Why Animals Should Not Live in Captivity

Why Animals Should Not Live in Captivity

Animals sometime live under the care of humans rather than living in the wild. We call this living in captivity. These animals don’t have a choice in where they want to live because of humans invading there land taking them into captivity, such as zoos and animal parks. These animals are forced into living their lives as hostages in cages locked away. Although some may argue that animals should not be held in captivity. I believe that animals should live in captivity because of harm from humans, to humans, and bad living conditions.

There are many reasons why humans should not keep animals in captivity. Animal parks such as Sea World and Busch Gardens are forcing animals like Killer Wales into breeding over and over. “Orcas should not be forced to endure a lifetime of captivity, and it is irresponsible for Sea World to breed more animals to lead such a life”. Elliott Katz, president of IDA says that “This would be like raising a human child in a bath tub for his entire life”. This is not a fair way for these animals to live their lives. These animals are given hormones through their food because they are not able to get proper nutrition or have a regular diet from hunting for their own food, so these parks put hormones in their food when they feed them. Another thing that these poor animals are forced to endure is to perform for hours a day “circus style shows” which they have been trained to do. According to the research done here, you would see that these Wales can’t live a regular life as other Wales in the wild, but forced into performing for people almost everyday of their lives.

There are many other reasons why animals should not be held to live there lives in captivity. Some animals such as tiger and rare species of birds are forced to live their lives in small cages. These tigers are not able to hunt as they would if they were in the wild; this also goes for the birds who are made to live in small cages and unable to spread there wings and fly so that they can hunt. Some zoos claim that they are using these animals to help educate the public and they might be doing so but it is coming at a high price. These animals do not deserve to live in these conditions just because zoos want to educate tourist.

Over the past 10 years there have been many accidents involving animals and guest of zoos or trainers that work at zoos. This is just another example of why these animals should not have to live their lives in captivity. The most recent story that has made the headlines is when Dawn Brancheau a trainer at Sea World was dragged to the bottom of the Shamu tank by her pony tail and drowned while doing a live show. This is very sad thing to see happen and another reason why animals like Killer Wales, tigers and other dangerous animals should not live in captivity. “Animals that live in animal parks. Such as Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Six Flags, have been killed three people in the past decade and injured 16” (usa today). Other attacks that have happened involved a “Siberian Tiger called Tatiana, The tiger escaped her enclosure and fatally mauled a 17 year old boy”. These are just a few examples of why its not safe for animals to live in zoos, they sometimes get bored and aggressive and hurt people but not on purpose.

Humans are not the only ones who are not safe in zoos and animal parks. The animals thereselves often suffer from cruelty from the many people that capture them and work at the zoo. The reality of zoos is mainly to breed animals so that tourists have a variety of animals to look at when they visit zoos around the world. Another big problem that zoos face are making enough space for these animals to live in the parks. Many “Animals may be shunted from one zoo to another because of pressure on space, Commercial reasons or to fit in with breeding projects. Another reason why zoos are sometimes cruel to the animals is for experiments, “zoo experiments have included the decapitation of conscious wallabies in research attempting to understand winter depression an jet lag in humans. Also these animals do not livbe nearly as long as they would if they were living in the wild. “It is estimated that only between five and ten percent of space is devoted to endangered species”, which is really sad. I feel that these are the only animals that should be taken into captivity.

It is not fair that these animals have t live a life of suffering and confined to a limited amount of space. The only way to prevent these things, from happening is for people to stand up and “lobby for legislation to protect wildlife from poachers and habitat destruction”. We need to spend more money on “wild animal conservation, such as protected reserves and educating people about wildlife conservation”. Also reintroducing more animals back into the wild would help out. Most people do not know the rights that humans cane make to keep animals safe in environments like wildlife preserves such as national parks where they can be protected and live a safe normal life. These wildlife preserves still offer the animals a quality of life such as hunting and mating without human interaction. There are many animal activists groups that raise money to protect these wild animals, and help them live without having to worry about being hunted.

There are many things that I stand up for and I believe that animals should not have to live there lives in captivity. Animals deserve to live their life as free roaming creatures and walk the earth freely. They should not be subject to entertain people in zoos, animals parks or circuses. These animals need people to protect them and support wildlife conservation. These are reasons why I believe should not live in captivity.