A Man With More Than a Dream - Malcolm X

A Man With More Than a Dream - Malcolm X

Malcolm X is a hero like many others. He stood for something, and he died for that same thing. A martyr. Standing for equality and the belief of black power is what lead to his demise. Learning from his father, “Earl Little was…outspoken of social…economic independence for blacks”, to be outspoken and firm in his beliefs. Malcolm X can be considered a hero because he fought against white oppression and for the equality of all men through the teachings of Muhammad. Malcolm transformed from a preacher of all white hatred to an advocate of interracial brotherhood Malcolm X felt that the only way for change to come about in the black community was to fight evil for evil. Malcolm felt that the teachings of Dr. King weren’t the best route possible to gain equality for blacks. He disparaged Dr. King’s movement for peace. He said, “While Dr. King was having a dream, the rest of us Negroes are having a nightmare”. If white men were killing black America then black America should be killing the whites. In fact that’s the reason he broke away from the Nation of Islam. They wouldn’t allow him to speak out about revenge from the black community. He felt that wanting revenge, “doesn’t mean that I advocate violence, but…using violence in self-defense”. “I don’t call it violence when its self-defense, call it intelligence”. Malcolm was very bellicose when it came to the rights of African Americans. He believed that if people were hurting and harming you and your people, it’s not considered violence when you fight back.

Malcolm X fought for unity in the black community. Malcolm X started his own nationalist group called the OAAU (Organization of Afro-American Unity) that advocated racial solidarity and “strove to unify all black organizations fighting white racism”. He believed [black] people should control their own communities to ensure the availability of jobs; instead of having to boycott and picket to receive just ordinance. He thought, “Black men should control politics and politicians in his own community”. The only way for black people to make it then, was for them to have their own systems of beliefs. Malcolm didn’t care about separation; he just wanted equal opportunities for blacks. “We are not fighting for separation…for recognition as free humans”.

Malcolm wanted everyone, especially whites, to join the Nation of Islam in order to provoke the equality of all men. “America needs Islam…its one religion that erases…race problem”. On Malcolm’s trip to Mecca his thoughts evolved him into believing that not all white America was evil. “What I have seen…forced me to re-arrange my thought pattern”. The Muslims believed all men were equal and included every race. If he could get white America to join, they would soon alleviate every ounce of their hatred towards blacks. If white people could believe in the oneness of God then they can also believe in the oneness of man. Then they would, “cease to…harm others in terms of…differences in color”.

Malcolm began uplifting a more political aspect. “Malcolm was increasingly moving towards a political response to racism”. He said things like, “Education is our passport to freedom” . He began concentrating on things he had never advocated before. He also began encouraging blacks to vote. He no longer felt all whites were working against blacks. He started preaching that blacks should join in on the political systems and even working together with non-blacks to end racial discrimination. He was willing to work with anyone who would help better the black community.

Malcolm X is a hero because he “significantly elevated black consciousness in the United States”. He changed from a man preaching hatred for the white man to uplifting unity throughout America through Allah. He openly discussed the needs of black America and did everything he could in order to secure equality. His goal was to ensure African Americans equal rights just like the white Americans.