Why So Many Students are Choosing to Study Abroad

Why So Many Students are Choosing to Study Abroad

Recently, more and more Chinese students are choosing to study abroad to experience a totally new educational system instead of their local ones. USA and UK are becoming the most popular options among students. With such a great amount number of students who decide to study overseas, it makes us to evaluate such decisions. What aspects of western education really attract us to pursue it? And what are those potential drawbacks of this option? I am going to discuss the most conspicuous ones in my following essay.

To start with, there must be some advantages to study overseas so that many students are interested. The most essential factor might be the academic life in the foreign universities. Educational systems in western countries are quite different from the one in China. The students have much more freedom when choosing the majors. From thousands of various majors for us to choose from, it is easy for us to get the chance to pursue in our interested fields and furthermore enrich our knowledge. Meanwhile, learning through professional teachers and advanced facilities, it is not difficult for us to gain the most relevant and up-to-date technology and skills. Another exciting reason inside the campus might be the numerous extra-curricular activities organized. Besides study, we can have a lot of opportunities to participate in different activities such as sports, arts and music, student government etc. During these activities, we can easily communicate with other peers and construct great friendship between each other which is a great experience.

Moreover, studying abroad brings more changes to one’s living skills. It often requires huge independence for us to get used to the foreign life in other countries because we are always living on our own. In such condition, no parent or teacher can take care of our life or study so we need independence to make all the decisions and to tackle with every problem that we encounter in the life. In addition, we also have to improve our communicating skill, which is largely language, to get ourselves dissolve into the local community.

However, we still should not ignore those potential disadvantages of studying in other countries. The most serious problem is likely to be the negative side of local culture. If lack of self-control, it is easy for us to be influenced by the bad things such as abuse of alcohol, drugs and sex. Such impact will greatly affect our normal life in the country and harmful to our both physical and mental health. The second drawback is the language barrier. Though we have learned English for quite a few years, it is still difficult for us to get accustomed to communicating with native speakers in a very short period of time. We may also find it hard to listen to various accents and understand them. Such problem might hinder our daily life and the efficiency of our academic study. Therefore, it is quite critical for us to improve our language skill as soon as possible.

To conclude, it is obvious that studying abroad has become a fascinating option for high school students due to large number of benefits in both academic and social aspects. However, we must also evaluate the negative consequence of such choice to make the final decisions. If we still choose this way, it is then necessary and even compulsory for us to get prepared for those future problems to ensure the well life and study in foreign countries.