Short Essay on Scientist John Dalton

Short Essay on Scientist John Dalton

John Dalton was the father of the atomic theory of chemistry.Thanks to him we can know the law of multiple combining proportions of the elements. Moreover in the article entitled “ extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colours “ Dalton gives more informations about colorblindness .His studies allowed the discovery of new fields of chemistry.

Discovery : The atomic theory

The atomic theory is the teory of the matter’s nature;it argues that matter is composed of small unites called atoms.The word “atom” , from the ancient Greek adjective “atomos” indivisible, was applied to the basic particle that constituted a chemical element , because the chemists of the era belived that these were the fundamental particles of the matter.

The theory is based to four postulates:
the first states that each element is costituted by atoms
the second states that all the atoms of an element are identical
the third argues that the properties don’t vary by chemical reactions
the last argues that compounds are formed by atoms of different elements.

As far as I’m concerned I choose this discovery because I believe that it is the most significant in this field and in addition it represents the foundation of the development of chemical laws.

The invention: The Telephone

In 1876 Alexander Bell was the first who posed the patent of the telephone at United States Patent And Trademark Office.The phone is a device that receives and transmits sound,commonly the voice of human.During the years the shapes and types of the telephone are changed for example cordless phone,digital phone till the mobile phone.The biggest advantage of this invention is the better communication among people also all over the world.It is worth remembering that the invention of the telephone bringing people, language,ideas and values together.