How to Gain Eternal Salvation

How to Gain Eternal Salvation

The opportunity to achieve eternal salvations remains accessible and inclusive. For some, it takes being broken and alone to realize they are in need of God, others are raised with God in their hearts. Salvation is available to anyone and everyone at any time. Salvation is everlasting and cannot be taken away, regardless the sin or struggle. Gaining Eternal Salvation is simple, as well as the most important thing any one person can ever receive

The first step to gaining Eternal Salvation is the admittance of God’s existence and importance in our lives, and of His Son’s death for humanities sins. One must pray and cry out to God, admitting He is God. They would admit that Jesus died for our sins and rose again three days later. Then they would admit they are in need of God and that our lives are empty without Him. They would confess their weakness to Him and our desperate need for His love in our lives.

The next step to Eternal Salvation is admitting to [My professor asks for the same impersonal essays, I have had a hard time breaking that habit from report writing, thank you for the catch] the individuals sins and repenting them to God in prayer. Admitting imperfection and failure to meet the standards of perfection in Gods glory and grace, is also necessary in acquiring Salvation. Proclamation of Gods name as the only source of salvation is required as well. Asking God for forgiveness for individual countless sins, admitting imperfection and asking for His guidance in stopping them are the next steps. One would repent to Him in prayer and ask for His grace into their lives.

The following step is to ask Jesus Christ into their lives. After admitting everything above and admitting Jesus Christ is Lord, they would ask Him to come into their lives to save them and to guide them through the test of life. Asking Christ into their lives will allow them be born again in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. This step is mandatory because this one action will remain inside of all who ask Him in, forever; no one can take Christ out of someone after they invite Him in.

The last step is to share the good news. Jesus Christ will have saved their lives and they will forever be alive in the spirit. They would share their testimony of how they came to Christ to non-believers in love and send out God’s will and word. They would do everything they could to save everyone they encounter in love; without forcing the Bible down anyone’s throat. The saved would proclaim His name to everyone willing to listen and would offer their helping hands to aid God’s children.

To gain Eternal salvation is simple, but life changing. When people follow these steps, things don’t get easier, they usually get harder, but there is nothing we cannot do with Jesus in our lives. When we follow His lead for our lives and listen to His will for us, we will never be put through anything we cannot handle.