Should Human Service Organizations have a Reward Program for Employees?

I strongly believe that all human services organizations should have a reward program that employees really need to earn. There are many programs that simply give hand outs to employees that do not necessarily deserve. My rewards program will be constructedof goals and tests for my employees. First off, all employees will need to abide by certain rules and regulations. They will be given asks to achieve and will need to achieve them well. At the end of the “goal period” all employees will need to prove to me that they exceeded all goals by taking a test and passing. If they do not pass the test then I will know that they did not put 100% effort into the tasks that were given.
Aspect work that need to be rewarded are simple. I ask that all employees be on time and prepared for the job at hand, all employees must be dressed appropriately for the job they are given , all must pay close attention and follow direction for the task they need to complete, all tasks must be finished in order and on time, employees that do the task with a good attitude and act as a team player will be recognized even more. Accountability for any task that is not complete must be noted. We cannot have people work in this field if they cannot be honest about what was not finished or taken care of on their behalf.
As a human services worker it is my job to make sure that all employees are treated fairly, by doing this I am ensuring that we will have the best and hardest workers on our team. I will treat all employees equally under and circumstance, there will be no discrimination or unjust punishment or treatment. I will support all employees through and struggles or issues that might arise during the work day. All benefits that the company offers will be distributed evenly to all employees regardless of age or longevity in this workforce. All employees will be treated as individuals. If something arises and they are responsible for fixing it than they will be notified in an appropriate non-demeaning way as will all other employees in this company.

Incentive offers will be given to employees that work hard and prove that they did work hard. Extra pay, vacation/personal time and leadership promotions will be given to those that are achiever and over achievers. Pay raises will be given every two years to all employees who put in their allotted hours each week and strive to meet company and team goals. All employees will be treated equally. If they work they get paid and if they do not work then they do not get payed. Below is a list of the incentive details that will be given to employees that meet the goal allotted for the month.

.20 more an hour will be given hourly to all employees that work 35 or more hours per week without calling out. On days that you do call out the . 20 will be taken back. For every month that an employee works without missing their scheduled work hours they will receive one day of personal paid leave to use within a 12 month period. That means if you work your scheduled hours for 12 months without calling out you get 12 days of paid leave to use at the end of the year.
Leadership promotions for every three months that an employee works hard as a team player and stays goal-oriented and achieves at the highest success rate they will be given a leadership raise. This means that at the end of the year if you have received four leadership promotions then you will receive a pay raise of .25 per hour on top of your 2nd yearly raise given to all employees and you will receive a spot in leadership management, to top it off your name will be entered with other employees to win a five day all inclusive vacation for 2 to the allotted destination chosen by the big boss.