Essay on the Movie Being John Malkovich

Essay on the Movie Being John Malkovich

Last week I watch a movie called "Being John Malkovich". In this movie, Craig is a puppeteer, but he is also unemployed. Thus, he finds a job in the Mertin Flemmer Building in New York City. One day, when he is finding a file in the room, he finds a door. After entering the door, Craig find that he becomes John Malkovich who is one of the most famous actor in America. Craig can observe what John see for fifteen minutes. Then he is dropped near a road. Craig feels very excited and he tells his workmate who is called Maxine. They decide to let others to became John by giving them 200 dollars. After watching "Being John Malkocich", I have four reactions: strange, confused, afraid and angry.

First, I feel amazed after watching this movie. In this movie, the company which Craig worked is located between seven and eight. I feel very astonished when I see the strange floor. Can you image that there is a company that located at seven and a half ? It is a really amazed thing. The ceiling in this floor is very low. People who work at this company should low their head. I want to experience this staggered workplace. Also, when Craig enter John's mind by a door, it makes me feel amazed. Can you believe? You can enter other's mind and see everything what they see. For example, I have a friend who is called Bill, and I can enter his mind by this door. I can see what he see and what he thinks. Even, I can control his mind. Is it astounded ? Yes, I think it is very staggered. In addition, at the end of movie, Dr.lester told Craig's wife that he has lived for a long time by becoming others, it also makes me feel astonished. Therefore, these three parts of the movie make me feel amazed.

Second, I feel confused after watching "Being John Malkovich". After the Craig enters the John's mind, he tells his colleague his feeling about being John Malkovich. He says that he does not know whever he is John or Craig. This part makes me feel confused. It is a supernatural phenomenon. Does the soul really exist ? Do our mind control our body or our body control our mind? These some philosophical problems make me feel puzzled. For example, when Craig enter John's mind, Craig can control john's action, he can control John to say something which he want to say, and control his body to dance move and everything he want to do. However, when he is asked to leave John's body, he says that he would become Craig again after leaving John's body. It means that the mind and the body are connected with each other. Thus, I feel very confused after watching "Being John Malkovich", because of these difficult philosophical problems.

Third, I feel afraid after watching ''Being John Malkovich". When I see Craig and his workmate Maxine decide earn money by letting other people enter John's mind for fifteen minutes, I feel very frightened. Can you image that? Every person can enter your mind and control your body, and they control you to do something that you do not want to do. It sounds very fearfully. For example, if someone enter your mind, and control your body. They can use your body to dance, sing and perform some strange action which you do not want to do in your own mind. In addition, at the end of movie, Dr.lester says that he is Captain Mertin. The body of Lester is only a vessel. This part also makes me feel very scared. It is unbelievable. Captain Mertin has lived for one hundred year through changing his body. After watching this part, I feel terrified, Can you believe that? For instance, you have a very good friend and you study and play together. However, someday, your friend tells you that he has lived for many years, and this body is just a vessel. How do you think that? Yes, you will think it is very fearful. Thus, these tow parts make you feel afraid after watching this movie.

Finally, I feel angry after watching "Being John Malkovich". Because in this movie, Craig puts his wife into a cage with a animal. Can you believe that? They are husband and wife, and they has lived with each other for many years. When I saw this part in the movie, It really makes me feel very indignant. It is completely wrong for a husband to treat his wife by this way. Nowadays, the men and women have the same rights and equal treatment. Thus, whether his wife has made any mistake, Craig cannot put his wife into a cage with a animal. This acting makes me feel angry. The Craig is a very bad husband. In addition, when I see Craig wants to earn money by letting other people enter John's mind, I also feel very indignant. How can they do that? It is wrong to earn money by using other's body. They should earn money by themselves in a correct way. Thus, I feel angry because of these two parts of the movie.

In conclusion, the movie "Being John Malkovich" makes me have four feelings after watching this movie. The seven and a half floor which the company locates in a building and the strange door which can made people enter John's mind make me feel very amazed. In addition, I feel confused when I see Craig explains to his workmate his feeling after entering John's mind in the first time. When I see many people can enter John's mind and become John Malkovich, I feel very afraid. Also, When Dr.Lester tells Craig's wife that the Lester was just a vessel, It also makes me feel frightened. After Craig puts his wife into a cage, it makes me feel very angry. I think that this movie is very good, people should to watch it and they will have different feelings from this movie.