The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell - The Stickiness Factor and American Idol

Malcolm Gladwell describes in his bestseller book The Tipping Point, how one or two little events can change the future of society (7-11).

In Chapter Three, he expresses “The Stickiness Factor” as a certain element in a message or product (that is worthwhile), which keeps this message or product and active presence in the mind of the receiver. (Tipping Point Worksheet / PowerPoint Slide) “The Stickiness Factor” concept can be found in American Idol, a musical talent television series, which is considered as one of the most popular reality shows in the last ten years. American Idol shows how “The Stickiness Factor” is affected by the incredible popularity of the television series in society and the relatable lifestyle of the contestants.

American Idol has developed its fame over the years, because the show describes the musical vocal talents of people around the United States. The contestants range from the age of fifteen to twenty – eight, but the show is enjoyed by children, teenagers, and adults from approximately age five to sixty. The show is watched by millions of people each week, during the four months of each season. “The Stickiness Factor” is shown in American Idol by the viewer ratings, which has allowed the show to currently be on the air for the tenth season. In 2010, there were surprising changes made to the judges’ panel, when American Idol announced that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler would be joining Randy Jackson for the tenth season. This was big news since Jennifer Lopez is known as a famous Pop diva in the music industry, while Steven Tyler is the lead singer for the legendary Rock band Aerosmith.

American Idol is relatable and interesting to different groups of people, because the contestants may be from a small town or may be from a race or heritage, which is different from Caucasian and American. For a contestant, one audition can change their life forever and transform them from a normal person into the next singing superstar. Before American Idol, Kelly Clarkson was a waitress from Dallas, TX. ( American Idol influenced her career as a popular music sensation, when she became the winner of American Idol Season 1 in 2002. Chris Daughtry was a service advisor at a car dealership in Greensboro, NC when he decided to audition for American Idol Season 5 in 2006. ( Even though Chris finished fourth in Season 5, he was offered a record deal and is currently the lead singer for the incredible Rock band Daughtry. Carrie Underwood lived on a farm in Checotah, OK before she auditioned for American Idol in 2005. ( She was the winner of American Idol Season 4 and is currently a famous Country music singer.

American Idol is a way to make dreams come true, for someone who wants to be a professional singer. The television series gives hope to young people from small towns, who have the opportunity to become a role model for children and the ability to influence the lives of everyone in their hometown. American Idol is a great reality series and I enjoy watching the weekly episodes. During each performance, I judge each contestant myself in three areas: dress, song choice, and performance. Kelly, Chris, and Carrie became famous singers and celebrities through one opportunity of a lifetime on American Idol. American Idol can inspire anyone, even you, to follow their dreams.