Paper on Handgun Laws in Kansas

Handgun Laws in Kansas

The topic I chose to write about is the handgun laws in Kansas. I believe that they should change the age of legally buying and owning a handgun to 18. There are several reasons why I feel this would be appropriate. With so many things going on in the world today, people are forced to grow up younger and younger everyday. I believe that if it is okay for a young man of eighteen to be sent into combat, possibly against his will, it should be okay for him to own a handgun. With the age of owning a high-powered rifle being only eighteen, it would only make sense for the handgun law to follow suit.

There are a few states that have already changed the law from twenty-one, to eighteen. States such as South Carolina, Wyoming, Vermont and Montana have lowered the age of owning a handgun. Vermont and Montana set theirs to lower than eighteen. Many agree that lowering the age gives the person wanting to buy a handgun a chance to learn firearm responsibility. Some states like Wyoming have no separate rules for handguns. All firearms are considered equally dangerous and have the same rules and regulations. With around eighteen states joining in with the switch from twenty-one to eighteen, its hard to see Kansas not following along.

In the past few years, the National Rifle Association has been in the fight to keep the second amendment alive. It seems like almost everyday more people are fighting to abolish the second amendment. They feel that citizens should not own weapons, that there is no need. However, the NRA, and avid hunters feel the opposite. With the second amendment being a touchy subject, its no surprise that states are trying to adjust the laws about owning and buying firearms. Some make the laws more strict where others are trying to ease up on the laws. With our president being against the idea of citizens owning handguns, who knows what the fate of the second amendment is. That is why I am for changing the law of owning a handgun to a younger age. If the younger generation can learn about a weapon in a safe environment, where they can learn the rights and wrongs of firearm use and safety, maybe it will change the look on guns. If we teach more about right and wrong, we may even reduce the amount of gun based homicides.

I am an avid hunter as well as a faithful gun collector. I have always wanted a handgun. I believe that, in the right hands, a handgun is an impressive piece of technology. The thing to remember about any firearm, is that it deserves respect. Keeping safe with a firearm is never a bad idea. Many firearm related deaths are from misuse and human error. It only takes a second to mishandle a firearm and be seriously hurt. I believe that there are many different ways to handle this situation while still keeping safe. If the government wants to make sure the person is qualified at the age of eighteen to buy a handgun, they should issue a qualification test. One that involves knowing about the safety issues and other information on a firearm.

There are states that require a permit to buy a handgun. This is another very good idea. It restricts liability only to the person buying the firearm. If they have the permit, no one is to blame for something happening but them. Another idea would be to have a certain amount of mandatory hours at a gun range for training or certification.