Essay Comparing The Dead Poets Society and A Separate Peace

The pressures of getting an education can be very stressful. Trying to consistently maintain good grades, please your parents, and in the meantime try to hang out with your friends, can become very overwhelming. The Super Suicide Society from A Separate Peace and Dead Poets Society from The Dead Poets Society were both essentially formed in an effort to make their schooling less stressful. Both the Super Suicide Society and the Dead Poets Society provided an outlet from the pressures of their education and helped the members to conquer their fears.

These two secret societies provided an outlet from the pressures of their schooling. In A Separate Peace, Finny never did well in school. To create an outlet from his education, he founded the Super Suicide Society. This society required people who wanted to join to do a daring jump out of a tree and into a river down below. In A Dead Poets Society, all of the kids in the private school were pushed by their parents to keep doing better in school. They formed this society as something to fall back on, when their classes got really hard and challenging. Both of these secret societies provided an outlet from their education, and provided something for the kids to look forward to every day.

These two societies also helped kids to face and conquer their fears of certain things. In the Super Suicide Society, people could conquer their fear of heights, and of jumping from a high height, helping them in case they go into the war and need to jump out of a sinking ship. In the Dead Poets Society, kids were able to conquer their fear of breaking school rules, and of upsetting their parents. This helped to allow the kids to think for themselves, be brave because of the group support and not let their parents make all the important decisions for them. That is how these two secret societies helped kids to conquer their fears.

Both The Super Suicide Society and Dead Poets Society made schooling less stressful and allowed the individual members to face their fears by challenging each other to do things that they would not have normally done. This helped them to have an outlet where they could not only forget the pressures facing them, but also help them to grow and become better individuals.