The Imaginary Enemy - An Explaining Essay on the Urban Legend Monsieur Bouloulou

The Imaginary Enemy - An Explaining Essay on the Urban Legend Monsieur Bouloulou

The majority of people believe certain concepts that are transmitted and few of them are right. I will never forget when my parents made me accept as true the fact that “Monsieur Bouloulou” existed. As the text “ Urban Legends” emphasizes, the story of Mr Bouloulou “ was alleged to be true and it worked the same way whether the legendary plot concerns a dragon in a cave or a mouse in a Coke bottle”. It was a tactic for them to make me give up to mischief, but it was also an approach used to scare me when I abused their kind-heartedness. “Monsieur Bouloulou” was for me the worst thing that I could hear from my parents; it scared me to death, I shouted, cried, and I wanted it to disappear. I thought that this latter was a devil, a beast who ate children who disobeyed their parents.

Since I was a trouble maker, a stubborn child, my parents always lodged a complaint about me. I did not heed theirs advice, I just refused to do many things unless all my requests were executed. For example, when they simply wanted to be alone, it was out of the question for me to stay with my babysitter, unless if they gave me money to buy what I wanted. So, the only thing that made me behave and turned me out into a nice girl was “Monsieur Bouloulou” that terrified me so I could not stay alone in my room, especially that “ we encounter different oral versions of such stories, and on occasion we may read about similar events in newspaper or magazines” that I used to believe in.

Furthermore, even in the school when the teacher gave me homework to do at home, there was the big rut for my parents to make me do it. I had absolutely to see my favourite cartoons, play with my brothers, and the last thing that I could think of was to do my homework. Accordingly, the only way that obliged me somehow to do it at that time was to recall “Monsieur Bouloulou” on purpose so as to learn to do basic things first.

Besides, I was not only a headache for my parents, but also an unqualified predicament for my brothers too. Since I was the youngest, my parents very often asked my brothers to take care of me and have a look on me closely in their absence. I always blackmailed them and my only intention was to irritate them. Otherwise, to make me quiet and hushed, they frightened me by the sudden presence of “Monsieur Bouloulou”, so I became nice no matter what.

To sum up, Mr. Bouloulou’s legendary story was actually very effective as it prompted me to change my behaviour. The transformation of the “spoiled girl” I used to embody was made smoothly: Mr. Bouloulou was definitely influential in terms of my own personality that was shifted to a harsher one. Also, being the youngest among my brothers made me believe strongly that I was at the center of the universe, but the redundant presence of Mr Bouloulou chased radically this idea.