Laziness - A Paper on Sloth

Laziness - A Paper on Sloth

Sloth is commonly looked upon as being lazy, unmotivated, and joylessness. Many consider sloth to be the least deadly sin because of the small impact they think it has on society. However, sloth has become more prominent and has contributed a large portion of problems around the world. It affects families, businesses, and society as a whole.

Families struggle with sloth when one member has to support the entire family, or when a family member does not contribute. Families are not the only ones affected by sloth, Businesses deal with sloth daily from loss of production and employees who refuse to do their job. By working and having an income, you are contributing to society. Those who are not working are living off of the money that working citizens are paying in taxes.

Running late, last minute scrambling, ignoring others, and forgetfulness are all parts of my brother’s daily routine. As far as I can remember, Collin has always been a procrastinator. In the mornings before school, he sets his alarm for two hours earlier than he needs to be up. He spends these two hours staring at the TV, walking aimlessly around the house, and taking a forty minute shower. Not only is this a waste of time, but he causes everyone else to be late. Rather than doing homework when he comes home from school, Collin prefers to play Call of Duty, eat everything in the house, and anything else he can possibly think of to avoid his homework. After several detentions for tardiness, forgetting his football equipment and homework, all-nighters working on projects the night before they’re due, and groundings from my parents, you would think he would learn not to procrastinate. Like many people in today’s society, Collin waits for opportunities to approach him, rather than going out and seeking them for himself. Fortunately, my brother has a good family foundation and has continuously tried to break these sloth like habits. However, not everyone is as fortunate as Collin and they fall into a vicious cycle of never ending problems due to their sloth like habits. Collin is just one example of a person who uses procrastination daily and uses it to his advantage.

A decent amount of the population is currently on welfare and is unemployed. Welfare was meant to help those who are in need of an income get back on their feet again for a period of time until they find work. Unfortunately, many of these people have been using this system to their advantage. Many feel that the people living off of welfare are procrastinators because they are not using the system like they should by searching for jobs. People are now going on welfare and living off of the money they are receiving from the rest of the population who is working to make an income without searching for a job for themselves. Some find it more convenient to go on welfare rather than work and contribute to society. Those who are on welfare and are searching for a job in the process, are now grouped with those who are sitting back and living off the money they aren’t working for. These people are now looked at negatively and judged by others because they are considered lazy or procrastinators.

Welfare isn’t the only system being used with sloth; disability has also become an issue. Disability was put in place to help those who have a disability that keeps them from working. Therefore, the government gives them money each month so they can continue to support themselves and their families without having to work. This system can be very helpful to those who are in need of money to support their families if they have a legitimate disability. Unfortunately, many people are faking injuries or illness in order to receive money from the government so they receive a monthly income without having to work for it.

I feel that welfare and disability could be used efficiently if there were more stability and requirements. Currently, welfare does not encourage work, breaks down families, and has done very little to reduce poverty. I think that those in need should receive help so they can get back on their feet again and they have money to support themselves and their families until they find work. However, there are too many people who chose to live off of the money they are given rather than searching for a job in the process. I also think that those who have a legitimate disability should receive help from the government if they cannot maintain a job because of their disability. The amount of procrastination and laziness has increased in my opinion and in order to change this I think that there needs to be more requirements for things like disability and welfare to insure that the right people are receiving it.