The French Revolution - A Paper For It

Do you think the French revolution was right or wrong thing?

Do you think it got them somewhere or at least made a change the people wanted?

Was it worth it?

The French revolution was right in my opinion; it didn’t make things worst it was trying to make things fair and equal for the people that were not wealthy. If they would have never had the French Revolution the people now would never have rights that they have now and the lower class people wouldn’t be treated equal or at least a little better then how they use to be treated. After the French revolution a lot of things affected France. After the revolution they had a new emperor name Napoleon Bonaparte. Also it unified France and increased power to the national state. After the French revolution there was another war with Europe. Also a big affected why the revolution made a big affect is that freed the state from there trammels. (Restrict activities)

Probably the best example to begin with, is if people would of never stand up for something they wanted or the change they wanted they wouldn’t make anything better at all or better their life. I think it’s great that they stud up for them self because their life was not unfair. The thing that stud out to me was that the lower class had to pay taxes and a lot plus that they did not have freedom and rights in politics. The wealthy people that are called nobles and clergy did not have to pay taxes. That’s not right because people that are wealthy should be the ones paying taxes when their the ones with more money I don’t believe its fair that the lower class people being pressure with paying taxes and also providing food for their family and trying to keep a house for them. King Louis XIV spent a lot of money on a palace and so did his wife Austrian Marie Antoinette she would spend her money on jewelry. But he stilled failed to better the financial situation he put France in. But after the french Revolution they abolished tax paying and even better they had more control over the economic choices in their country.

After France executed their king they had a new emperor name Napoleon Bonaparte. The greatest military, what people said about him also showed many reforms that could help France. He did a things for France for example he organized laws into codes. Those law codes unclouded the freedoms gained by people that lived in France. After Napoleon Bonaparte became emperor he invaded Britain but then Napoleon Bonaparte always won hes battles and hes empire got bigger as he keep on winning. Also he caused many deaths, thousands of them he caused more wars also. He might have made people get the rights they wanted also he got France to grow so large and financially help them, but he made a lot of negative things while he was emperor.