The Improvements and Affects Technology Has Had on Our Lives

Technology has affected and improved our lives ever since the beginning of human life on earth. The advances in technology have made our lives safer and ultimately easier to live. Computers, cell phones, cars, defense, weapons, and virtually everything around us are a result of advancement in technology. We depend on it so much that if something major should completely fail or shut down we would be reduced to nothing more then third world culture and complete chaos would set in. I question our growing dependence on technology and history proves that when it fails or is abused, the consequences are catastrophic. We should not be so dependent on something we create and advance. Technology will destroy us in the end and put an abrupt end to life as we live it.

October 15th 1962, the cold war raged on between the to superpowers of the world, the United States and the Soviet Union (USSR, present day Russia). Technology in the form of weaponry had advanced so much during these times that tensions between the two super powers rose to a level that nearly caused disaster. The Soviet Union began assisting Cuba in building missile sites as a “retaliation” mechanism on the United States. The potential for mass destruction and mass slaughter was so great during this period of time, that millions of American lives would be lost and the aftermath of the attack would reduce the United States to nothing more than a cripple of a country. Although the United States had eight times as many nuclear bombs as the USSR did, the utter devastation caused by both parties would be catastrophic, not to mention the retaliation by other countries would lead the world into a nuclear war. Technology should be kept in check and because of these extreme advancements for world power; it ironically could have caused the downfall of the world. This nuclear struggle threatens the end of civilization on a daily basis and the unrestricted use of technology is to blame for this heinous situation.

Filing information is a way of the past, nearly all records kept by companies on employee and customer information is stored by non-paper filing systems, aka computer databases. What would happen if computers worldwide began to fail or were hacked? Massive amounts of income would be lost and pandemonium would be imminent. In February of 2003 Citigroup’s credit card database was hacked and the hacker gained access to 5 million different accounts. A single account includes card numbers, customer names, addresses, social security numbers and that translates into identity theft and in turn billions of dollars in stolen fraudulent money. Having all of this information in one place is a hacker’s paradise. Technology is convenient for the hacker than it is for the customer. We need to be more suspicious of what we do and ask questions; once again technology is creating more problems than solutions.

Communication is no longer limited to just talking face to face or over the telephone. As technology continues to advance we now have multiple ways of communicating with others. Whether it is emergency services, friends, family or work related issues; we now have cell phones, PDA’s, email, and other ways of electronically transferring information we need to communicate for whatever reason. Using these new methods of communication are often cheaper then using a standard home phone service and many families now rely on cell phones and computers. The breakdown comes when satellites, cell towers, and computers begin to fail. Information is not passed on, and people in need of medical attention cannot reach police or ambulance services. People base decisions upon what they are told, imagine if Ted Kennedy could not speak with Nikkita Khruschev during the Cuban missile crisis? Massive chaos and complete destruction would follow. The unrestricted use of technology is getting out of hand and in order to keep control must be regulated by an unbiased third party agency.

Technology has also advanced the response times and efforts of emergency medical services as well. Paramedics rely on computers that give then pinpoint directions to the scene of an accident and they also depend on AED’s to bring people back to life, jumpstart their hearts. If either malfunction life ends, it’s that simple. Although manual CPR is still preformed and the AED is used when CPR fails in the future we can definitely expect it to be replaced by a machine or device and that definitely scares me. Doctors and nurses rely on computers to determine a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, disease, and many other things concerning a person’s health. Computer read outs have been proven to be more affective then manually doing it themselves, the lack of teaching the manual way to do things is frightening. If these “outdates” methods are not taught in schools what happens when computers fail and read outs are wrong? And for what? A lack of knowledge. We are told to rely on machines and not ourselves. The advancement of technology takes away from our knowledge of how things work and this will be our downfall.

Space travel has intrigued us ever since Galileo Galilei in 1609 became the first man to see the craters of the moon through a telescope. Since that date we have put satellites in space, ships, probes and even humans have traveled into outer space. Space technology advanced so much we know have spy satellites and missiles that can go out of our atmosphere and hit a precise target on the other side of the earth. The United States and the Soviet Union duked it out during the space race from 1957-1975. Greed led both of our countries to compete for what? Bragging rights? Our leaders use space exploration as an outlet, “maybe one day we can find an inhabitable planet other then earth.” what are we to believe? There is a possibility of moving billions of people by ships to a planet out of our solar system? Tell me that is not asinine? Our greed for power and money ruins the very thought that technology will not crumble in the future. We advance this type of technology for the wrong reasons and it continues to advance at an alarming rat. All good things take time. Game set and match.

There are many controversial issues in today’s world and the use of technology is a huge one. Technology itself is not so much the issue; it’s the abuse it receives from the people who try to control and use it for unacceptable reasons, meaning greed. One day technology will fail and the resources we consume to make advancements on it will dry up. What are we to do then? We as one people need to continue teaching manual methods of resolving issues and not cast away “out dated” tactics. Our dependence on computers and sub human things is completely unrealistic. I leave you with one question I hope you hold in the front of your mind. What single piece of technology has not failed or been abused?