Paper on the Movie Troy

The ancient Greeks traced their history back to legendary proceedings and their descent to the gods and goddesses. Conceivably the most essential event in the early history of ancient Greece was the Trojan War. This is the most well-known of ancient wars that the Greeks ended with a trick, the Trojan horse. We know about the Trojan War first and foremost from the works of a poet we call Homer. Watching the movie we were to see if the story really happened or if it was a myth. I believe the story of the Trojan War is a myth. There are four reasons for a myth and after watching the movie ‘Troy’ I believe to think it falls into three of the four categories: entertainment , authority and legitimacy and explains the world .

Throughout the movie there were a couple of scenes of romance and rivalry between the two opposing groups. These scenes embellished the story line of the main war fought between the two armies. The story told about the Trojan War falls particularly under the category of entertainment. The story was told in to entertaining people due to certain extra aspects added in the story to make it seem more interesting. Examples throughout the movie were like the way Agamemnon’s jealousy towards other empires were conveyed, Achilles and Briseis’s love affair, Hector’s passion towards his nation, and Paris and Helen’s true love. These specific scenes were embellishments throughout the epic to make it seem interesting towards the audience. It has been successful being brought down many generations.

As a myth can be told for entertainment, it holds a purpose of having authority and legitimacy behind it. As the movie went on you figured out that Menelaus wife Helen had left him for true love. This triggered the Greeks to invade the Trojans, plus Menelaus brother Agamemnon had wanted every empire out there in his command. These reasons influenced the war to take place. Usually when war takes place it is based on political issues or it can also be of one ruler wanting to have another empire under his belt. I figured this would be a myth due to the reason for why the war begun even though there were other reasons for battle, taking back Helen was one of the key goals.

Watching the movie “Troy” there were many scenes when the people spoke highly of the gods and goddesses. The civilians believed that god will have their back in the need of assistance. Throughout the movie both sides of the armies believed that god was present and was there to help when they seen signs of the god. This played a key factor in the movie because it determined the fate of one’s. I believe that this aspect of the story falls into the category of explains the world. Due to the fact the civilians were so religious and praised their gods and goddess highly it led them to believe certain things. An example is that, Homer had said that the goddess Aphrodite promised him with the most beautiful women in the world. This woman ended up being Helen, the wife of Menelaus. The ancient Greeks had great respect toward the gods and goddesses.

Trojans fought a rough war and the outcome wasn’t pretty. Many were killed. The movie started with the prince of Troy, Paris, stealing Menelaus wife. This turned into days of battles because the Sparta kingdom also wanted the empire when they left. The movie Troy is believed to be myth for many reasons. There are a 4 categories in which the myth falls under to be stated as a myth. This particular myth falls under three out of the four categories: entertainment, authority and legitimacy and explains the world. Due to these reasons I believe to think that the epic Trojan War was a myth.