How Emotion and Stress Influence our Health

How Emotion and Stress Influence our Health

Humans being are in the same time strong and weak because of their emotions. Intelligence requires their adaptation to the good and hard situations in life with all it obstacles. Our feeling , emotions and stress have a crucial impact of our choices and decisions but also our health. So how these elements influence our health and why ? What are the method presented to manage the stress and to channel our negatives emotions to the best way? In this research paper I try to respond to these specific questions according to some information from articles and books.

The two models of emotion
There is an important idea that many people don’t take on consideration when they think about emotion and the notion happiness. The adequate situation of happiness needs to include positive effects and negatives ones. Many studies shows that emotions are not only how we feel but also how we think about events. The positive states of mind are like interest, hope, enthusiasm and excitement .At the opposite , the negative effect of mind are fear, anger, guilt and disgust. The key of the success is the combination between all of these opposites states. So before we judge emotionally for any person or we want to help someone who is depressed, we need to ask two questions about her emotional health .Does he suffer from positive or negative excessive emotion ? In that way we will determine which treatment will influence her. Furthermore, the most popular believe is that emotions and stress have just negative effects on the person’s health. Alex Zautra ,who is formation professor of clinical and health psychology at Arizona State University, illustrates how feelings and stress can be a benefit . The fact that we adapt ourselves to some stressful and hard situations make us improve. We can clearly distinguish the physical and mental effects of emotions on our health. Recent research studied some specific stressors in situation of our general life like divorce, death, hardiness: personality factor…) and they found a correlation between these factors and health indices. Person have Self reported complaints associated with heart diseases ( chest pain…), blood pressure and hypertension.

Correlations Between Negative and Positive Emot ional i t y ( N E M and P E M ) and Blood Pressure Means and Standard Deviations
Wellness I Wellness 2
Measure Health center Work office Lab Field Lab 1 Lab 2
NEM correlation with
Systolic blood pressure 0.03 0.13 0.06 0.21 0.11 0.13
Diabolic blood pressure 0.10 0.13 0.06 0.10 0.23 0.19

PEM correlation with
Systolic blood pressure 0.05 0.05 0.09 0.06 0.27 0.31
Diastolic blood pressure 0.02 0.4 0.10 0.5 0.23 0.29

Negative emotion have a great influence on our immune system, cellular and humoral indicators. They can disturb the functioning of the body leading to many autoimmune diseases.

Stress also causes a lot of changes in our body . it came as a body’s respond to protect human being from danger and threat . this natural mechanism is essential for the survivor oh the generation. the percentage of certain hormones such us adrenalin and cortisol increases, speeding the heart rate, slowing digestion, shunting blood flow to major muscle groups, and changing many nervous function. All this changes are made to give some energy and
incentive to react and especially to survive. After this period the relaxation comes . Often this second step causes many physical and mental damages in the humans body.

Physical and mental effect of stress
Mental effects:
Negative: One of the most observable behaviors caused by the stress is that you cannot think clearly and logically . When you stress, you behave in the wrong way so you you make the wrong decisions. The example of saying someone with a gun in front of you leads us to run for the same exit that everybody will choose even if it’s not the optimal choice.

Positive: sometimes stress in certain level is good for some situation. It allows the person to improve some skills and to be prepared at 100 percent for the task that she will achieve. Let’s take the example of the professional sportive .When just three seconds are left to start the course , the person feel stressed and that makes her able to be the better side of herself. The sportive is full of energy and motivated to win the course and this kind of stress allows him to accomplish that.

Physical effects:
One of the important illnesses caused by stress is Ulcer. Ulcers occur when a hole in the lining of the stomach is caused by the release of too much hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid works with enzymes in order to break down food during digestion. Heart diseases, diabetes and hair loss are also related as well to stress. Its due to the chemical reactions made by the body as a respond of one specific situation. Many studies shows that a huge percentage of people suffer from stress in their daily lives. We can observe just by watching persons around us and even ourselves that we are all
victims of it. But humans are intelligent . they are always improving themselves to be behave better. That’s why every single person has try to manage her stress and to learn how to deal with it even if you think that people will always ask you for your responsibilities . For a student for instance there will always be exams quizzes and homework. But experiences shows that we can absolutely control our thinking and control this stress so it will be no
negative effect on us. The meaning of managing stress is taking control of our thought, emotions, schedule and the way to deal with problems.
The first step in this management is the identification. The Person should identify the source of the stress in her life. It may take a long of time because it is not an easy task .The most efficient way is to look objectively and recognize your attitude , behavior and habits during the day.Ask many questions to yourself such us when was the last time a take a break? Why I feel nervous about this things ? Why I blame these people for making me upset? In that way, your hidden sources of stress will be obvious and you will take the responsibility , control yourself and fix your bad habit by changing sometimes just few elements or maybe details but very important ones.

How to manage negative feelings
The difference between humans and machines are emotions. But human are capable of managing their negatives feelings if they want to improve themselves. Sometimes some persons are more emotional than others . It’s not a big dill. It is just a matter of realizing that God give us this chance that we have to use wisely . otherwise, it’s to easy to hurt others and especially yourself. Adding to that the notion of emotion intelligence, the most intelligent
people in the world are those who control their feeling and emotions especially the negative ones. To succeed in the control of emotions you need first to be honest with yourself. People tend to hide the reels emotion to cover the truth. So for example if you feel sad don’t force yourself to think that you are not. Then, you need to identify the specific emotion that you actually feel. Some help can be provided from psychologist which work to help you to identify the kind of emotion you face because sometime it is very hard to recognize it. The third steps is the channeling your feelings in the right direction.

Some techniques are presented such as:
-removing yourself. In other words take distance from the things or someone who makes you angry.
- Doing something positive : you can write some articles that help you to express your opinions and thought.
-Do some sports; or just take a walk it helps to calm down because the brain produce neurotransmitters which reduce the pain.
-Writing: express your feeling in a piece of paper. You don’ t have to publish it is just personal.
- Pray and talk to god to verbalize your feelings even though he knows them anyway.

Finally, I think that if emotion and stress are unavoidable, we must deal with it and try our best to manage them to be more predictive and efficient . That is ’ how I believe that a person can pursuit her happiness. Improvement is the key of success so we have to minimize the negative physical and mental effect on our health such as heart disease, blood pressure and others. Motivation and incentive of each one of us influence this kind of personal decisions in life.