Paper on the OK! Magazine Article Featuring the Marriage of Simon Gregson and Emma Gleave

Most couples see marriage normally as the beginning of the end, but it is actually just the beginning of the relationship. For this celebrity couple, Simon Gregson and Emma Gleave, this is where it all started. ‘He was in the bath and said: “come on, let’s get married,” and that was the proposal!’

I believe this story feature in OK! Magazine is based towards the target audience of soap viewers and celebrity fans. Soap viewers are mainly women and men of any age. This story feature would usually just be aimed towards women because it is a wedding feature but in this case, it is also aimed at men because it is a wedding featuring a well known male Coronation Street actor. This story feature affects the target audience because it gives them an insight to the real person beyond the character.

The main news value of this story feature is will it sell. The answer to this is of course yes because OK! Magazine has used cast members of a popular number one soap opera. Coronation Street is a well known house hold television programme so it sells because of its brand name. Another news value of the OK! Magazine story feature is also celebrity gossip. This story feature has an interest to any soap opera fan or a person who is a fan of reading about celebrity weddings.

The magazine I chose to write about is OK! Magazine. I had a wide choice of magazines I could have written about but I finally decided to go with OK! Magazine. I chose this magazine because it is a popular magazine choice to the public. Inside of OK! Magazine holds plenty of pictures which readers find interesting to look at.

The choice of angle OK! Magazine has gone for is the cast of a well know soap opera. This wedding is not any other wedding with normal people; it is a celebrity wedding which people will find more interesting to read about. This choice of angle will give readers an insight to what their television celebrities are like out of character and also is allowing the readers to openly view their celebrity relationship. For example readers will like to find out, what they are wear on a day to day basis, how they act, who their friends and family are, etc.

Towards the end of the story feature in OK! Magazine, the groom Simon Gregson and the bride Emma Gleave were both interviewed at the wedding. Simon Gregson and Emma Gleave both mainly talk about their pre nerves for the wedding, their biggest worries about the wedding, what they were both looking forward to the most about their wedding day, if either one of them will cry, if they will spend a day apart before the actual wedding day, if a drinking session will take part during the wedding day, if marriage will change them at all, if either one of them worries about spending the rest of their life with one person, how they met each other, how long after they got together did they realise they was the one for one another, did the three words, I love you get said pretty quickly, when did they get engaged, if they argue quite frequently, what causes the rows in the first place, what’s the longest they haven’t spoken to one another, would they like more children in the future together, what do they think is the key to a successful relationship, any truth to Simon falling out with on screen mother Beverly Callard, will he miss Beverly Callard after she leaves the soap and lastly which corrie couple would he like to base his marriage on.

OK! Magazine uses informal language to address the readers more because the editors try and make the magazine story features easy to read for readers and because the language is informal this portrays the magazine as being a friend, fun to have and something to confide in.

The amount of images used in this story feature tells a story of the whole wedding. The images show step by step events throughout the full day of the wedding in a variety of small and large photos. On the front cover of the magazine there is the caption ‘Simon Gregson’s wild Coronation Street wedding’ placed underneath a full sized image of the bride and groom joined with two fellow cast members of Coronation Street. Also to the left of the full sized image there is a smaller image which shows a glimpse of the entertainment taking part at the wedding itself. This automatically draws the reader in and catches their attention. This is also making the reader want to find out more about what went on for the entertainment on the wedding day. The first page begins with an image of the bride and groom joined with four fellow cast members of Coronation Street leading onto an image of the bride and groom with their two sons, Alfie, three, and Harry, 16 months. The images then follow to an image of the cast of Coronation Street outside the venue, the bride next to the wedding car, inside the church, walking down the aisle, the bride amongst all the best men, the ceremony taking place saying their vows, signing the book to make everything official, the groom with one of his sons, the happy couple, the bride amongst the bridesmaids, the bride and groom with the in-laws, the bride and groom with fellow cast members and their partners, the inside of the winter wonderland tent, Stavros Flatley live entertainment, guests dancing throughout the night, the groom and best man giving their speeches, the bride and groom cutting the wedding cake and lastly, their first dance. Selections of these images are combinations of shots outside and indoors. These images allow the readers to follow their wedding day in more detail by visualising what their wedding day turned out to be like. The images taken outside lead to the speculation of what the weather conditions where like on the wedding day. From the images provided the weather seems to be sunny with a hint of mist.

A glossy magazine is a representation of someone's concept of existence, codified into a series of signs and symbols which can be read by an audience. However, it is important to note that without the media, our perception of reality would be very limited, and that we, as an audience, need these artificial texts to mediate our view of the world. Therefore representation is a fluid, two-way process: producers position a text somewhere in relation to reality and audiences assess a text on its relationship to reality. Therefore, the layout of the Coronation Street stars wedding is spread across 13 pages with images spread throughout. The theme used for this story feature seems to be transportation though a wild, winter wonderland wedding. I got this reaction from the quote ‘On a bright crisp winter’s day’ which sets the mood perfectly. The main use of colours used in this story feature is white, black, grey, cream and green. This is because these are the traditional colours seen on a wedding day. Throughout the images in this story feature there is only one bright colour used and that is red. The other colours seem to be quite dark. Navy blue, purple, pale pick, colours like that are what the guest’s colour of clothes are to be seen.

I would say this story feature is for the reader’s interest more than the journalist’s interest because for the journalist this is just their job to find stories to write about but the readers depend on the journalists to find the stories for them to read about. The readers would also think that this is important information for them to know who is getting married in the celebrity world.

To conclude this analysis, OK! Magazine has published this wedding story feature because the magazine is all about celebrity gossip and life and it gives readers an insight to the celebrity’s real life and also lets fans see another side to them off screen.