The Fashioned Body - Why Fashioning the Body is Considered More Important for Women than Men

The Fashioned Body - Why Fashioning the Body is Considered More Important for Women than Men

Fashion has always been related with the body closely, It is said that fashion are all open to the development from the body. Because we are dying to use body to show associated with the fashion, so women's are more fashionable than men. We can though newspaper, magazines, images, television etc. In these pictures full of women were found how to link themselves with fashion, even women want to create their own fashion. While in contact with the fashion, women fashion themselves because they want to closer or more follow with fashion, tend to do a lot of things to keep themselves young, beautiful, slim, sexy and so on. In order to achieve their perfect body in mind, they will give themselves make-up, hair style, even with plastic surgery that has a high risk when they use this special way to achieve their goals. Women are pursue these things just a part of their body. But in the past, the history of Western fashion, corset is an indispensable item of women. It is becoming a necessary for daily living supplies. Generally considered at the time when a woman wearing corset that is show the most beautiful body lines. When women wearing a corset, It will make their body to maintain a perfect body in proportion. Women use various ways to keep their body curves. In comparison, women will present different ways to achieve the same purpose. Now women are paying more attention to get a natural and healthy way to achieve the perfect body in mind. Then will comparing women and men how their to show bodies in the fashion. and women show different reasons, there are including from the social, cultural background, identity, status, and their own viewpoint.

Society gives to women or men of different expectations and norms of behavior, with men as women or as linked to social roles. At the same time the conception of social status influences people's standard of female beauty and the aesthetic standards of male dominated society aesthetic standards. In all societies, to the ideal men and ideal women all have a physical and biological criteria, this standard emphasizes women as a part of men , and in the female body is presented into a cultural context role. In the history of Western civilization, the physical nature to divide male and female, and as a basic things for talking about male and female characteristics , men's and women's position in the social division of workplace, that just in few hundred years ago. Men through contrast the male strong upper body and cloth closely to lower body of a Sexy features to emphasize the characteristics of men; woman's bare chest through the upper body contrast the enlargement corset skirt with contrast with lower body, showing the chest, waist and hip Trinity sexy women-specific features. Because the different of physical reason make male has a much higher status than the female in social status at the past, which makes the women need to do more great effort to exchange for advancement.

“the varying aesthetic form of the female body contain a complexity of meanings, the corset in particular is the bearer of many contradictory symbolic meanings which are impossible to understand unless they are seen in connection with the morality and attitudes prevalent at the time. any change of attitude in society and between the sexes has an immediate and obvious influence on the shape on new development in fashion.” (thesander,m,1997,p53)

Then woman's body are a re-definition male and female relations criterion. However,. Female always use secondary sex characteristics to attract men, this could been understandable, but in the context of male power, which attracted become into a flatter, their impressions and observations of equality.. Men impose their own standards of beauty on women, while women in order to identify themselves from men, so they have to enlarged characteristic, men perceive that they have been met, and they get more requests for women. In the end both men and women are falling into the misconception that these can not extricate themselves on intensified. First, the art in different cultures showed difference in aesthetic , apparel is a kind expression of art, it’s must reflect the cultural identity and traditional aesthetic of their own customs. Western clothing display gender, highlighting the utilitarian purpose of the sex makes the Western women in the performance on the human body as a big fuss. Dress three-dimensional effect on the pursuit run after that time people began to show the structure of clothing, women's waist has become the focus of aesthetic. Therefore, corset was born on nearly century. Since then until now, corsets in the history of women's fashion at West always played a very important role. Something had to be said that, if left corsets, women in Western culture since the past century will be out of the question.

"Throughout history, the female body has been shaped to fit to the prevailing norms of physical aesthetics." (Thesander,m, 1997, p13)
Throughout the history of Western women's clothing, we can clearly see the reason why the corset has so important , because it is a symbol of social status, is the self-restraint, elegant, prominent, there are sexy young and beautiful symbol. Women wearing the corset actually helps make up for the inadequacies of the body, they can keep the body tall and straight, in some stage of physical development to play a role on shaping, in order to maintain the charm of a long and youthful women.

