Internet Summary - Discovery Kids The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Internet Summary - Discovery Kids The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

This an entertaining, science-related website that is specifically intended for children. Discovery Kids created this site to appeal to children, which is obvious in the language used throughout the site to describe science (such as “yucky,” “slimy,” “icky” and “gross”). The title of this website is “The Yuckiest Site on the Internet.” Using this sort of language seems to be a way of attracting children and promoting their interest in science in a fun, entertaining way. Another clue that this website is obviously targeted towards children is that it specifically says “KIDS” at the top of the pages.
Discovery has also created a related site for K-8 Science teachers:

There are many fun, science-related activities kids can engage in on this website:

“Yucky Fun & Games”: Games and “yucky mad science” labs
(Various educational, hands-on experiments children may perform at home or school; related to different science-related topics; including scientific explanations of what and why certain things occur)
- creepy crafts
- revoltin’ recipes
- unusual activities
- icky experiments

Real-life science questions & answers (submitted by children, and answered by scientists)

“Roach World” & “Worm World”: Interesting and exciting facts and trivia about roaches and worms, presented in an interactive format

“Gross & Cool Body”: Information about burps, ear wax, dandruff, sweat, gas, and other bodily functions and sounds

“Yucky, Gross-out Quiz”: Interactive quiz format teaches kids about the human body parts and functions.

(Rating: 3)

I highly recommend using this website to get kids excited about science, especially those kids who may not be “turned on” by science yet. “The Yuckiest Site on the Internet” is enjoyable, humorous, colorful, interactive, and user-friendly. The website uses language and content that many kids could enjoy and would be easily relatable for them. Children might have so much fun browsing this site, and they may not realize they are actually learning a great deal about science!

It is also a fantastic resource for elementary science teachers. Teachers can get plenty of ideas for class science experiments and lesson plans through this site, as well as great ideas from Discovery’s science teacher site: