Growth: An Essay on Past Humanity, Present Environment, Present Minority and Future Tourism of Guizhou

Growth: An Essay on Past Humanity, Present Environment, Present Minority and Future Tourism of Guizhou

Guizhou, our dearest hometown can be described as a teenage girl, which is under the process of growing. This essay discusses four main aspects which made Guizhou as it is, in three stages, past, present and future.

Do you learn about an idiom that is the conceited king of Yelang. Yelang is a small country as well a town. The territory of Han dynasty is much larger than his country, but he didn’t know even he asked an envoy from Changan than which one is bigger? Now, it describes a person who is ignorant and boastful. Today, Yelang is apart of our hometown’s territory. Guizhou province take its name from Gui mountain .Rich humanity can bring a little color to life and thus our hometown is outstanding case. There is a sound from heaven. It is Kam Grand Choirs once appeared. In Paris golden art festival, and once appeared, sensationally, is considered the ‘springs like a flash of music, passing the ancient dream of the edge of the melody’, and now Kam Grand Choris are essence of Chinese culture and they had benn the world intangible cultural heritage. China is ancient country which has long history of wine.

Guizhou is the home of the Maotai Distillery, distillers of Maotai liquor, China's most famous alcoholic beverage. moutai is one of most famous successful and local businesses. It is china’s long history to create a great miracle and China long history of witness. And there are other 45 State-level intangible cultural heritage. This colorful land is pregnant with some noted figures. It is these celebrities who represent our spirit and backbone of our Guizhou people. Thruoght the history of Guizhou , we can a very special lady shengxiang who made a Great contribution in order to getting unity of Guizhou in Ming Dynasty .In the childhood she is smart and capable. She is eager to learn and like reflecting. After married, she turned a helper of her husband, often assisted her husband's many affairs handled Xuanwei Si office. In common life together with her husband in the process of incense, and gradually increased ability of regent and deal with affairs. She was famous to people of their tribe. Now, a reporter said that” Shengxiang lady is a heroine who had righteous cause and the love .if have time to read her story, you will be moved deeply. ”As compatriots of Guizhou , today , we are still proud of her. She showed the spirit of Guizhou people that let us united and persist our own dream to build a bright future of our hometown.

In the divine land, rich humanity was all the time in gestation and developing. I will introduce another one a -- Deng Enming .In a loud, "Long live the Communist Party of China" slogan and tragic international anthem, a well-known Communists in Jinan heroic martyrdom, the founder of Communist China. Between Growth and the school environment it has the huge contrast, sparking Deng'enming "Bupingzeming" (不鸣则平)the fighting spirit of pride. In order to against class and national oppression, he use blood to practice his oath in the South Lake Red Boat. He is always a good son of Shui , the only minorit one to participate in a large minority Communist Party of China.

In the history of Guizhou , 2 person awarded 100 new Chinese made outstanding contributions to the establishment of one of the heroic model ,one is dengenming , the other one is Wangruofei. He is talented in persuasion Before and after the victory of the war, he served as a representative of the Communist Party of China, has participated with the KMT 's negotiations 1944. He died in a plane crashMao Zedong as "forty-eight" martyrs inscription: "To the people died, lived and died Wing”(为人民死,虽死犹荣)and had a saying is remember by posterity ,To save a human life, and betrayed the cause of the liberation of millions of people, millions of people have been cast aside, meaning that live there(为了保存一个人的生命,而背叛了千万人的解放事业,遭到千万人的唾弃,那活着还有什么意思) .”Everything for people to intend”(一切为人民打算),this sentence became his last words. The Communists serving in the ranks, Wang Ruofei model is well-deserved figures!

Diversity cultural makes home has sundry attraction and makes people of Guizhou growing continually and our cultural from one generation to the next. And we can found the spirit of hard-working and tolerant of hardship on Guizhou people. Each of them has a strong heart. They can encourage us advance with the times and work through innovations.

And we have confidence and ability to build a bright and fine future for Guizhou!
Guizhou is poor, we never avoid that.
In Guizhou there are about 18,000 villages, rural people is about 70% of the total population. So many people make a living by farming. Guizhou is a province which doesn’t have any plain lands. So the transportation condition in Guizhou is not good, which makes Guizhou connect to the outside world difficultly. The agricultural products are not easily transported to other places. So the farmers have low income. The information doesn’t reach the people as quickly as the big cities. So many rural people get less education. Only 6.93% people get the college education. And there still have some people who even don’t know a word.
This is the bad side that the nature environment causes. But bad conditions also have its merits.

For the same reason, Guizhou still keeps the original ecology and culture very well. Some places have never touched the modern world. They still live in their unique ways. They are poor, but it doesn’t mean they have nothing. They are honest; they are nice; they have a warm heart. They are poor, but they work hard, they make everything by themselves. They have rich local knowledge in making themselves better. They believe that they could have a better life. So I believe that they have the treasure we will never have. Their spirit, their culture and their smiles, that is the treasure you cannot buy by money.

Now, I would like to go the social environment in Guizhou. Just like a saying, “the unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its inhabitants”. Living in Guizhou and living among mountains and mountains makes us strong, and makes us work harder. We are poor, but we are trying our best to have a better life. We are poor, but we are not afraid of it. Guizhou, just like the mountains, we have faith, and we will insist on it, never move, and never give up.

We are rich in the natural environment and resources. No one can deny that.
First is the weather, it’s neither too hot in summer, nor too cold in winter. The annual average temperature is about 15℃. The coldest month is January with average temperature 5℃. The hottest month is July with average temperature 24℃. The precipitation of a year is around 1300mm. In Guizhou, it always rains in summer, so the precipitation is about 550mm from June to August.

Second is about natural resources, Guizhou is rich in natural resources. Let’s talk about the mineral resources. Guizhou has a quite number of mineral resources; 128 kinds of mineral were found in Guizhou. Rare earth is one of them. In Guizhou there are about 1,497,900 tons rare earths. This number is about 47.93% of the national total.

Third is about the geology. If you come to Guizhou, There are two places which are strongly recommended to you. One is the Huangguoshu Waterfall. And the other one is the Dragon Palace. What is the connection between these two? They are all Karst landform. You may ask me, what’s Karst? Karst is a kind of geology; It special geological form and special geographical conditions have given birth to the Karst features integrating mountains, rivers, waterfalls, caves, lakes and forests. Guizhou is one of the most typical areas with the Karst landform in the world, and its Karst terrains account for 73% of its total area.
And some Karst landforms in Guizhou have become World Heritage. This is good news to everyone.

Fourth is about the forest. As we all know there are many trees in Guizhou. And the capital of the Guizhou, Guiyang is called ‘forest city’. The Forest Coverage in Guizhou is about 41%. And it increases every year. We believe that we will live in the forest in few years.

Lastly, I want to say that, we have such a fantastic natural environment, the most important thing for us is to protect, we cannot let them disappear, do you agree with me?
All I want to say is that our Guizhou is NOT poor. People think we are poor only because we don’t have money. But we have the treasure which nobody can buy by money. Our natural environment and our social environment, they are our treasure.
We can be poor or rich. It depends on us, ourselves. If we protect them, we will always keep our treasure. If we destroy them, we will be really poor, and we will have nothing.
Remember, everything should be protected first.
Guizhou Province located in the southwest of China .The province is rich in natural wonders and ethnic minority cultures. The minority groups account for more than 37% of the total population and they include Yao, Miao, Yi, Qiang, Dong, Zhuang, Buyi, Bai, Tujia, Gelao and Shui. 55.5% of the province area is designated as autonomous regions for them.The many different ethnic minority groups living in Guizhou has kept their ancient traditions alive and has remained relatively untouched by the modern world. Most of these minority groups have chosen to build their villages in the provinces most beautiful locations making them even more beautiful. Guizhou is a province filled with wonders that is just waiting to be discovered. Consequently, I suppose to say that Guizhou minority culture is one of the Guizhou's business cards, which makes foreigners know Guizhou better.

First of all, Guizhou ethnic minority cultures are full of inclusiveness. There are over 17 minorities living in Guizhou , contributing to fascinating architecture and over 100 lively festivals a year. These include dragon boats, horse races, and Lusheng dancing. The minorities retain most of their unique customs and are hospitable and warm, wearing brilliant and beautiful ethnic clothing. They hold elaborate welcoming ceremonies, worship their totems, and play intriguing music while dancing graceful dances. In spite of this, Guizhou ethnic minority cultures are colorful and distinctive. Every minority has their own unique customs, clothes and food. As a Buyi girl , I am proud to say that the Buyi batik is one of the most special handicrafts in China. The Buyi batik has been famous for thousands of years and the Buyi people are taught to create it at a young age. Batik is created by painting patterns on white cloth with wax. The cloth is then dipped into a bath of indigo dye. When the cloth has dried, the wax is scraped off and then the cloth is boiled to remove all of the wax left in the cloth. The areas where the wax was are white, while the surrounding areas are indigo. Common designs used in batik production are flowers, waves, and chains. In recent years, more modern designs have been created. We all believe that the Buyi batik will be known by people all over the world in future.
More significantly, Guizhou ethnic minority culture is an important part of Chinese ethnic cultures, standing for Guizhou’s long history .