Throughout the history of the corset development, this is a process of sculpture female body, and this process is a very hard process to use the female body to explore the shape of the body. Since the corset has been prevalent, in order to get charming figure, and many aristocratic young girls under the supervision by their mother at home, when they from childhood were been conduct planned activities for narrow the waist. For making the waist thinner, no later than fourteen, fifteen years old girls will wearing corset whole day when their body is not fully developed, only at night girls could took off when they need to get sleep. Girls wear corset many years, it make their body be accustomed to corset more tightly, although the other part of the body were developed normally, but the waist is thin like bee’s waist.

"The corset was a visible outer garment of beauty and ornamentation, and its display was a part of social etiquette." (Summers, l, 2001, p 63)
In the West social, the aristocrat not only requirements to have a aristocratic noble descent, but also must have a noble temperament and upbringing. At the past of French, if the body like artistic not only means the beauty of female, but also means that the elegant and upbringing. That make women are competing to wear a corset and to get the psychological satisfaction as the aristocratic. In one sense, corset is a part of women's body, it’s an indivisible part of whole. It is the perfect combination with female body and make woman like a rose in full bloom, it’s opened beautiful, sweet, sexy and elegance. Corset was only the royalty and aristocrat could be wearing. Then women wear corset is make them look more temperament and elegant, which seems to become a fashion at that time, it let women dying to fashion.

During several hundred years, corset make women's bodies shaped the body curve such as sculptural. Corset and pannier were in one sense were the soul of women's wear, women’s wear fit or not is completely depends on them. The corset was designed with a complete form, as a item of the chest and waist shaping three-dimensional form on women’s body. The image is about women wearing a corset very proud to show the charming body, this action shows a good shape in the female body. However, the original corset is made of wood or steel materials, that kind of materials make woman wearing corset very uncomfortable and can not protrusion the female’s lines of body. Until Later, follow the textile technology development, people began to use the fabric to make corset, and then use whalebone, steel wire, rattan, etc. to make corset structure. As whalebone, wire, rattan is flexible, so when women wear corset, they can make corset more and more tight to show female body beautiful lines better, so that make the waist look thinner. (Figure 1, thesander, m, 1997, p12)The fashionable European women always wore tight-fitting clothes, in order to achieve the effect of the highlights waist and chest.

When the form of women’s wear development into an pinnacle state, woman spend lot time to dressed up themselves, wearing corset to tights their waist is a kind of expression. in order to achieve this ideal slender body and delicate, in addition to wearing a corset every day, but also wearing beautiful dress to choose a smaller size make themselves more sexy.

"The upper classes excesses and interest in elaborate display were most clearly expressed in the dress fashion of the time and these development in bizarre and wildly extravagant directions." (Thesander.m, 1997, p40) Wearing a corset also means the wealthy, only the rich people in upper classes can further pursuit more about corset and under the premise of do not need to do any work and housework at home. When the lady's daily life have servant to serves, they do not need to worry about anything, just enjoy life and just need to concerns how to make themselves more attractive. Only the wealthy people and aristocratic then can live a lavish lifestyle without anything, they can do their best to development and creative corset . Relative to the upper-class women, middle-class women with technology development, women began to engage in the work as men, that makes women not focus attention to how to shape their bodies, but more concerned about work. In general, when middle class women will do some exercises at home to build their bodies shape, to reach the ideal body as the results of the upper class people do. The reason why women's wear history in the Western, corset which occupy such a long time, because the aesthetic is not follow the male aesthetic in society, but men and women have a consensus aesthetic to female aesthetic. Modeling underwear can be said it is long time been the aesthetic requirement in Western. In the past most women do not participate in the work, so through the corset to bondage and oppression bodies build a ideal shape way was able to be fashionable.

This morbid aesthetic followed the social development, and more and more women broad participation in various social works through the way of binding is no longer applicable. Because the corset is too tight and make the ribs of body go to the backside, such an unreasonable way to get widespread attention, people believe that wearing the right underwear can show women's stature. When women no longer wear heavy corset, people found that the female take long time to wear corset turn their waist slim but make them feel tired. Because for a long time by the pressure from the outside and make the body becomes slim. However, women do not have any the stomach muscles to help themselves to hold their body. Young women began to use belts and underwear for sportswear, it is turn to new corset.

