Paper on the Movie Schindler's List

Paper on the Movie Schindler's List

Many movies have spawned from the events of the holocaust. None portray the events as boldly as Schindler’s List. In this film, the director Steven Spielberg brings you along for the ride as he portrays the horrors of the holocaust first hand. The story is set around a businessman named Oscar Schindler. Schindler is a cunning fellow who uses World War II for profit, but later uses it to save lives. He becomes influenced by the people around him in many different ways. He goes through a necessary transformation to understand the difference between good and bad and to save the lives of over 1,100 Jews. Oscar Schindler also managed to help others with hope, sympathy and necessary manipulation.

Schindler and Itzhak Stern:
Shindler truly influences and is influenced by a man named Itzhak Stern. Itzhak convinces Schindler to use Jews as apposed to Poles to help save his people. Stern manipulated Oscar to hire Jewish workers under the assumption that they are cheaper to hire. He used this to help save the lives of many Jews. Stern knew from the moment he met Oscar that he was a good man, but hadn’t seen the error of his ways. Although, their relationship was, at first, simply business they ended up becoming close friends. Stern saw the caring in Schindler when he introduced him to Mr. Lowenstein, a one-armed Jew. Schindler pretended to only care about his use as an employee. Stern was also the writer of the list of Jews Oscar personally bought to save their lives. “The list is an absolute good”, Stern says to Oscar, holding it like a holy document. The list was just that, a holy list or a list of life. Itzhak and the other Schindlerjuden made a ring with the inscription “He who saves one life saves the world entire” for him. The ring symbolized their thanks towards their hero.

Schindler and Amon Goeth:
Throughout the holocaust, many of the most indecent and evil people were given permission to kill for shear pleasure. The main reason Schindler changed his perspective on the Germans was due to the actions of a truly evil man named Amon Goeth. Amon was a German officer sent to liquidate the Krakow ghetto and create a work-camp in Plaszow where he would be the Commandant. After Oscar witnesses the liquidation and murder of thousands of Jews in the camp he was appalled by the whole situation. Although, he apposed the murders he could not become public with it in fear of his own life. In order for Oscar to avoid persecution of his sympathy towards Jews he constantly bribed high ranking German officers to make it appear like he was rancid. Schindler bribed Amon many times in order to save the lives of his Schindlerjuden. Oscar could see the lust for power within Amon, so he was able to sway the killing of a few Jews using a pardoning method. Oscar is able to do this by saying “They fear us because we have the power to kill, Amon.” Amon was the face of evil in Plaszow as he killed over 500 Jews himself. Near the end of the movie Goeth is hung and his final words are “Heil Hitler”, most likely to symbolize his ignorant faith to a false prophet.

Schindler and Helen Hirsch:
The most important scene that depicts the overwhelming struggle of life in the holocaust involves Oscar Schindler and a Jewish women name Helen Hirsch. Helen was assigned by Amon Goeth to be a maid in his home in Plazow. This poor woman faces the reality of the holocaust as she was to witness countless deaths at the hands of Amon. She was removed of any rights as a human being and was beaten by Goeth man times. Oscar finds Helen in the basement of Amon’s home in Plaszow. She, still caught in this deep web of sorrow, trembles before Shindler. He gives her a kiss of compassion and sympathy, showing to her that he understands her struggle and cares for her. This was the only sign of humility she received in 6 years of persecution. Helen is important to us in the understanding of women of the holocaust.

Schindler’s transformation is subtle throughout this movie. At first he’s a selfish cheating person. By the end he can’t help but give all of his money to save more lives. When someone mentions “the holocaust” it brings up different emotions to different people. Most believe it is man’s greatest folly, others could care less and some believe it never happened. That word sickens me, as it should to most, though few really comprehend its meaning. Until I saw this movie I didn’t understand it all. This movie…opened my eyes…I couldn’t help but cry through it. It’s hard to comprehend the situation, but let me try. I wake up in the morning, go to school, and then come home. Imagine waking up to the smell of starvation, with no family, no GOD, and no hope. Some may applaud Steven Spielberg for portraying this, but it was Oscar Schindler who dared to think. Schindler saw this struggle and desperation and answered their pleas and for that I salute you Oscar Schindler, wherever you may be. We’ll remember you by never letting this happen again.