii must be totally flashed with a homebrew firmware. The Xbox 360 can be connected to a computer to share files. It can transfer music, video, and game files without the need of a SD card (secure digital) or memory stick. The Xbox has a media center, so the user could share all the media on his or her computer to their Xbox.

Advantages of Travelling

Advantages of Travelling

Travelling is one of the most exiting activities to do when you still can afford it. In fact, by travelling, you discover new countries and new cities that will help you understand new ways of living and increase your knowledge about some special countries. This paper intends to show different aims of travelling because people have many reasons to travel. However, some people think that travelling is a waste of time that has been created for rich and spoiled people; though it is frequent to see nowadays many people travelling to famous countries such as USA in order to realize the legendary cliché “the American Dream” which conducts to immigration problems and so issues with authorities. This paper intends to show that travelling can sometimes be for personal reasons; it can also be for formal reasons and finally travelling can be a way to help out some countries from different problems.

Racial Medicine - The Development of Hoodoo and Herbalism in the African American Society in the 1800's

Racial Medicine -The Development of Hoodoo and Herbalism had a Major Impact in the African American Society in the 1800’s

Childhood Obesity and the National School Lunch Program

Childhood Obesity and the National School Lunch Program

A Call to Action

Discussion on how Canada has Consistently Required the Importation of Skilled and Unskilled Workers to Assist It's Economic Development

"Canada, which is essentially a country of immigrants, has consistently required the importation of skilled and unskilled workers to assist its economic development" (Donald Avery).

Discussing How the Ideas of Place and Space Affected the Early Understandings and Uses of Television

Discuss how the ideas of place and space (private and/or public) affected the early understandings and uses of television.

Television appears as a new medium around the 1920’s creating certain controversy within the American culture. The early understandings and uses of television were to one point affected by the ideas of place and space, whether it was private or public made a significant difference. Anna McCarthy in the article “TV, Class, and Social Control in the 1940’s Neighborhood Tavern” mentions the understanding and use of television based specifically in the neighborhood tavern, where the TV was first set. Other ideas about the understanding and uses of television rise in the article “The Home Theater” written by Samuel Spigel, who mentions the understanding of television and its uses in the home of the Americans, as it enters the domestic environment. These two articles show diverse understandings about what television was and its uses, specifying how these ideas are affected by place and space like the neighborhood tavern, which was the public space and the home, which was the private space.

Argument that the Rapid Commercialization of Radio Affected the Form and Content of Radio Programs

Argument that the Rapid Commercialization of Radio Affected the Form and Content of Radio Programs

Paper on Handgun Laws in Kansas

Handgun Laws in Kansas

The topic I chose to write about is the handgun laws in Kansas. I believe that they should change the age of legally buying and owning a handgun to 18. There are several reasons why I feel this would be appropriate. With so many things going on in the world today, people are forced to grow up younger and younger everyday. I believe that if it is okay for a young man of eighteen to be sent into combat, possibly against his will, it should be okay for him to own a handgun. With the age of owning a high-powered rifle being only eighteen, it would only make sense for the handgun law to follow suit.

Investigating Age Discrimination in Today's Society

Investigating Age Discrimination in Today's Society

This essay is investigating age discrimination in todays society. It will focus on the key theories of the issues raised regarding age discrimination in the media eye towards women in Britain today.. Key issues at stake?

The PCC (Press Complaints Comission) Act - Analysing the Destructive News Story Titled A Strange, Lonely and Troubling Death

This essay will cover the key issues with the PCC (Press Complaints Commission) act and analyse a destructive news story piece titled “A Strange, lonely and troubling death”. This story was written regarding the death of a member of the pop group Boyzone. His name was Stephen Gately. The essay is going to explore these key issues by following the guidelines of the Press Complaints Commission act step by step and reading about the defensive arguments given for explanations towards cases.

The Press Complaints Commission was set up in 1991. There is a wide amount of people who work for the press complaints commission, 17 in fact. There is one chairman, seven press members and nine public members. The press complaints commission handles numerous letters, comments, audio, words and pictures for newspapers and magazines. They also have to deal with the behaviour of a journalist, keep an eye on harassment, intrusion, hidden cameras and consent for interviews with children.

Paper on the OK! Magazine Article Featuring the Marriage of Simon Gregson and Emma Gleave

Most couples see marriage normally as the beginning of the end, but it is actually just the beginning of the relationship. For this celebrity couple, Simon Gregson and Emma Gleave, this is where it all started. ‘He was in the bath and said: “come on, let’s get married,” and that was the proposal!’

I believe this story feature in OK! Magazine is based towards the target audience of soap viewers and celebrity fans. Soap viewers are mainly women and men of any age. This story feature would usually just be aimed towards women because it is a wedding feature but in this case, it is also aimed at men because it is a wedding featuring a well known male Coronation Street actor. This story feature affects the target audience because it gives them an insight to the real person beyond the character.

A Communication Perspective on the Enron Scandal

A Communication Perspective on the Enron Scandal

Enron was an American energy, commodities, and services trader located in Houston, Texas (Citation). Before its downfall Enron employed about 22,000 workers and was considered one of the world’s leading companies. Furthermore, it was named “America’s Most Innovative Company” for six consecutive years by Fortune magazine (Citation). In 2001, it was found that Enron had practiced accounting fraud of extreme measure (Citation). The fraud at Enron lead to one of the largest corporate scandals in history. I believe that by examining this case from a communication perspective one will see that groupthink occurred among top officials.
Background on Enron

Are Anti-War Songs Still Present and Evolving From the 1960's?

Are Anti-War Songs Still Present and Evolving From the 1960’s?

