Paper on Domestic Violence Presentation

Paper on Domestic Violence Presentation

The general point of the event was to educate the youth on the dangers of domestic violence. To make us aware of the red flags that is out there for couples. Most of all the general point of view for this presentation was to make sure that the people that are on lookers of a violent relationship to understand that if someone horrible happens it was never your fault, you cannot save someone who does not want to be saved. You cannot be the hero.

I would rate the speaker in terms of presentation very highly. The speaker used examples from the book that she read, and also gave her own personal side notes in her presentation. The speaker was able to bond with the audience, and have an emotional movement. The speaker spoke loud, and clear. Also the speaker answered all questions at the end of the presentation to the best of her abilities.

This presentation related to the topics of marriage and knowing yourself, that we discussed this fall semester. This presentation relates to marriage because you have to be able to talk to your partner about certain things before you can get married. The speaker told us of one specific couple that could not talk about anything without it turning into a fight. The women in the relationship did not feel comfortable to even leave her partner in fear that he was going to hurt himself. That being an unhealthy relationship opened my eyes, and I was able to understand that if you are having troubles like this when you are just dating, then image the problems that you are going to have when you are married. Also it related to knowing yourself. If you feel threatened by someone you should be able to tell someone to get help, if you have no one then there is no way you are going to get help.

My feelings on this event and its message were that of gratitude and understanding. I am glad that the college was able to have a speaker come and talk about domestic violence. For, domestic violence happens all the time and it could happen to anyone. I strongly feel that educating people about the warning signs, and telling them that there is always a way to get help will lower the number of deaths related to domestic violence. I also feel that the presentation helped people to know that they are not alone and can get help just by asking for it, they do not have to be ashamed of what is happening to them.

The only thing that I strongly disagree with this presentation was that there was not a lot of information that can help out men who are being abused and or are victims of domestic violence. The world always perceives the women as being the victim when in most cases the male can be the victim. By our society not addressing this issue it makes men embarrassed to get the help that they need. I believe that as well as having a women’s resource center there should also be a men’s resource center as well. Overall, I believe the speaker did an excellent job at giving the presentation and there was nothing that I would have changed about the presentation.