Essays on Career Goal Post MBA and How the IMD MBA Will Help Achieve This Goal and Will Approach Your Job Search

Essays on Career Goal Post MBA and How the IMD MBA Will Help Achieve This Goal and Will Approach Your Job Search

Essay A: Short career goal post MBA 2000 characters. Position sought after graduation. Please give us your short term career goal post MBA (up to 5 years). Describe how the IMD MBA will help you achieve this goal and how you will approach your job search.

In 5 years time post MBA I am planning to work in charge of a position as General Manager in an international company in Europe, Asia or America. Throughout the current phase of my professional life I have tried to gain international work experiences and to develop my linguistic knowledge. A new stage of my professional development will be produced thanks to the achievement of a MBA program. This will contribute to expand my personal and professional leadership skills, in order to position myself as one of the future new international leaders. I want to contribute to the world from a top position in important companies, achieving my task with responsibility and vision, taking difficult decisions and motivating people in order to help them to give the best they can give.

I believe the MBA program of IMD can help me to achieve this goal, mainly because of its work philosophy, its limited number of attendants (which allows a personalized care), the practical approach, the concrete content program, projects with companies, networking support and career services and, above all, its methodology which pursue of pushing MBA participants to challenge themselves. I had the opportunity to confirm my impression on IMD, not only by studying the information available on internet (IMD website and the MBA blog), but also by talking with ex MBA’s participants graduated in different years and visiting the campus of the IMD. On that occasion I had the opportunity to meet Constanza Zalba, who gave me a very lively image of what she is presently living. I also attended one of the MBA lectures.

In order to optimize my possibilities of success in achieving all these objectives, once I obtained my MBA degree, I take advantage of the strong networking and career service of the University. I will also undertake an intense job search with the purpose of selecting the companies I might be interested to work with. This research will help me to have a better understanding of the different companies’ business and sectors by the time of applying. The web tool “Recruiting On-campus” is also an invaluable service that will help me in my job search since I am interested in many of the companies working at the moment with IMD. I will also take part in the “Asia Trek” trip in view of the fact that I might be interested in expanding my networking to that continent. such as: Alvaro Gaya, Maxim Markert, Dino Besomi, Juan Ortiz and Roberto Novoa,

Essay B: Single one important achievement and why 1230: Emin master. International experience.
Cui vedi se va bene cosi scritta. Magari vorresti cambiare qualcosa, per esempio I nomi delle Univercita.
One of the most important achievements I obtained in my life was to get the admission to the Master in “Economics and Management of Network Industries” (Emin), specialization in the Energy sector and the two years full scholarship granted by the European Commission.
To participate in this Master program was a huge accomplishment since I was selected among candidates from all over the world, to be part of one of the 24 international students attending this first master edition. I had the opportunity to study in the best Universities of Europe in the field of the energy sector: Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Spain), Paris Sud XI, Universite D’Orsay and Supelec (France) and Delft University of Technology (Holland). This international program gave me the chance of studying with people coming from different nationalities and living in three different countries.
Ever since, I not only got my master degrees but I have also gained fluency in French and Italian, languages that were essentials to get important job positions. I got use to work and interact with people from different cultures and, mostly, I developed a strong capacity of adaptation to unpredictable outcomes and changes in my life environment.