From the existence of mankind, music has been used efficiently as an artistic medium to entertain, and in many cases influence, listeners. This statement is distinctly evident in America ranging from the early sixties to present times wherein a great diversity of anti-war songs were produced. “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “War Pigs,” and “Mosh” are all representations of anti-war songs from different decades. The three songs follow a very versatile musical structure reflecting the expansion of freedom of speech throughout America as time progresses.

Essay on British Designer Bruce Oldfield

Essay on British Designer Bruce Oldfield

Bruce Oldfield, was born in London. He was a mixed race child and he never knew his parents because at only two days old his parents gave him up for adoption. He was raised within the childrens society Barnardos.and was known as a Barnardos baby. He spent the first six months of his life in Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London. It was found that he was suffering from gastroenteritis. Up until the age of 13, Bruce was fostered in a village called Hett, in Co Durham. His foster mother was a dressmaker called Violet Masters. By the time he was 13, he got sent to West Mount, in Ripon, North Yorkshire, a Barnardo’s branch home after becoming a troublesome teenager. At the orphanage, Bruce slept in a small dormitory, there were only three or four to a room. He went to Ripon Grammar School, in North Yorkshire, and studied at Ravensbourne and St Martin’s art colleges. Bruce failed his O-level art exam twice, and he left West Mount when he was just 17 years old. He moved into lodgings in Harrogate. He later then got two A-levels and went into teacher training before he realised he had a strong passion for fashion.

Are Management Skills Behavioural?

According to Whetten, D & Cameron, K (p8 pp1) management skills are in fact behavioural. They are not personality attributes or stylistic tendencies. Management skills consist of identifiable sets of actions that individuals perform and that lead to certain outcomes. Skills can be observed by others, unlike attributes that are purely mental or are embedded in personality. Whereas people with different styles and personalities may apply the skills differently, there are, nevertheless, a core set of observable attributes in effective skill performance that are common across a range of individual differences.

Second management skills are controllable. The performance of these behaviours is under the control of the individual. Skills can be consciously demonstrated, practiced, improved or restrained by individuals themselves.

Third management skills are developable. Performance can improve. Unlike IQ or certain personality or temperament attributes that remain relatively constant throughout life, individuals can improve their competency in skill performance through practise and feedback.

Fourth, management skills are interrelated and overlapping.

Basic Facts and Summary of the Decision in the case R.V Smith

Basic Facts and Summary of the Decision in the Vase R. V. Smith

The case R. V. Smith in Bickenbach’s Canadian Cases in the Philosophy of Law discusses punishment. In particular, two sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are being discussed. Section 9 states that everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned, while section 12 states that everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. In short, The discussion is about in which way these two sections can place a limitation on punishment in Canada.

In the R. V. Smith case the two above mentioned sections from the Charter were brought up by the accused. He was charged with section 5(2) from the federal Narcotic Control Act, which states a mandatory minimum of seven years upon a conviction for importing a narcotic substance. Smith challenged this section to be constitutionally invalid.

Advanced Human Resource Management Paper

Advanced Human Resource Management Paper

1. Introduction

International occupational mobility of employees is becoming more important in a glob-alized world. That is why we decided to put our focus on this topic. This paper is going to analyze the view of the firm and also the view of the employee.
The analysis about the firm’s perspective will mainly concentrate on the Return on In-vestment (ROI) which a company can achieve. So this means for this part we will use the Economic Perspective and the Resource-Based Theory. It seems obvious that it creates a competitive advantage if you know how business works in other countries and their mar-kets you want to get in. You need well-educated and competent employees who are will-ing to go abroad. We want to explain that it is a strategic necessity for a multinational company like PwC to send them abroad. And we want to explain why companies spend an extraordinary amount of money. So in the end we will prove that they do it because a company expects a future return of their foreign employees.

Vibriosis in Dairy Cattle

In the dairy industry consistent reproduction of offspring is important when keeping a well-regulated profitable operation. Vibriosis is a venereal disease in beef and dairy cattle that can be the cause of abortion, delayed conception, and sterility for animals in your heard. Other side effects may include lower calf crop as well as milk yield, consequently lowering the quality of your operation.

This highly infectious disease may be transferred from bull-to-cow, through the natural selection processes or through artificial insemination due to contaminated semen. It may also be spread through multiple bulls being contained in the same area where riding behavior is triggered. However cow-to-cow transmission is highly unlikely but still possible under extreme circumstances. Post-transfer, the infection inhabits the female’s reproductive tract where it causes endometritis and salpingitis, other upper genital tract infections.

Behavioral Psychology as Discussed by John B Watson, Ivan Pavlov and B.F. Skinner


Behaviorism, also known as behavioral psycology, was founded by John B. Watson and later contributed by Ivan Pavlov and B.F. Skinner. Behaviorism is a personality theory of learning based upon the idea that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. It also states that all things that organisms do, including acting, thinking and feeling, can and should be regarded as behaviors.Another element is basically saying what happens to you as a child follows you throughout your life. It seeks to identify observable, measurable laws that could explain all of human behavior. Behaviorism has two major types of conditioning; Operant Conditioning and Classical Conditioning. These theories show that we learn many behaviors just because they have been reinforced by positive consequences and assosiations.

An Essay on The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby Essay

In the story “The Great Gatsby”, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses many examples to display harsh situations in life. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses descriptive diction and melancholic imagery in order to illustrate the difference between the East Egg (Buchanan’s house), West Egg (Gatsby’s house), and also The Valley of the Ashes (Wilson’s house).

The Importance of the Preschool Years in Children

Preschool Years

The preschool years are an intresting time for children. This is the time when they learn how to make choices for themselves and feel good about the choices they make. Thier style of thinking and learning are based on the way things look. Adults play a very important role in helping kids take action and explore thier surroundings through physical development, thinking and learing, expressing feelings, communications and awareness of others.

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