Roman Empire and their Fascination with Power and Money

The Romans were judged by their actions regarding three important areas. Roman people had a significant obsession with violence, which can be observed through the well-known gladiator battles at the famous Roman Coliseum. The Romans had a fascination with power, money, and bigness, which is important when understanding the society and lifestyle of the legendary city of Rome. Roman leaders were responsible for the destruction of some nations and the establishment of new nations by their aggressive actions. The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful nations in the history of Western Civilization.

The Roman Empire was recognized as a society which was obsessed with violence by the brutal punishment of people. Julius Caesar was the most famous emperor of Rome and had a dictatorship form of government. Julius Caesar gave orders to have all Romans who broke the laws of the nation to be abused or killed during gladiator fights. Criminals were sometimes fed to wild beasts, or forced as slaves included with prisoners of war to work on plantations. Gladiator battles can be compared to the American forms of wrestling and boxing. The biggest difference between the two societies is the final result of the loser in the fight. In Rome, only one person survived most gladiator battles; In America, most wrestling matches end with minor or no injuries for the participants, while boxing matches sometimes result in more severe injuries for the fighters. The level of violence in the Roman Empire was a contributing factor in the collapse of the nation.

The society of Rome was affected by the significance in an excessiveness lifestyle. Julius Caesar wanted the Roman Empire to be the most powerful and influential nation in the history of civilization. The city of Rome consisted of large, extravagant palaces and buildings while big, inspiring sculptures could be found throughout the city. The famous Roman Coliseum was a popular theatre in the Roman Empire and was a very significant symbol of Roman culture. Even regarding money, Rome made an astonishing impression in history. Julius Caesar was the first emperor to put his own image on the face of a coin within his own lifetime. He proved to the Roman people that he was responsible for the power and strength of the Roman Empire.

The Roman people influenced Western Civilization in a few ways. Romans had copied the architecture styles of the Greeks. Greek people had artistic values and Roman people had practical values. After Julius Caesar’s death, the Roman people developed some good aspects in their society regarding government, laws, religion, and literature. The new Roman government was a republic form of power to rule with authority, but also establish peace through laws. Roman laws were created to rule society as a group, and not to treat diverse types of people in different ways. The religion of Rome was Catholic beliefs and was taught in the Roman Catholic Church. Roman literature consisted of poetry, satire, and plays which were performed at the famous Roman Coliseum, or were found in books written in Latin.