Paper on If a Child Does a Crime Should the Parents Do the Time

If a Child Does a Crime Should the Parents Do the Time?

This question was asked to several adults and asked too even more children between the ages 7-18 years old. The answers varied between the polling groups. However my opinion seem to be a little different from each one of the polling groups.

The adults felt that children over the age of 12 years old should pay or suffer the consequences for their own criminal behaviors. On the other hand the adults felt children under the age of 12 years old should be in control by their parents. Therefore causing the parent to be responsible for the children actions. Children under the age of 12 years old seem to be protected by the adults for their criminal activities. Because the adults mostly believe in the religious belief that you become accountable for knowing right from wrong by age of 12. Adults also blamed younger parents raising children without morals and principles as the problem for juvenile delinquent behaviors.

Next I polled ages 7-12 years old. This group was very easy to poll they were concise about their feelings. They felt like the children should go to jail for their own bad behaviors or criminal activities. These feelings from the 7-12 years olds were without influence. I polled each one of them individually. The group of children polled from ages 13-18 years old was with influence from each other. I polled a group of friends on a chat line and they all felt younger kids up to 10 or 11 years old should not go to jail but the parents should go to jail for the younger children out of control behaviors. The arguments begin to start amongst this group when it came to deciding whether children over 12 years should be charged as an adult. This poll group felt 12 years old an older could have many causes which would cause a person between the ages 13-18 years old to commit a crime such as neglectful parents divorced parents, and peer pressure. The one feeling they all agreed to is it depends on the reasons behind the crime in order to decide who should pay the time for the crime.

Finally it was time for me to process my feeling about this matter. I realized my feeling were very mixed I felt that younger children up to maybe 7 years old should never be charged with a crime. Which meant I felt parents should pay the consequences for children under 7 years old. I mean, how could a child under 7 years old be that out of control? Most children over the age of seven clearly understand right from wrong, unless they are mental disabled.

In conclusion, its actual hard to determine a generic pattern of dissipative for children. During the polling of these groups several topics came up; and several arguments arose. One of the main arguments was concerning the D.C. sniper Malivo whom is a juvenile delinquent being on trial as an adult. Tempers flared concerning this case. The groups never seemed to be able to have a meeting of the minds, because some felt, death is the answer, several felt life sentence was good, then many could not conclude what would be best. These examples of inconsistencies leave me to believe there is no one set solution for any crime. Children in age group 7-12 years old feels should suffer a scared straight boot camp detention stay and the parent or legal guardian should have to attend a serious parenting classes.

Which leaves my thoughts about age group 13-18 years old. We clearly know that we in this age group know right from wrong and we do right and a lot of wrong each day. The consequences should be as serious as adults. We should be on trial as adults for our uncontrolled behaviors. Certainly at this age there are no excuses for out of control behaviors. By the age of 13 years most children in America have had enough public awareness to know the consequence for criminal behaviors. Parents for this age group should be on trial for maybe temporary cost of custody for that child in some cases lost of permanent custody for child.