Hardship in Schools and Businesses and the Programs in Place to Improve the Situation

Hardship in Schools and Businesses and the Programs in Place to Improve the Situation

The local community is experiencing hardships in both schools and in our local businesses. The local dropout rates in our schools are up an alarming 10 percent in the last two years from an unfortunate five percent to our current 15 percent, and these numbers are expected to grow each year. The local school districts are suffering from worsening financial situations in return, and losing inspirational teachers. We have an excellent opportunity working with the school districts and state agencies to create this program in which we turn high school dropouts into community assets and unemployed local skilled men and women into teachers. We have 1.6 million dollars allocated to this program, and intend to take every dime and turn it around as income for our community and schools.

What this opportunity will do is it will take those eligible high school dropouts and educate them with real life skills to step into the workforce ready and able to excel at most entry level positions. It will also take local unemployed professionals and give them paid yearly positions where they will teach those high school dropouts the skills that they will need to enter the workforce . This program is expected to take those thousand dropouts, and on average find them a position earning around $25,000 a year, generating over $7.5 million in taxable income, and providing more than $8,000 in income to the unemployed, and $245,000 in taxable income from those employees. This program is costing us 1.6 million dollars would bring our local community $7.74 dollars in taxable income. To help bring back revenue to the program for the future and to add to the school district’s budget those students who were a part of the program will have a $25 deduction from each paycheck is paid toward the program for one year. This $25 deduction will equate to six hundred thousand dollars just in the first year to go toward the school district.

In these contributions to the community along with rehabilitated teens and reactivated workers we anticipate a reverse in the community’s depressive economic status, and to help bring back those beneficial teachers to schools, and hopefully see a decrease in the number of high school dropouts in the long run

Community and environmental factors
Though there are currently not many open positions within the community this program will help to start a turn around with a domino effect. Once unemployed workers are given this new employment opportunity our local unemployment rates will go down, thus allowing the state more funds to be allotted to other issues such as small business and community and local jobs, such as grounds, fire departments, police departments, courthouses , libraries, public transportation, and municipalities. This too will trickle down to create even more income for the local community and open even more jobs at local markets, grocery stores, banks, clothing stores, shoe stores, boutiques, and eateries.

The downfall to starting this program we understand is a potential increase in high school dropouts for the anticipated quick start up opportunity. It is part of the programs process to educate with skills as well as with testing and other educational aspects kept in mind. Students will be expected to maintain excellent attendance as well as pass required tests pertaining to their field of training.
We also realize the threat of local competitors in vocational and community college programs. We do not foresee these competitors to be of significant threat or to be threatened by us. We hope to see a share of a common ground in the market of the middle-class of the high school dropouts that do not seek vocational or community college education. Our aim is to target and affect that small group of children that too often slips between the cracks.

Human resources
The human resources department will be a key asset in this program. They are will have specific goals in rehabilitating our students and motivating our workers. Being that teaching can be at times trying, especially with children that do not most likely agree with educational programs can be hard for these reactivated workers. Our human resources department is going to also be made up of qualified personnel from our community’s unemployed, along with outside personnel from our nonprofit organization if all positions cannot be filled. These human resources positions will also be assisting in training of technical skills to those interested in secretarial and human resources careers.

The first step to creating a motivated staff will be to implement the structure of a matrix organizational system. It is greatly beneficial to have multiple supervisors available for staff, and on a day- to-day basis to provide a compounded outcome, and widely supported final decision on all issues. This is ideal for saving the program money on multiple persons of expertise involved in concrete and best made decisions. Unfortunately, this can allow room for internal conflicts and confliction of demands for employees, but this could be beneficial in allowing our employees and students to extricate tasks, and to become multifaceted in this circumstance.

We will be combining this system with the collegial model, a great option for the expansion in the organization permits maximum independence. Daily, it will encourage collaboration and independent decision making, another great skill our students will benefit from.

Next our motivational system will work like this: managers will be called team leaders or team supervisors, and the staff members will be addressed as team members. This removes the words employee and staff member allowing for the team members to be addressed with more importance. This should also be the first notion in their motivation that they are a vital member of a team within the organization and that they respond to a team superior rather than an overpowering superior.

The team leader will meet with each team member once a week for a one-on-one meeting to address and review weekly goals and receive feedback. This meeting will allow for the team members to feel like they have a personal relationship is valuable with their supervising team. They will be able to hear weekly feedback on their performance and will receive both positive and neutral information pertaining to their work. This will in turn keep an ongoing sense of importance and motivation for daily operations.

Each quarter team members will draft a report of goals expected to be met and goals or accomplishments already met within the quarter; they will then go over these goals at the end of each quarter with the team leader. Goals will be sighted to one year, three years, and five years. This will allow for the team members to set their own goals that will be worked towards , and to also address them and work with them alongside their team leader. There will be a constant collaboration with the team leader and taken seriously by the organization and team leader. This will be done by assisting in opportunities to meet these goals in the form of milestones. For example if an employee wishes to obtain a position as a trainer or educator for the organization they will be awarded time to job shadow or assist in projects or events when possible.

There will also be a method of C-points, or company points, given from the team leaders to the team members when times of going above or beyond are met. This can be noticed from reports, contributing ideas, improving functionality, working extra, good attendance, good reports from clients, companies, or coworkers. The points can be accumulated to be taken as an extra personal day off, or to purchase a variety of items from an internal online store as well as gift cards. The idea is that team members will work more diligently and be to be awarded the points, and the most desirable rewards such as days off will be of great point amounts, thus allowing the company to have a reward system, and to limit the amount of funds being devoted. Employees will hold off for longer periods of time to accumulate their points for days off. This will show increased productivity, higher attendance numbers, and less physical output from the company.

When employee performance is looked at and up close it comes down to how the organization can motivate for a reflection in increased production and to achieve a greater profit in return. Without an organization being motivated to motivate their employees, there is no hope for a successful business. Rewards are the easiest and best way to go about activating our employees and our future success in this program. The more motivated our employee the more successful and motivated our students will be.

Ending conclusion
In conclusion we propose this program to be highly beneficial to our community, our schools, our residents, and our children. We expect a high profit turn around for the community, for the continuing program, and for the schools. We will take a depressed economy and generate it with a group of kids that have fallen between the cracks, and make them some of the community’s best employees. We will reinitiate their dreams, give them goals and inspire them to be more and do more. This program will bring much more than revenue to the community; it will bring new life to it.