Internet Summary - PBS TeacherSource

Internet Summary - PBS TeacherSource

Target audience: Science teachers (Pre-K through 12th grade)

The website is titled, “PBS TeacherSource,” so it is obvious that this portion of PBS’ website is specifically geared towards teachers. There are other areas of that are geared towards parents and students.

Lesson plans and activities are available to teachers on a wide range of science-related topics. Such topics include animals, space science, inventions, ecology, weather, sound, water, and transportation. Each lesson is connected to the websites of different PBS television programs, such as “Reading Rainbow,” “Arthur,” “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” “Berenstain Bears,” and “Zoom.” There are many different lessons from which to choose for each science-related topic. This is a great source of ideas for teachers planning science lessons.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this website is that each science activity is cross-referenced with the appropriate science standard of a particular state and grade level. In other words, a teacher in North Carolina can quickly and easily match a science activity shown on to the appropriate North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Science. This tool could be valuable to a teacher who wants to ensure that all his/her students meet the state requirements for science.

Another useful feature on this website is access to PBS’ television programming schedule. Teachers who are interested in showing educational programs to their students (such as “Nova,” “National Geographic,” and “Zoom”) can easily the TV listings. (Note: The PBS television show, “Zoom,” provides many terrific ideas for science experiments on its website: )

The PBS TeacherSource website also has an entire page devoted to informational programming about schools and education. In addition, this site offers online professional training to teachers in a variety of subject areas, including science and technology.

It is important to note that is an excellent resource for science, but also other subjects as well. For instance, there are many fantastic lesson plan ideas and activities for literature, health, math, and social studies. (

Rating: 3
This website is a colorful and user-friendly resource for teachers. Most importantly, it is full of useful content for the classroom. I highly recommend this website to not only elementary science teachers, but also teachers of other subjects and/or grade levels.