Mixed Martial Arts Paper

Mixed Martial Arts

For my essay I decided to do it on mixed martial arts also known as cage fighting or ultimate fighting. I have had a big interest in mixed martial arts(MMA) since I was young and still do. When I was about eight I competed in a normal martial arts comption an won fifth place. Ever since then I have loved mixed martial arts.

Mixed martial arts dates back to as far as 1920 in Brazil. In Brazil the sport was called vale tudo meaning "no rules or anything goes". In 1993 the Gracie family brought the sport of vale tudo back with them to the united states which started the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).Professional MMA events had also been held in Japan Shooto starting back in 1989. In due course the more dangerous Vale Tudo style bouts of the early UFC's were made safer with the implementation of additional rules, leading to the popular regulated form of MMA seen today. Back in Braliz there was no rules. Now there is different rules to ensure the fighters health and saftey. Most rule sets for Mixed martial arts competitions have evolved since the early days of Vale Tudo. As the knowledge about fighting techniques spread among fighters and s pectators, it became clear that the original minimalist rule systems
needed to be amended. As rules evolved and regulations added, different branches of mixed martial arts have emerged, with differences between the different rule sets dictating. Gone are the days of no holds barred fighting, as the UFC has instituted a number of rules that fighters must follow. Should a fighter fail to follow these rules they will be deducted a point or be disqualified from the match.

Theses rules and faults include:
Butting with the head, Eye gouging of any kind, Biting, Hair pulling, Fish hooking, groin attacks of any kind, Putting a finger into any orifice or into any cut or laceration on an opponent. Small joint manipulation, Striking to the spine or the back of the head, Striking downward using the point of the elbow. Throat strikes of any kind, including, without limitation, grabbing the trachea., Clawing, pinching or twisting the flesh, Kicking the head of a grounded opponent, Stomping a grounded opponent,Kicking to the kidney with the heel. Spiking an opponent to the canvas on his head or neck, Throwing an opponent out of the ring or fenced area Holding the shorts or gloves of an opponent,Spitting at an opponent,Engaging in unsportsman like conduct that causes an injury to an opponent, Holding the ropes or the fence, Using abusive language in the ring, Attacking an opponent during the break, Attacking an opponent after the bell has sounded the end of a round, Timidity without limitation avoiding contact with an opponent, intentionally or consistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an injury.

The fight outcome can end in a number of ways which include: Submission: a fighter taps on the mat or his opponent three times (or more) or verbally submits. Knockout: a fighter falls from a legal blow and is either unconscious or unable to immediately continue. Technical Knockout (TKO): If a fighter cannot continue, the fight is ended as a technical knockout. Technical knockouts can be classified into three categories:

Referee stoppage: (the referee determines a fighter cannot "intelligently defend" himself; if warnings to the fighter to improve his position or defense go unanswered—generally, two warnings are given, about 5 seconds apart) Doctor stoppage (a ringside doctor due to injury or impending injury, as when blood flows into the eyes and blinds a fighter)

Corner stoppage: (a fighter's own cornerman signals defeat for their own fighter) Judges' Decision: epending on scoring, a match may end as: unanimous decision (all three judges score a win for one fighter) Split decision (two judges score a win for one fighter with the third for the other) Majority decision (two judges score a win for one fighter with one for a draw) Unanimous draw (all three judges score a draw)

Majority draw: (two judges score a draw) Split draw (the total points for each fighter is equal)A fight can also end in a technical decision, disqualification, forfeit, technical draw, or no contest. There isent much equipment needed in mixed martial arts fighting but you do need Gloves ,Shin Guards, Mouth Guard and Hand Wraps are the main peices of equipment,but there s also things like MMA Shorts,Training Bag and Focus Mittsjust to give you that edge when your in a match.

Mixed martial arts fighting arena is an indoor ring like the one that the WWE (world wrestling entertainment) but it is in the shape of a octagon and usally has a thin layer of padding. Mma is a one on one sport which is decided by height and weight class.