Why you Selected Pharmacy as a Career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Relates to You

Address why you selected pharmacy as a career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals. Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals. The personal essay is an important part of your application for admission and provides you with an opportunity for you to clearly and effectively express your ideas. -

I began as an undecided major at XXX University simply looking to transfer to XXX to learn a bachelors degree in architecture to one day own my own architecture firm. During the progression of my collegiate career, the devastating affects of the economy transformed my future dream job into an inescapable nightmare as the construction market had pummeled alongside with the economy. Seeing how the economy destroyed the market for future architects and how the prevailing effects of the current economic downturn has lead to significant job losses and outsourcing of architecture jobs, I turned backed to the foundation in which I was raised upon, and decided to apply for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. A career in pharmacy has always been my backup plan in the event that becoming an architect was not possible because my father, who is a licensed pharmacist in the state of Georgia, owns a successful pharmacy in which I have shadowed ever since adolescence. I’ve matured into the field of pharmacy throughout my life and find it one of the most rewarding careers available to driven individuals; more so, myself. My decision to pursue a career in pharmacy was enriched by my professional background. After successfully completing high school, my first job outside of the family pharmacy was XXX. There I worked as a xxx for two years. What I acquired from that experience was something no other institution can provide nor teach. I learned about my interpersonal workings and more so about who I am when I am outside of my comfort zone. Nonetheless, I also discovered my natural ability to over nurture for my customers which in essence lead to me becoming a better salesman but also a better person. Having that job at such a young age exponentially expanded my people and speaking skills to a point where I can adapt to any environment or group of people and still be who I am like liquid in a container. Being a pharmacist and interacting with people is only a perfect match. By me working in predominantly sales oriented jobs, I simply do not see customers as a means to an end. Customers become an important part of my life since a bond is created when a salesman successfully sells a customer an item and the customer feels that they have been fully accounted for. The bond that is then created from proper customer service is priceless and puts me at ease every time. Being a pharmacist is no different. A pharmacist is similar to a community leader or a church reverend in the sense that pharmacist build close confidential
relations with their clients.

My professional background, particularly my experience in sales has matured me personal into someone who has humanitarian values at hearts and does not suffer from blasé attitude. Thus I am prepared for such a career because no two customers are ever alike, and I am developed enough mentally and physically to cater to variably stimulus. Not to mention being raised in a pharmacy. I came to the realization that I did not just want to make a diagnosis for a patient but actually be the person who offered the patient the cure; I want to be that missing link between the pain and the healing. After becoming a certified pharmacy tech, my mouth watered for more. My decision to pursue a career in pharmacy may have come from a simple act of fate in a small town high school, but my passion for it came long before that. It came from a five feet, two inches tall woman known as my grandmother. For me, the happiest place on Earth was next to her. As I was turning eight, my grandmother was diagnosed with the worst type of cancer possible, pancreatic. Unfortunately, at this time there were not a lot of options available in treating this aggressive disease and soon the battle was over. I don’t remember a whole lot during those last few moments but I do remember asking myself, “Why can’t she take medicine like I do and get better?”. My grandmother, like the Good Witch, had just given me my brick road to follow.

Today, so many cancer drugs are available and many people are winning the battle with cancer. However, pancreatic cancer still remains hard to treat. For this reason, I would choose to focus on cancer drug research and development. Specifically, I would love to work on a multidrug combination involving many different agents directed at many cellular targets. My time as a chemistry teaching assistant, where I was in charge of leading labs to get the expected results and consulting with other teaching assistants about the execution of the lab, will serve me well when I have to run my own experiments in research or collaborate with others as a team. At pharmacies, I have of course filled prescriptions but my true passion lies in compounding. Pharmacy school can provide me with the first hand experience of compounding which would serve as the jumping board for me to leap out into the research field of cancer drugs.