However, Guizhou ethnic minority cultures are facing a serious crisis. It needs everyone’s help. With Guizhou’s development, there are more and more chances to show our culture to the world. Like the group of Dong girls sang the grand song of Dong on the opening ceremony of Shanghai World Expo in 2010. It means that our minority culture is walking towards the world, and there is no doubt that Guizhou’s economy is booming rapidly, which makes our civilisation become increasingly commercial. Morden buildings has been built in original village,fancy handicrafts has been sold in low price ,the rural environment has been damaged by tourists as well. It is our duty to protect Guizhou ethnic minority culture because we are a big family. We should inherit our own culture and keep it from being destroyed. Being protected well, we believe that Guizhou minority culture will have a good future. It is also a huge legacy for Guizhou’s tomorrow eco-tourism.
Turning on CCTV channel, a melody from a well-dressed Miao woman vividly introduced a province, lying in the south of China, Guizhou. It has been there for over five hundred years, but silently.

However, a big make-over came when people are leaded into the brand-new twenty-first century. Prime Minister of China, Zhu Rongji, in honor of the last PM Deng Xiaoping, decided to put more attention to build the economy in south and west of China. Those regions are rich of resources, having big potential markets for business, and most importantly, they are eagerly looking forward to being developed.
Within the investment of Chinese government, transportations connected our province and more and more advertisements push it into people’s acknowledgement, coming to Guizhou, a place with cozy climate, with fresh air, with the least ultraviolet and the most forest.

While people in other places are challenged by their extremely hot and humid summer, Guizhou is a place where natural air-condition do exist. Traveling here for a cool summer, you are also available to enjoy a green world. The coverage of forest is now 40% and will keep increasing 1% per year, that means green is everywhere, not only in corners of countries, but also in the busy centre of Guiyang, the capital city. In addition, there are unique geological feature and many natural and magnificent spots are worthy to visit. The Dragon Palace, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Tianxing bridge, Maling River Canyon and Fanjing Mountain are here for you to enjoy beautiful creatures of nature and lovely but rare animal species. Meanwhile, huge amount of ore resources have been deposited below the crust, waiting to be discovered. Reported in 2002, there are over one hundred and 10 types of mine. Therefore, talented young people are attracted by this place, with treasures underground, coming here to find their own fortune. Therefore, obviously, tourism promotes the development of industry and processing industry.

In order to explain how the minority civilization was formed, there is one point have to be mentioned—migration. In Ming dynasty, people found this “remote” plateau and migrated here to withdraw from society and live in solitude. The number of immigrants especially increased during last century. That is why there are 49 different minorities, and that is why culture is so multiple and colorful but unique here. Going to Xijiang to visit the biggest Miao village, you will be fascinated by those delicate manufactures (for instance the silver decoration) and beautiful human mind; coming to Liping, you will be shocked by Dong people’s great melodies and passionate dancing; Di Opera, the living fossil of opera history will lead to the origin of this art. Guizhou’s alcohol is appealing as well. Maotai, which now is reputed as China’s national alcohol, is made here by great local resident in 2000 years ago. It has won the Panama international gold prize. In addition, Maojian tea from Duyun and a traditional flute from Yuping have been awarded the same as well. Since a competition called Colorful Guizhou brought to screen, these new talented generation used their voice and body language to tell stories of this land and gradually build more and more popularity which largely attracted tourists to come.

It has been an acknowledgement to graduated students and businessmen that Guizhou is a potential place. Land is still concealing huge precious mineral, diverse minority cultures are still well protected. People want to take advantage of these innate conditions so more are more investments are put here, in resources, real estate, etc. People graduated from universities also come here, and are convincing that they are using their knowledge and capacity to make a big change.

The future tourism will be constructed by those youth. This tourism will be in preference of building harmony between people and the nature, in harmony of economical development and happiness containing.

As previously stated, Guizhou, this beautiful teenage girl, is under the process of growing. Past humanity, present environment and multi-culture are all evidences to support the strong correlation that Guizhou is growing to a prosperous future! Tourism is just her first step, but it is unpredictable that which would be the next. The last sentence of this essay can only be a beautiful wish to her, “live long and prosper”!