Essay 1: two situations of importance to you
a. Situation: Ho pensato a questo essay per parlare della mia sperienza in Sesa.
While working in Argentina for Sesa Select (subsidiary of Randstad), I had the opportunity of being in charge of the new image campaign of the company. For several years, I was looking forward to get a position in the field of marketing and in this occasion I had the chance to see the impact of my work from inside.
The company was facing a new image restructuration at that time and they needed me to follow up and implement these new changes. In order to give the desire message I made some market research to analyze the competitors’ image, market position and consumers needs. After clearly identifying our goals and develop a plan of action, I met our publicity agency and worked jointly with them to create the new image concept of the company. We developed new material for internal use and worked on external communications such as, new brochures, advertisements, job search publication, exhibitions and media publicity.
This work gave me great personal satisfaction allowing me to put in action all the knowledge obtain in previous years, at the same time that helped me to develop creative and innovation skills. To be in charge of this campaign was a big challenge and to see the results of my work and ideas in newspapers and media, a great satisfaction.
b. Situation: EGL, coming to Switzerland (repetis bastante lo de la job description).
In 2010 I received a job offer from EGL AG in Switzerland to join its company supporting them in the renegotiation of their Russian gas contract. At that time I started to analyze the possibility of looking for a smaller company with a reduce team where I could work and see not only certain aspects of the company if not the development of the area as a whole.
I was mainly interested in getting a more wide position with more responsibilities, not only in the operational side but also in the decisional one, where my actions could have direct influence in the results of the company. In EGL we are presently a team of three people in charge of running the gas supply contract of the company in Italy, we faced in this short period two contract renegotiations and worked in the negotiation of a new gas contract for 2017 with Azerbaijan.
Coming to Switzerland was a great professional and personal improvement. I acquire experience and knowledge on negotiating important contracts with countries at the same time of having more responsibility over the outcome of the business. I participate more actively in different matters with legal departments, credit and logistics caring on tasks that allow me to have a broader view of the business.
• Essay 2: Failure to reach objectives: Please comment on a situation where you failed to reach an objective and what you learned from it (no es exacto lo q hablamos).
Rivedere. Corto e non concreto.
One of the failures I recognize in my life is not being able to fulfill my objectives in acquiring a position close to General Management as planned before coming to Europe.
As for the situation present in the market or for the current development of my professional career, I was not be able until now to fulfill the objective I had while leaving my country. I was always constrained to accept technical jobs that were not always adapt to my preparation or professional desires. Even though this situation, I have always procured to take advantage from the opportunities I had, accepting job positions that fulfilled in some aspects my aspirations. In this last years I obtained important international experience in different markets and fields, worked in the biggest energy companies in EU, improved my language skills, established relations with people all around the world and learnt to adapt in different countries, qualities that enrich my professional profile and person.
Until now I retain this as a failure in my professional career and hope that the MBA program of IMD can help me to get close to professional aspirations.

Essay 3: Leadership: Describe a situation where you had to demonstrate strong leadership skills. Explain how effective you were and what you learned.
Option 1: Experience as Supervision in Apex.
When I hold the position of Supervisor at Apex America I had the opportunity to manage a group of 24 bilingual agents from different backgrounds and ages. This was an invaluable experience since I had the opportunity of applying my managerial aptitudes.
At the time I got the position the team was not very organize and the results were pour. After some analysis I understood one of the reasons for this was that the agents were not very involved with work. I decided to meet individually each of the integrants of the team and discuss with them their motivations. I developed a work plan on how to reach this integration and raise their performance.
I prepared weekly meetings where we analyze the team achievements and inform of new changes in procedures. In this, I implemented a ranking with monthly prices for best performance and best improvement. To generate synergy between the groups and motivate them to help each other I started to promote events and social occasions to meet outside work.
As a result, the team not only improved its results if not, worked more efficiently and consciously. I learnt that motivation and unity in a work environment is crucial for the success of the company.

Essay 4: Describe yourself: How do you imagine your superior would describe your strengths and weaknesses to someone who does not know you?
In my annual reviews from previous bosses I often received the feedback that I am an energetic, positive thinking and proactive person within the work group. I produce an efficient performance when coordinating and delegating responsibilities to a team work. My enthusiasm and perseverance at the time of carrying on a particular task was highly recognized by my superiors.
I also got feedback on my weaknesses that are related to my anxiety and impulsivity, as intend to react quickly until an adverse situation and to be able to manage contingencies, not giving enough time to the analysis of the situation. When something doesn’t awake in me any passion or is away from my beliefs I found very difficult to get involved in the activity. I found sometimes very difficult to carry on for a long time tasks that are not particularly interested to me.
I am a person that learns from his mistakes and tries to be auto reflexive. Despite receiving negatives feedbacks, I was always grateful for the opportunity of improvement that this represents. Being aware of this flag points allow me to work on them in order to improve myself.

Essay 5: International Exposure: Describe a situation where you successfully worked across cultures and/or nations.
Work in Enel, interaction between France, Nigeria, Algeria and Italy.
One of the most notorious international exposure situations I have lived occurred while I was working in Enel Spa as Portfolio Management in Rome, Italy. In my daily work I needed to interact with people from four different countries (Nigeria, France, Algeria and Italy), and speak in three different languages, none of them my mother tongue.
In this position, I was in charge of the main supply gas contracts of the company that provides gas to Italy in order to be consumed to produce electricity. I had to face daily with situations where, for instance, a cargo from Nigeria was delayed or canceled because this country was having serious local problems. In these situations I had to provide an optimization analysis and to interact with our logistics department, to find the most feasible solution in order to reduce the negative impact of this kind of situation. Once we finally had found a possible solution, I had afterwards to contact and to work jointly with our French partners and Nigerian suppliers to agree on the shipping of the cargos.
I learnt from these kind of experiences that each culture has its own way and time to approach the different issues in the context of a contract. I also consider very valuable that I was able to speak with them in their own mother tongue. This was an advantage that allowed me to have a friendly professional relationship, what was very helpful in many situations in which having faster answers and results were essential.

