Will Discrimination Always Be a Part of the Human Condition?

Will Discrimination Always Be a Part of the Human Condition?

I believe that racism and discrimination will always be a part of the human condition and can not be eradicated from society because people will always look for someone else to blame for their problems and because people believe they are better than others. Although many people left their racist ways behind, there will always be someone who will discriminate against another group of people. Two examples that prove my point are the Holocaust and slavery.

The Holocaust was the attempted extermination of European Jews during World War II, which some scholars refer to as “a program of state-sponsored extermination” by Nazi Germany. About six million Jewish people suffered greatly during these harsh times, and this notorious moment should never be forgotten so it can not be repeated in the future. Scholars also believe that the definition of the Holocaust should include the systematic murder of millions of people in other groups, including ethnic Poles, Soviet civilians and prisoners of war, people who have disabilities, homosexuals, and Jehovah’s witnesses. These groups were discriminated against because the chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, believed that it was their fault that Germany was in debt after World War I. These groups were oppressed by Nazi forces because Adolf Hitler had an obsessive hatred of these groups. Nazis were believed to be better than Jews, but in fact, many Nazis were actually Jewish to some extent. European Jews escaped persecution through liberation by the Allied military forces. After the concentration camps were liberated, the Holocaust had a great effect on Jewish and European society that could be felt in theological and political discussions.

In fact, many people believe that the Holocaust did not even happen. This theory is incorrect because there is evidence of this notorious time period in history. The primary elements of these claims are that people reject the fact that the Nazi government intentionally targeted Jewish people for extermination, more than five million Jewish people were systematically killed, and that there were tools of mass murder in extermination camps. Everyone knows that the Holocaust happened to the terrible extent that it did. Also, there have been laws passed against Holocaust denial in fourteen countries including Germany and Poland.

Another example that explains why racism and discrimination will always be a part of the human condition is slavery. Slavery is defined as labor by means of force. Slaves are considered to be the property of their owners. Slavery can be traced back to ancient civilizations over approximately ten thousand years ago. Slaves were discriminated against primarily because local populations believed that they were better than people immigrating into their country. The most common slaves are African Americans. Slaves were oppressed because people intimidated weaker people and used them to work for minuscule or no pay. Slaves are different from their masters because they usually receive no pay and serve their master until they die, are sold, or are traded, whereas slave owners are usually wealthy and own land. In some societies it was even legal for a slave owner to murder their slave. In our society today, there are more than thirty million slaves, which is more than at any other time in history. Slavery today is most common in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In addition, slave trading is the fastest growing organized crime industry and is expected to surpass drug trafficking. While slavery in America has been abolished due to emancipation laws, there are still slaves around the world in less developed societies.

In conclusion, discrimination will always be a part of society because some people are extremely conceded and believe that they are superior to others. It will also be a part of society because people are too close-minded to accept the fact that they have made a mistake and that they are not infallible, so they find someone else to blame for their problems and discriminate against them. Everyone knows discrimination will always be around because people have differences, so our primary goal should be to attempt to reduce it. The Holocaust is an example of people believing that something someone has done is another’s fault because the Holocaust was when Adolf Hitler could not accept that it was his fault that Germany was in debt after World War I. Slavery is an example of people believing they are superior to other groups because slaves are treated poorly and denied of rights while slave owners live luxurious lifestyles as their slaves complete their labor. Both of these events were tragic times of our world’s history. Although there will always be discrimination, we should try to minimize it to a diminutive amount.