Metal Sales Manufacturing Databases

Metal Sales Manufacturing Databases

Businesses in the modern technological era are forced to maintain a certain level of technology to remain competitive. Paper files and notes are all but a thing of the past. Memos and emails get the job done today with real time updates and information sharing. People rely on the technology to support their job functions on a daily basis. The natural progression of technology continues to drive or force businesses to stay technologically competitive.

IT Departments

To maintain a certain level of user friendly technology and be able to troubleshoot issues when they arise, companies are developing entire departments of IT persons. The IT departments control what types of information is allowed as well as monitoring the transfer of data from one point to another. The IT department is depended upon greatly to ensure a level of accuracy and dependability concerning all technological data and systems. Usually, IT is the first to be called upon when an issue arises, and the last to be listened to or trusted. They are commonly referred to as a reboot crew at Metal Sales Manufacturing due to the number of times that answer has been given.

Metal Sales Manufacturing

Metal Sales Manufacturing is a Kentucky based company with over 900 employees and 19 locations nationwide. The amount of data that is processed and passed from location to location is abundant. With EDI orders being processed and transferred from one location to the next hundreds of times a day, information accuracy is vital to MS success. While much of the day to day functions of MS are internet based, intranet and email, some databases are used to control daily functions such as Microsoft Access. (Metal Sales, 2009)

Microsoft Databases

Microsoft access is used as a database to support daily functions of production, inventory, sales, and orders. The daily functions are supported by access and driven from the IT department located in Louisville KY. This in house database allows users to log in at workstations and access all facets of the intranet and internet. This also allows users to log into the AS400 system. This system tracks and maintains MS inventory in real time and updates each location when a product falls below an acceptable inventory level. The access system is now being used so commonly that many academic institutions are adding classes to instruct students how to properly use that database. Potomac State College in West Virginia recently added a class to do just that. (Microsoft Access, 2009)

The most used tool at the MS user level would be email. There are constant chains of emails linking from one location to another. The issues are usually discovered, discussed, and remedied all in a matter of minutes using email communication. Outlook is a commonly referenced tool when looking back on a decision that was made in a certain situation. If person A did something that worked in a given situation that is outside the norm, Ms encourages Person A to share that information in email form to give that internal knowledge to the other locations.


Improvements can be made in any work situation. The speed of a certain system can dictate the time it takes to process results from an excel spreadsheet or word document. When a MS employee references a piece of data from the intranet concerning shipping data or inventory usages, the time it takes to retrieve the data can negatively impact the user due to deadlines for the report or analysis. Timeliness of information could improve at MS at the user level. Most users are on thin clients and users report that speed from the intranet is slow. Many times the user is to blame by having too many programs running at once or simply being ignorant to basic computer operations. According to (Caitlin Crawshaw, 2009) there is no longer a reason to use ignorance as an excuse in the workplace when dealing with computers.


To remain competitive in business, a company must be able to communicate well. Metal Sales Manufacturing does a good job of keeping all persons informed of any changes that may affect the success of any project or situation. Metal Sales has monthly safety meetings held through a conference call and web conference. Information is vital to the success of a company and usable databases help to support that information and data.


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