Short Essay on Henry VIII

Short Essay on Henry VIII

King Henry VIII, son of Henry VII, was born on the 29Th of June 1491 in Greenwich palace, belonging to the Tudor family. Being the second son of the marriage of his father with Elizabeth of York it was a bit strange that he became King and not his brother Arthur. It is still a mistery how Artur died just before becoming king of England.

Henry VIII had a very strong personality and he was a happy child doing a lot of activities. He studied French, Latin, Philosophy and Mathematics and liked to play all kinds of music. He was known as a protector of art and loved riding horses. People consider him a cruel man that let “dirty jobs” being resolved by others.

Henry Tudor married six women. He was married to Catharina de Aragon from 1509 till 1533. She was the widow of his brother Arthur and she had a lot of power. They had several children, some died, Maria was the only one that survived, later know as Queen “Bloody” Mary. The fact that Catharine couldn’t give him a son and therefore he wanted to divorce her , he just considered himself Head of the church of England (Act of supremancy). This act was necessary, because the pope didn’t want to approve the divorce.

In the mean he fell in love with Anne Boleyn. He married her, but she also didn´t give him a son. On the 19th of May 1536 she was decapitated being accused of incest, treason and witchcraft. From 1536 to 1537 he was married to Jane Seymour, daughter of the knight Sir John Seymour. They had a son named Edward (Edward VI). She died 12 days after her son was born.

Henry VIII wanted more son’s, so when he saw a picture of Anna Von Kleef on a painting he did everything in his power to marry her. He indeed married her but she actually was very ugly and did not come up to his expectations. He divorced her in the same year (1540) but she still joined the court as she was known as the King’s sister. On the 5th of August 1540 he married Catharine Howard, family of Anne Boleyn. During their marriage, Catharine visited several bed’s of other men and therefore she was decapitated on the 13th of February 1542 in the Tower of London. Catharina Parr was his last wife. The married in 1543, and she gained a lot of power, even ruled for a view months. Henry was already on the way back, and she took care of him till he died in 1548.