Should it Be Mandatory for Everyone to Donate Organs when they Die?

Should it Be Mandatory for Everyone to Donate Organs when they Die?

Organ donation is important for saving life as a result this process should be mandatory, that is definitely to increase the organ supply and the good way to stop organ black market. On another hand, it can be argue that process is unlikely with human right and some culture objection.

Legislation organ donation is increasing the organ supply. Now number of people who need organ has grows up faster than supply obtainable. This is definitely the best way save life and also cut down the long waiting list for organ. Every patient has opportunity for received organ not only rich patients. These are obviously benefits people will get from mandatory organ donation.

A law for organ donation is a main point to stop the black market. Accordingly, demand of organ is increasing everyday while there are not enough organs available. Therefore, rich patients do not want to queue for waiting organ they are offer good advantage to people who can support organ to them. So, if organ still shortage the black market around the world will be increase and it seem organ transplant is just only for rich people. In fact, organ donation is compulsory duty of people to do.

Mandatory organ donation may not be the good way of human right as some people say organ donation should not being under control of rule or law. For that reason many people think organ donation should be the personal opinion. They should have a power to decide by themselves. Freedom importance thing for human so, if organ donation is compulsion to do it is mean people no freedom anymore because even thinking they could not control.

Another thing to against legislated organ donation is religion objection. Many people have difference culture and also difference belief; some people think all of organs are belong on them when they are live. They can use and take them into a next life so these people would not prefer to cut any part of body out even when they die.

It stands to reason that mandatory organ donation it is useful for saving life, cut down amount of people who need organ and also break down the black market in recent. In addition, it can to reduce a difference gaps between people in society. However, people who have belief bases on some culture or religion objective it are effort to change attitude about organ donation.