Soundtrack to My Life - Songs I Can Relate To

Soundtrack to My Life

Katy Perry
“One of the Boys”
One of the first songs I will be talking is One of the Boys by Katy Perry. Katy Perry is a new break through artist of 2010. She’s written other songs like California girls, and teenage dream. In this song she says, “I saw a spider I didn't scream, cuz I can belch the alphabet just double dog dare me.” In these lyrics she is saying that she can be just like any of the other guys. She's also saying that the guys see her as one of them when she sings, “you look at me kinda like a sister, cuz I'm just one of the boys.”This song has a strong meaning to me because through most of my life I've gotten along better with guys. I was never really much of a girly girl, more like a tomboy. Even till this day my best friend is a guy. I just think guys are way cooler. Most guys think it’s weird to be hanging out with girls all the time, but girls can be just like any other guy.

Taylor Swift
“Sparks Fly”
Another great song is Sparks fly by Taylor Swift. This is very romantic song for a new couple. “Drop everything now meet me in the pouring rain, kiss me on the sidewalk take away the pain,” she sings. This seems to be saying that no matter the condition she's in or where she's at the specials persons kiss will help. She also tells us how much this person means to her when she says, “Cuz I see sparks fly whenever you smile.” I find this song running through my head when I'm thinking about someone. No matter what goes on in my life I can always count on this person to be there for me and cheer me up when I'm down. This person is very special to me and even when I don't want to they can make me smile. And when I see them smile it's so amazing.

“My Way”
This song is so amazing. Usher is one of my favorite artists, and this just shows how talented this singer/song writer is. “I do everything and anything you want me to,” he says. I believe that he is trying to say that he'd do anything for this girl. But in this line “they keep running back to see if you want to do it my way,” he seems like he just wants everything his way. This song is meaningful to me because I do usually want everything done my way all the time. Things are so much easier and better if I get them the way I want. It's like ordering breakfast at ihop. If I tell the waiter that I want scrambled eggs and he comes back with sunny side up eggs, than he has to go back and have them redone. So see things are easier my way.

LL Cool J
“I Need Love”
In this song LL Cool J is talking about how he needs to find someone to love instead of playing games with different girls all the time. “For the first time in my life I see I need love,” he raps. I think that he trying to tell us he's very lonely. He's also trying to tell us that he has broken girls hearts when he says, “there I was giggling about the games that I had played with many hearts and I'm not saying any names.” I can relate to this song because I have played some guys in the past and ended up hurting them. I now know that it was the wrong thing to do and I wish I could take it back, but you can’t undo the past. And also I am tired of just dating immature little boys and I want to find that someone who can make me happy.

Paula Deanada
“When it was Me”
This song is talking about how she wants to be with this guy again even though he's already found someone else. The singer sings “And I guess that she's alright if perfections what you like.” I think that she's trying to tell us that she's a little bit jealous of her ex's new girlfriend. But she's also telling us that she can remember how much she meant to him she sings, “what makes her your every dream and fantasy cuz I can remember when it was me.” Every time I hear this song I always think of my first boyfriend. I can still remember all the good times we had together and all the fun stuff we did with our friends. When we broke up and he got his new girlfriend I was so heartbroken and listened to this song over and over again. But I learned never to get to attached to a boyfriend after all that.

Taylor Swift
In this song Taylor is telling us how crazy a fifteen year olds life is. “Cuz when you’re fifteen and your first kiss makes your head spin round,” she sings. In this line she's telling us that even when you get your first kiss at a young age it still makes you feel on top of the world. She also tells us how high school life is when she sings, “laughing at the other girls who think they're so cool, we'll be out of here as soon as we can.” This song reminds me of my first boyfriend, because even though I wasn't supposed to date, we dated when I was only fifteen. He made me the happiest girl ever. We were best friends before dating so we knew everything about each other. When he kissed me for the first time I felt like the queen of the universe. When I first started high school I learned quickly that it’s not at all how other people make me sound.

Avril Lavigne
“What the Hell”
I grew up listening to Avril so this song is one of my favorites. “You say I'm messin with your head, all cuz I'm making out with your friend,” she sings. I believe that she is trying to tell the person that I’m cheating on you so we're done. But she also says that she's been hurt by this person when she sings, “love hurts whether it's right or wrong.” I can relate to this song because I have been cheated on and know how it hurts when you find out. I also know that love hurts no matter what happens or who it happens to. Love is cruel in many ways and is just something to distract us from the big picture of life.

“F**king Perfect”
In this song Pink is trying to tell us that no matter what we think we're always perfect in someone’s eyes. She sings, “If you feel like your less than perfect just remember you're more than perfect to me,” She saying that don't ever let yourself think that you're nothing. She also tells us not to look for imperfection because it'll only get us down when she sings, “I'm tired of looking for the critics cuz they're everywhere, they don't like my jeans they don't get my hair.” I can understand what she means in this song because a lot of the time I feel like I’m nothing. But through all this pain I shouldn't be looking for the bad I should be looking for the good. Most people don't like the way I dress or how I do my hair and after listening to this song I really don't care what other people think about me.

Nine Days
The narrator in this song talks about how he absolutely loves this girl’s smile. “She woke up with hope but only found tears,” he sings. The singer is telling us that sometimes even when you hope for something it may not be there when you wake up. He also is trying to say that you sometimes have to look in the mirror and chose who you want to be and not what others want to see, when he sings, “You look in the mirror so how do you chose.” This song has meaning to me because most of the time I'm not a very happy person and everyone tells me to smile because it looks better. Also I'm not what others want me to be, I'm who I am and there is no one or nothing that can ever change that. So I chose what I want and even though people say that I look better when I smile sometimes I can't smile.

“Family Portrait”
In this song I believe that it is telling us a story of how she had to grow up in an unstable home with unstable parents. She sings, “You fight about money about me and my brother, and this I came home to this is my shelter.” she's trying to explain to us that she came home to fighting a lot when she was a child. She also tries to tell us how she saw her family destroyed while growing up when she sings, “But I've seen, I don't want love to destroy me like it has done to my family. I can really relate to this song because I, myself have to constantly deal with my parents arguing. They never stop sometimes, and I'll just have to take my little sister out of the room. It's a horrible thing to grow up with, but it's taught me to mature a lot faster and to grow stronger. It's not right for a child to see that yet some families are that way and their kids have to see it constantly like I have.