"... We see a noticeable trend away from control garments and toward other forms of body-shaping such as diet and exercise. Although these had long played a role in female beauty regimes, they now become central to the body project." (Steele, v, 2001, p162) More and more women began to focus on exercise and diet to keep fit, rebuild waist lines. Women start with light weight training, so as not to over-exercise the muscles will be good exercise, but women's body lines. Usually remove some excess fat, especially in the waist and abdomen exercise the abdominal muscles to shape the waist line.
At the same time, it is acceptable to the community as an ideal figure, so that women look more healthy and natural. "Body building is a mixed blessing for feminism. On the one hand, it seems to offer a certain kind of liberation, a way for women to develop their muscularity and physical strength. ... While fashion was still was criticized as artificial, body building was usually assumed to be natural and empowering. "(steele, v, 2001, p163) In Western societies, women are still very attractive fullness, but the ideal of people's minds is the slim physique, soft and young physique. In order to achieve this ideal body shape among the women spend a lot of time and money on body care, exercise and healthy food.

If you eat healthy food and do exercise regularly, it will naturally achieve the desired weight and stature. In order to obtain the perfect female body, when to eat when food will feel guilty. Women never meet the present build, as poster image among female fashion models are always slim. The beauty of women and models to begin the same, and look forward to a variety of ways to model-like figure, such as exercise, diet, plastic and so on. One need go hungry diet, which although on a diet do not eat anything, but requires adequate intake of nutrients to maintain body balance. And take some pills to help keep fit and healthy. The most natural or healthy way to get through moderate exercise a perfect body.

"Beauty became synonymous with a youthful, slim (but not thin), fit and suntanned body. For women this also included firm, rather full breasts, a slim waist and narrow hips. People no longer perfected their bodies with beauty aids or lived with them undisguised in all their naturalness, instead, they worked to shape their own bodies to match up to the ideal. "(thesander, m, 1997, p201)

At that time the ideal woman has changed shape to the aesthetic significance of the body but is no longer a woman is portrayed by his body to express the confidence and strength. In fact, beam bras and exercise are the same in a sense, from past to present are in favor of people have been slender, yet only with the development of society in the form of expression is different. In the past, women corset by using the power of the beam waist slim to achieve their purpose. This is the first women and men to obtain their own identity, through the beam to highlight women's breasts bras and waist. "The ubiquitous nature of dress would seem to point to the fact that dress or adornment is one of getting dressed is an act of preparing the body for the social and give meaning and identity." (Entwistle, j, 2000.p7) wearing a beam bra at the time was a special status symbol the female was given a social identity. And in time became a fashion, sought after by women. By exercising the modern female can maintain healthy and slim body. It also shows that an expression of women's comfortable bra from the beam is free to show the lines of the body, which means that women have the freedom and status in society increases. Until now, shaping the body through exercise, or the lines of the body has become a natural fashion. Although there were two different times but have the same meaning, that is, while women in the beauty by shaping their bodies to achieve their goals. The difference between the two is that the former through the outside help, the latter through its own internal help to implement.

In conclusion, I think women fashioned body more important than man. The reason is because in the past, when men dominated the social aesthetic, making the perspective of men forced the women added to the body. Lead to women and men in order to obtain social recognition, corsets consciousness in the wake of men, but also boldly awaken the woman of his own sense of "pleasing" while also "herself." This is a woman who has installed themselves in the real reason for the tights. In Western society, every woman must wear a corset on the beam and because of social reasons at the time was to become the most fashionable items. Women wear bras just beam the opposite sex in order to win favor, but when women wear bras to show their beam has a good temperament and upbringing. Which can be accepted by the community they can be equal as much as possible. Because women always have enough vanity and to care about their own economic conditions. So with the development of society, clothing and aesthetics are also changing. Women's waist was out of the shackles of a long time to choose a more healthy and natural way to show your body line. Until then, women through their own training to shape their own stature. This means that women through the exercise to show self-confidence and new strength different from the past.

Because of this, I think women fashioned body important than man.