Essay on Racism from the Article Something about the Subject Makes it Hard to Name by Gloria Yamato

Essay on Racism from the Article Something about the Subject Makes it Hard to Name by Gloria Yamato

Something about the Subject Makes it Hard to Name by Gloria Yamato. This is a very interesting article which talks about racism a lot. It’s so incredible on how someone that is white has the courage to right an article about racism and the fact is that she’s not blaming or hating no one in particular. It states that white people want to be allies with color people. She is actually talking about how you don’t have to blame color people for your mistakes. “Whites who want to be allies to people of color: You can educate yourselves via research and observation rather than rigidly, arrogantly relying solely on interrogating people of color. Do not expect that people of color should teach you how to behave non-oppressively. Think hard. Do not blame people of color for your frustrations about racism, but do appreciate the fact that people of color will often help you get in touch with the frustrations.”

I agree with the fact that Gloria Yamato is right on not blaming people of color for there mistakes or hate. Color people can make jokes on each other with out making a big deal out of it, but when a color and a white person make a silly joke a huge problem and that’s were all those problems come from. “People of color can be prejudiced against one another and whites but do not have an ice-cube’s chance in hell of passing laws that will get whites sent to relocation camps “for there own protection and the security of the nation.”

Racism is really bad; people are giving the choice of having to choice racism to make fun of people or to mistreat them, to treat them like trash. No matter what color your skin is what matters is your personality and how you treat someone is how they treat you with respect or no respect. By not having respect to people how are you expecting respect back. “Racism is the systematic, institutionalized mistreatment of one group of people by another based on racial heritage. Like every other oppression. Racism can be internalized. People of color come to believe missing-information about their particular ethic group and thus believe that their mistreatment is justified.”

“They assign themselves as the good whites, as opposed to the bad whites, and are often so busy telling people of color what the issues in the Black, Asian, Indian, Latino/a communities should be that they don’t have time to deal with their errant sisters and brothers in the white community. This means that people of color are still left to deal with what the good whites don’t want to … racism.” White people should have courage on them selves of having the strength of standing up for them selves. They don’t have the time to take care of there own kind so many people end up hurt or even killed.

I believe that Racism is bad and that people has a decision on being races to people. If they would just mind there own businesses and wouldn’t mind about other people the United States or other countries suffering with racism. Black people and white people are the same thing; they both are human bins they are made out of bones and meat. There are no differences from each other; they all have the ability to work and use their five senses. Why is it the only by being or having a different color skin that makes you different. Like Gloria Yamato said on her article; Whites or people of color shouldn’t blame others for their mistakes in life.