My Thoughts on Dove's "Real Beauty" Campaign

My Thoughts on Dove's "Real Beauty" Campaign

Have you heard of Dove's Real Beauty Campaign? Have you seen their ads or commercials? Dove's Real Beauty Campaign has to do with the "true beauty" of women. The campaign is to get women to love their gorgeous bodies and the curves that come with that gorgeous body. Jennifer L. Pozner wrote an article called "Dove's Real Beauty Backlash" on Women In Media & News. The article talks about the Dove campaign and what people like "Chicago Sun Times Columnist Richard Roeper," (1) say about the campaign. The author of the article talks about the hypocrisy behind the Dove campaign but yet the need that there is for such a campaign.

In many Dove commercials there are many beautiful "full-figured" women. This is because Dove is trying to change the traditional image of women and bring something new to people. Not only that but Dove wants people to see the "Real Beauty" of women and not the fake "ideal" women that we are used to seeing on commercials and billboards. So, instead of the normal skinny, tall, no-meat-on-their-bodies, billboard girls; Dove is putting attractive "full-figured" women on their billboards and commercials. You would think that this is something great, right? However, there are so manysome powerful media men, such as Richard Roeper, whothat do not agree with this concept and think that what Dove is doing is horrible. Many powerful media menMen, like Roeper, do not like the gorgeous voluptuous females that Dove has decided to put on their billboards. Why might they be complaining? Why else wouldn't they complain? They complain simply because they can. Men like those that Pozner mentions in her article don't like to see "fat" females on billboards. Men that have THAT WAY OF THINKING do not HAVE ENOUGH RESPECT for females (and since they are a powerful influence on the media) and they feel that they can say whatever they want about "full-figured" women.

These men are much uninformed because even I know that those females are really not fat at all. They are beautiful females that are not obese or overweight. These women are not even close to fat but men like Richard Roeper, that Pozner talks about in her article, want to continue telling females how they should and should not look. What is the ideal women size that men try to get us to be? The ideal size of a woman women size is a skinny and tall, and shefemale that is willing to change her appearance to MAKE OTHERS HAPPY . It's extremely saddening to see closed minded men like those , that don't even realize that because of people who think like them there are so many anorexic and bulimic "ideal females" in the modeling industry.

MEN LIKE THESE LOVE FINDING EXCUSES as to why "the Dove Girls" shouldn't be on advertisements. Pozner says in her article," these men so quick to demonize "th`e Dove Girls" show no understanding that those "fantasy babes" of traditional ads have a profoundly negative impact on the health of girls and women in America" (2). There are so many females that look at these girls on billboards and admire them for being on ads even if they are not "the ideal" women size.When females look at the traditional models they don't necessarily want to be just like them but they don't have an option as to choose if they are perfect because society says that if you don't look like a super model you are not "perfect ". There are so many men that would rather see the traditional super models on billboards especially if it is a billboard they see every day. However, that's not what should be important. These men do not notice the damage that is being done to females. Having to have an ideal body that is unattainable and unrealistic is making females everywheremakes females think that they are not perfect and thus; they have to become this ideal female at any means necessary. They type of beauty that these men are asking for is a beauty that is very unrealistic. Not only that but, when women are told that they need to change their bodies to be a certain way it damages females self-esteem and also they might suffer a lot trying to become this unrealistic ideal female.

It is extremely superb that Dove has started a campaign to promote real beauty. Although, there will always be many people that may not like the intent that Dove is trying to make in changing the traditions of skinny females on billboards. Dove is still making some type of change, especially in the modeling industry. A campaign like the one that Dove is doing is exactly what is needed. We are so caught up in materialistic things that we do not notice what is real beauty. Instead we look at what people tell us that real beauty is and is not. Dove is giving us what we needed by reminding us what real beauty is. The traditional "ideal women" is a nearly impossibletype of "perfection" that women have to obtain to be what society wants to see on billboards. It iscompletely insane how there is a certain way that an "ideal women" is suppose to look but yet, there isno "ideal men". The appearance of men never really matters anymore but the appearance of women getsmore important every day.

Others may argue that Dove's Campaign is useless because they are in some ways still telling females that they are not perfect with their new line of otions. They may also argue that full-figured women should not be put on display on billboards because it is telling America that it is perfectly fine to be overweight or obese. However, Dove's campaign does not feature obese females. The females that Dove puts on billboards and ads are females of average size. They are not overweight at all. If Dove's campaign ads are such a health problem then why not take off all of the ads and commercials dealing with food? Of course, that would never happen because everyone loves food.

The author of the article, Jennifer L. Pozner, thought that the Dove campaign is a great step forward and may help start with change in the future . Even if Dove is somewhat hypocritical they are trying to make some type of change in the opinions that some people have towards what true beauty really is. Of course, there will always be many people that disagree with campaigns that have to do with changing tradition. However, with at least a few companies working towards change the tradition may slowly diminish. There will always be people like the ones Pozner mentions in her article. Nonetheless, we all know that change happens gradually and not from one moment to the next but, with a bit of effort and people who understand real beauty, change will happen. It may not happen quickly but maybe sooner then we think, we will start seeing fuller figured women on billboards. It is important for people to embrace the reality that "Real Beauty" does not necessarily mean skinny, "fantasy babes", "Real Beauty" is any average female that you may see on the streets.

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