Essay 6: Diferenciators. IMD receives numerous applications per year. Give us four bullet points that clearly differentiate you from this applicant pool.
International Exposure: Although it had past 5 years I don’t live anymore in my home country I succeed in creating my own environment, my own space, in the several countries I lived. I was also able to establish durable relation with people that made me feel supported and love, being productive in the different works and places where I lived. I created a better understanding of cultural diversity.
Enthusiasm (passion) and Perseverance: Once I believe and made mine an idea I never give up until I reach my objectives. This is a quality I develop mostly in my last year’s leaving abroad.
Good knowledge of Energy Market and contracts negotiation: I had the opportunity to closely collaborate with the biggest companies in the European market in the renegotiation of their gas contracts. In this last years I also had the occasion of understand the dynamic and particularities of the energy market (gas, electricity and renewable).
Work Diversity: Working in different sectors and environments gave me a transversal vision and a more complete understanding of the different markets, being able to communicate and work easier in diverse industries. I can react and value better the needs of very dissimilar projects.

Essay 7: Alternatives. If you are not admitted, what alternatives will you consider?
After some years of analyzing the best way I can fulfill my goals and expectations, I concluded an MBA program is what I need. While making an extensive research of different MBAs in Europe and America, I found the program propose by IMD is the one that best adapts to my requirements. The distinction that makes me chose IMD over a group of excellent MBA programs is its approach and methodology to push participants until their limits where they need to adapt and produce results in a short period of time.
In the case I won’t be admitted by IMD I will continue with my professional perfectioning with other MBA program I have selected. The program proposes by INSEAD, for instance, has many of the points I am looking for. Its double course program, in France and Singapore, is particularly interesting opening also the doors to incursion in a new market.
Companies and organizations need leaders that know how to manage and take decisions quickly and conscious of its consequences. I am convinced an MBA program can provide me the understanding I am looking for in management in order to move forward to the next stage in my professional career. I am ready to give my best for this kind experience.

Essay 8: Finance. Please explain how you intend to finance your studies at IMD. What would be your budget? Note: this has no influence on the admissions decision.
Non direi di stenderlo di piu, ma magari scrivere qualcosa piu professionale.
In order to finance my MBA program I will need to require a scholarship to IMD and a loan to pay the admission fees. I have sufficient saves in bank to pay my expenses during the MBA period.
My budget at the moment of starting the program will be approximately of 40.000 CH in concept of personal savings.

Essay 9: Aditional Information. Optional question: Is there any additional information that is critical for the Admissions Committee to know which has not been covered elsewhere in this application?
Cui solo posso scrivere 1230 caraterri. Dovremo togliere qualcosa? Pensi che cosi va bene? Cosa possiamo cambiare o cancelare?

During my stay in the Argentinean House in the “Cité Universitaire de Paris”, I felt the necessity to get involved in the organization of the House with the aim of producing some important changes to improve the place where I used to live. With this purpose I proposed myself as a candidate to make up the Committee of Residents. This Committee is elected by the residents yearly among the residents to take actions in order to improve the living conditions of the House. Within two month of living there I was elected as Vice President. Throughout this period, I proposed myself to be in charge of events and commercial aspects of the residence.

We organized different activities with the main goal of making known the Argentinean culture and also gathering money to enhance the quality of life of the students living in the House. Most of the events were cultural activities such as Argentinean dance (tango), film show every Sunday evening and artistic expositions. The rest of the events where social events like brunches, parties and sport activities. The fact of doing something positive for the place where I was living and to see the effects and impact in our daily life,gave me a great satisfaction and improve my sense of social responsibility.
Another important experience was to take part of different organizations, such as the International Junior Chamber and the Junior Achievement. In both cases, I was in charge of diverse social projects. This was an interesting opportunity because As your professional I was always interested in contributing actively to the society.

Altre cose scrite.
I am a very extroverted person that enjoys a lot being with people and realize activates in the open air, even if soccer is the sport I played the most when I was a kid, I discovered a passion for surf last summer while going to Lanzarote for a surf course. I also try to keep myself in form going to run once a while.
One of my ideal nights is to spend time at home watching movies, I like interesting and intelligent films where you feel the tension and don’t expect the outcome, I believe this interest comes from High School where I studied cinema, journalism and radio, and subsequently, I conduct several radio programs, after school, one of them about cinema.