Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Young Teens

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Young Teens

Many teens have known the dangerous side effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse first hand, by either a personal experience or the experiences of others. Many issues have been laced together with vehicles or physical dangers. Ranging from car accidents, to victims of rape and sexual assault. What is surprising to most be that this is not only pertaining to females but to males as well? People mostly describe rape and sexual assault involving drug and alcohol abuse as a female becoming the victim, but research shows that males are also a target as well.

Children at very young ages are becoming the target for drug dealers. The older people get the more aware they become. Making addicts out of children and teens guarantees the continuation of the basic drug business. Due to the young ages of the children and teens choosing to use drugs the main side effect of drug overdose is eminent. Being too young to understand the consequences of the actions they take. Attending parties is the main benefactor of the possible overdoses. What is known to most as pill parties, are found in almost all places? At these parties, a bunch of prescription pills are dumped into a bowl and are taken at random. Serious side effects are not even considered like the possibility of death.

One of the largest issues teens are aware of is the effects of alcohol. Ranging from drunk driving to sexual assault. Stopping teenagers from drinking and driving is one of the top priority’s of the Police Department. Teenagers typically begin the night attending a friend’s party, become intoxicated and decide to leave. At this point one of two things is clear. They either crash their car killing themselves and / or someone else, or get over in which case is the better of the two. Either way, no good ever comes out of that decision. Sailors are no better in this aspect, known to have problems controlling their alcohol intake. Even though sailors have harsher punishments then civilians, they continue to have problems. The military has come up with a program to help prevent sailors from driving under the influence known as a Safe-Ride Program. Sailors are issued cards with numbers to call in case they are incapable of getting home safe.

Becoming the victim of sexual assault has risen since the past due to the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body. Victims are normally under the influence of one or the other, and in some cases both when the crime takes place. In general, most sex crimes have been known to have a female victim with a male attacker. On the contrary, it has been proven the other way around or same sex victims. Stories have been told of men attending parties and not remembering anything the next day but finding out that another male had taken advantage of them. This rarely reported due to the fact that men become ashamed that the assault even took place. Feeling like they became the weaker sex.

Many issues have risen from the side effects of drugs and alcohol abuse with young teens. Ranging from the obvious drinking and driving to overdose and sexual assaults. At such young ages the thought of what might happen afterwards never crosses their minds. Making children and teens the main targets for drug dealers. Prevention is the main topic as well as understanding when bringing up the topics of the effects of drug and alcohol use. Starting in elementary schools to high schools to make the message clear.

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