Research Strategy Paper on Time Management

Research Strategy Paper on Time Management

Selected Problem
My selected problem is time management. Many times I seem to get off track with my schedule due to unforeseen challenges that arise. Recently, my electric was shut off and this caused the need to change my schedule around a bit. I also have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), this is often a problem when trying to stick to a particular schedule. So, the problem I will be dealing with in this research strategy paper is my time management and how I could improve upon it through managing my ADD.

Over the years I have learned some tricks that help me focus better in spite of the condition, this includes getting really good at scheduling and keeping my life organized, but I feel there is also still room for improvement. There is not always a particular time when I have a quite place to study, during these times I use earplugs to limit hearing the activity around me. Even the smallest sounds break my attention away from what I am doing. I will need to research information that can give me extra tools to manage things like this, the following is my plan on what information I will be gathering as well as where I could find this information.

Information Gathering
The information that should be gathered during this research are time management strategies as well as such strategies that specifically pertain to those with ADD. This information can be obtained from a variety of resources including the Phoenix online library, and the attention deficit disorder association website which has many documents available for those with ADD, including documents on time management and efficient planning strategies. These are two sources I will be using for my research on my chosen topic. Additional resources that I could use are the webmd website as well as Google Scholar, which provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature that is both reliable and in depth on a broad range of topics. I will also be using Google and Dogpile to search for additional reliable sources of information.

Process and Evaluation of Information
The types of things I will consider when evaluating the information that I gather is its validity. I will consider the author, publication date, how the information was retrieved and more. I will ensure that the information will be coming from reliable sources and I will be reviewing the credibility of all authors. I will not be using sources like wikipedia, blogs, or non-peer reviewed articles. I will be limiting my sources in this way to ensure only reliable information is obtained. I will be setting the amount of time I will be spending on the information gathering phase, as well as using mindmaps and other brainstorming methods while I do my researching.

When attempting to analyze information, I will break the information into parts and examine them so that I can see how they relate to each other (Carter, C., Bishop, J., & Kravits, S., 2007). I will be making sure to separate facts from opinions as well as using other critical thinking techniques.

Resolving the Problem
I will use the information to create a new schedule that fits my needs but also leaves room for possible surprises that might arise, and will build an ADD friendly schedule that makes the most of my time as well as learn any additional tricks to stay on target. I will be taking into consideration the fact that I can easily be distracted. So, when I am researching the information I will keeping looking for different ways to maintain my attention on what I am doing when such distractions arise. I feel that having back up plans will be very beneficial. I also need to purchase a better daily planner that I could utilize more efficiently.

In conclusion, I feel that by researching (ADD) Time Management strategies this will help provide more tools that I can use to stay focused on the assignments and tasks at hand, including what I could do If I catch myself getting off track or trying to do too many things and ultimately getting little completed as a result. I feel that I am on the right track to improve my time management and believe my research will return effective results.

Carter, C., Bishop, J., & Kravits, S. (2007). Keys to College Studying: Becoming an Active Thinker, (2nd ed.). Prentice Hall

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