The French Revolution - A Paper Against It

Do you think the French revolution was right or wrong thing?

Do you think it got them somewhere or at least made a change the people wanted?

Was it worth it?

I believe that the French revolution was wrong. The French wanted to have a new constitution because, they were being over powered by the king and they didn’t have any rights or power. They wanted to end the aristocratic privilege. So they ended up having their new constitution but it didn’t last very long. Also I believed that the violence that occurred with Maximilien, Robespierre should not have happened and so many people did not have to die. Then the killing of the King Louis XVI did not help with their plan to have power because later on Napoleon Bonapart became there leader and had the power now to control the people.

France Had one ruler at the time king Louis XIV. He was a man that did not care about the country and wasted so much money of the people that France had gotten into financial crises. King Louis XIV was spending money like crazy buying lots of expensive things that led France into a financial struggle. First of all the monarchy was charging taxes to the people as if the people weren’t already in a struggle. For starter they had a shortage of bread that they hardly had any food to it. Later on the king had called a meeting with the estates general so he can raise taxes. The estates general were a group of the 3 estates which include the nobility, clergy and commoners. The state’s general was made on May 5th, 1789 at the Versailles. But some believe that the estates general were not fair because only those from the upper class actually had a say to what to do. So they didn’t like the way they were treated that they wanted a way to have power. It wasn’t until the three philosophers named Montesquieu, Voltaire, and Rosseau that persuade the third estate that they should have a government so that the people can rule [Delp, Valorie]

So they created the national assembly and created a new constitution so that the people can have power and finally have a saying and it guaranteed liberty to any individual, it was made in 1791. [Tackett, Timothy]But there whole idea of having this constitution so they can have power was useless because it never lasted. On April 1792 France had went to war with Austria and Prussia and wish to restore the king. Then later in the summer of 1792, foreign armies marched in Paris and they imprisoned Louis XVI and overthrew the monarchy. Then later they declared France a republic which leads to the coming of Robespierre.

During this time Maximilien Robespierre had gained power which led to so many deaths, it’s been estimated that 35,000 through 45,000 people died.
They were killed by the guillotine a machine where they executed anybody it was created by Dr. Joseph Guillotine. It was controlled by the public Safety and the Jacobins which were a republic committee and so anyone who disagreed with them was a threat to the republic so they were executed. No one was safe by the Guillotine. So later on he was executed and that had marked the end of the reign of terror [Tackett, Timothy].

Later they made a new government called the directory in which this time it brought Napoleon Bonapart to power. In which France is back to where they started a new ruler that had the power. [Delp, Valorie]. Although he did make a great central government and organized French law and created the Napoleonic code in which it made it fairer to the people in France no matter of your religion, wealth. [ Delp, Valorie]. Napoleon made France better than it was but it didn’t really change. The people were stilled taxed just not a lot and prices were carefully regulated that way there won’t be any financial crises again [Soboul, Albert]

So as you can see if there want any point in the revolution because they are in the same spot they are from the beginning. With a new ruler. Although they did gained some freedom, it wasn’t worth all the tragedies that happen during the French revolution and not so many people had to die and suffer and be mistreated. Also there constitution that was made by the national assembly was a waste because it didn’t help which then led them to be where they were from the beginning with a ruler to control them.