Essay on Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has had a difficult history and this continues to this day. From the fall of the Roman and Russian Empires to the Cold War and all the way to present day Eastern Europe has been land of conflict, poverty, and little human rights; much of this is due to its proximity to the Middle East, but dome of the blame can come from some of the wars throughout the centuries that have affected Eastern Europe the most. Only until most recently has Eastern Europe started to rise out of its problem, but they are still influenced by major economic, political, and humanitarian issues. Eastern Europe has struggled through its past, present, and will continue to do so even more in the future, but Eastern Europe can raise to the glory its neighboring region, Western Europe.

The fall of the Roman Empire began after the Byzantine Empire lasted from 306 A.D. until 1453 A.D.. This empire was known to be the one of the most powerful economic, cultural, and military forces in Europe,. The Byzantine Empire was known to get involved with wars and dealt with many Reconstruction eras, which lead the empire to build up over and over again. But the empire would finally fall after a war had begun in the late 14th century between the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, where most of the territories would be taken over by the Muslim Ottoman Empire in the 15th century.

Eastern Europe would shift from getting their territories taken over from the Muslim Ottoman Empire, to going and getting involved in World Wars. World War one would play a central role in Central and Eastern Europe. In WWI the Russian Empire would go and invade Europe and take over their land; the war would last in Europe from 1914-1918 and most of that time the Europeans would have a difficult moving throughout Eastern Europe, due to the ongoing war. In 1939 they dealt with their land getting taken over by Germany once again; since both of the wars had been fought in Europe, the United States would be hit with a major issue that would deal with European immigration. Many Europeans then left Europe and moved to the United States to get away from all of the troubles they were dealing with in Europe.

When the wars were finally over Eastern Europe was then trying to grow again and go back to the way that it used to be like. Eastern Europe would find another situation where they were now dealing with the Cold War. The fact is that a saying was being used from the end of World War Two until the end of the Cold War and it was Iron Curtain. The Iron Curtain was considered the boundary line between Western and Eastern Europe each side of Europe had created its own allies to fight against each other. The conflict would arise with the Soviet Union its other allies including Western Europe was the allies and they were part of a communist world. But presented in Eastern Europe was where the Europeans had United States on their side to help protect Eastern Europe. The war lasted from (1947-1991) the war would finally end between the two side when the Soviet Union found themselves not having enough money to help themselves in the war. Also the president of the Soviet Union realized that they were going to be destroyed so they began to make agreements with the United States which would then also make the Soviet Union be not around anymore. Since they were in trouble for money that also meant that Eastern Europe was on the same path they were also spending money on the Cold War that they were finding themselves in an economic crisis and many people from the time of the World Wars and the Cold War found a way to get out of the country was to migrate into the United States.

Many European immigrated to the United States when the Empire had fall until the wars had begun. In the United States from the late 1800’s until the early 1900’s there was an estimated 30 million Europeans that had migrated into the United States. Many were trying to escape from their troubles in Europe others were trying to begin a new life in a country that was able to fight for freedom. The United State was very aware of the immigration and they created two acts one was the Emergency Quota Act and the Immigration Act of 1924. In 1924 the act would aimed at restricting the Southern and Eastern Europeans, especially Jews, Italians, and Slavs, who were entering the country in large numbers beginning in the late 1800’s Most of the European refugees were fleeing the Nazis and World War II were then banned from coming to the United States. The situation was not that the United States did not care it was that conflict was now becoming an issues with having Jews in the United States. Fights were beginning because of the immigration and people were not getting along and it was because the Europeans were coming to the United States.

From the start of WWII Europe that they were going to have to rebuild and reconstruct every building and road that had been destroyed from the previous wars and from the Cold War which was just starting in the start of 1947. United States was given money to start and help rebuild what was destroyed and Europe knew that they were going to have to pay the money back it was called the Marshall Plan which was also the European Recovery Program. The United States loaned money to France in 1947 it was about $40 million dollars to help rebuild what had been destroyed in France. But the money was not only given to them the United States also tried to give some to the Soviet Union but they did not want the offer. Not every country in Eastern Europe wanted money; some of them denied the money because they felt that they were not able to pay it back so they did not take the money that the United States was giving. In 1948 other parts of Eastern Europe was in need of rebuilding so they asked for an amount of $22 billion in aid to help rebuild. Truman would cut it to only $17 billion and then send it over to Congress for them to vote on it. But when it would finally leave congress they would agree to $12.4 billion dollars that would go to Eastern Europe to help in aid in a four year plan that Congress set for them.

Not only back then were there problem that were happing in Eastern Europe, but there are also issues that Eastern Europe is dealing with today. Many thought that United States was dealing with debt try and look oversea right now in Central and Eastern Europe they are dealing with credit crisis. In the past previous ten years many domestic banks were giving out cheap loans and mortgages to people around Central and Eastern Europe countries. Most of the money that was given out was distributed in foreign currency which would have been Euro’s and also Swiss Francs and the interest rates were at two-thirds less than what the local currency was at. At the moment Central and Eastern Europe is dealing with $1.6 trillion of foreign currency debt. This issue is causing Eastern European countries to suffer because they do not have enough money to help them out of the crisis. They have put a stop to the loans and mortgages and they many now need their governments to dig into the capital reserves and need to bail out cash strapped consumers. With this economic crisis it puts Eastern Europe in another problem that they must deal with and it will get solved by them using their money from government capitals but if it is going to get them out of the crisis they may as well do it.

Where I see Eastern Europe heading I predict that they are going to come out of the conflicts that they are in. Eastern Europe has always found a way of fighting back and growing and becoming a better place and they want to become what Western Europe is. If they are to get themselves out of the debt that they are in then they can be a better place. Eastern Europe had been built around an Empire that was strong at one point and then it was taken over by a different empire. Following that they were then having their land taken over during WWI so in the end of that war a lot of land was destroyed. Following WWI Eastern Europe would then deal with WWII and they found themselves fighting in another war. After those wars had ended most of Eastern Europe had been destroyed but money was given to them to rebuild but shortly next came the Cold War which then divided Eastern and Western Europe apart and they would then fight at each other. Soon the Cold War would come to an end and Eastern Europe had lost many people that had immigrated to the United States because they were sick of all of the bad things that were happening in Eastern Europe and it was a good thing they left since the fact that Eastern Europe had got themselves in a$ 1.6 trillion dollar debt. But it always seems that they are always getting themselves out of the situations that they are in. They want to be a great country and it just mainly takes time to do it. But in the end they can grow and become as great as Western Europe is it many just take longer than they wanted it to take.