From volunteering at retail and hospital pharmacies to simply the museum, I gained a sense of humanity. Knowing that the service I was providing, whether it was in the form of a medication or reading a book to kids, I felt fulfilled to know that these people may in some small way leave in better condition than whey they arrived. The time I have devoted to helping others is just the beginning. I want it to transcend into helping people locally as well as globally. My long term goals include traveling to third world countries several times a year to bring medicine to areas with poor access to health care. To travel and organize pharmacy expeditions in other countries seems daunting. However, having served as assistant to the manager/ owner of a business focused on bringing vitamins to the public, I learned how to sell the product not only to the public but big corporations as well. I was in charge of marketing and advertisement, which helped bring in a younger demographic looking to get built. I believe these skills will be vital in gaining support to travel halfway around the world to help others. Dorothy’s sudden dream changed her life and gave her a new perspective. Likewise, with the help of one unplanned course and my own Good Witch, I have discovered my true passion for pharmacy and am just as determined to face whatever Wicked Witch or flying monkeys I have to. While clicking my heels together will not get me what I want, I am prepared to devote the next four years of my life to becoming a pharmacist.

By obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, my immediate goal of obtaining a job with greater job security can be acquired unlike my previous aspirations to be an architect owning my own firm. In addition, my future goal of transforming my dad’s pharmacy, XXX Pharmacy, from a small business stature to a franchise chain where I would be the chief pharmacist traveling in between stores can finally be initiated. This, according to Karl Marx will save me from alienation of labor and give meaning to my life through praxis. I have become a mature student and I believe that I am capable of handling the challenge of Pharmacy school because I am firm about achieving my goals. However, these skills were not matured alone. Pursing a higher level of education also helped to refine my skills. By earning obtaining a bachelors degree in Chemistry, I have become well rounded in not only chemistry. My interest in By majoring in biochemistry in a leading research institution such as University of California, San Diego, I took advantage of the numerous opportunities and became a lab assistant for two and a half years. This job has reaffirmed my desire to become a pharmacist as I soon came to realize that repeating an experiment with slight variations was not the lifestyle I envisioned. I cannot imagine routine task work and being confined to a room all day, everyday and for those reasons, I have set my sights toward becoming a hospital pharmacist. As such, I would be able to interact with different physicians and patients to rid any sense of the mundane. Through volunteering and interning at three hospitals over the past couple of years, I have acquainted myself with a hospital setting and the roles of pharmacists in hopes that one day, I too, will be able to join that elite healthcare team. The Doctor of Pharmacy offers me an opportunity to pursue what I hope to learn and to find out about the effects of medication on the body. My first and most immediate goal is to learn and do best I can with all my classes and hope for the best when applying to the Doctor of Pharmacy program. As for my long term goals, I hope that I can help prevent patients from receiving the wrong medications. I know how it feels to be given the wrong type of medication; it was a frightening experience and nobody should be put through that. Not only was I affected, but my loved ones as well. I want to prevent as much mistakes as possible and I know that going through the Doctor of Pharmacy program is my stepping stone to achieving this goal.

For the past two years in college, there was nothing else on my mind but the Doctor of Pharmacy program. My educational background has always been a good one. I have been in honors, ARISTA and National honor society. I currently work at a pharmacy so I know what goes on in it and how it functions. I have a reason for pursuing pharmacy; I have the educational background to get through the program and most of all, I have the determination, patience and willingness to achieve my goals.

No more than a year ago, my mother was infected with the notorious Helicobacter pylori, developed arthritis, began having fainting spells and became severely ill. With the help of her physician, gastroenterologist, pharmacist, and the medicine they prescribed, she was able to regain her health. With the doctor of pharmacy degree, I want to be able to assist my parents by providing guidance and advice regarding medicine. I yearn for the ability to dispense potentially life saving medication to the sick and ailing in the long run. There will be no greater sense of accomplishment than being the pharmacist responsible for dispensing the medication that helped someone as my mother's pharmacist did for her.